Cliff Bleszinski Might Be Returning to Game Development

Cliff Bleszinski might be returning to game development after having quit the industry late last year via Twitter. Last year a newly-created Twitter account, one of many, expressed irritation that no one was being given refunds for LawBreakers. CliffyB responded to that by saying; “I paid my employees, their 401ks, and their health care – even months after the studio folded. I didn’t take a salary myself for two years. I get you’re sad, but god, this kinda s**t is another reason I am NEVER making another game.” An entirely fair response to be hounded by disgruntled fans while still dealing with the aftermath of his studio shutting down.


Well, he has taken to Twitter again, letting the world know he has a game he can’t get out of his head.

He then went on in a second tweet to add, “AND IT’S NOT A FUCKING BATTLE ROYALE.”

So, there we have it. CliffyB has a game idea and from the sound of it he might start making it a reality. Reactions to his tweet have largely been positive with many of his fans eager to see him make another game.

Personally, I’m not all that surprised and never thought it would last when he announced he was leaving last year. Not for any other reason than the fact that he’s an ideas man and once he starts getting ideas there’s just no stopping him and he’s clearly very passionate about making games.

We can’t wait to see what he’s got cooking, though in all likelihood we won’t hear about it again for a couple of years. This is how development works.


Source: Twitter

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Former Nexon Exec’s Marketing Panel Throws Shade at LawBreakers

When you’re putting together a panel for game industry professionals, you want the subject to be snappy and interesting to make people attend. A former marketing exec at Nexon, however, may have gone a bit too far with a planned LawBreakers panel that likely is meant to be a cautionary tale but ended up spilling tea on the now-shuttered FPS.

lawbreakers panel

The panel in question is part of the DevGAMM Summit for game industry executives in Seattle and is being hosted by Vlad Coho, a former VP of marketing at Nexon America. The panel was previously titled “LawBreakers: How I Blew Millions Marketing the Biggest Flop of 2017”, but the event’s official site has since replaced the panel’s title with a “TBA”.

Presumably, the title of the panel is getting a forced edit, but it otherwise appears that there’s no direct disciplinary action being taken against Coho; he is still listed as a featured speaker and the subject matter of his panel will likely be the same. It’s also likely he’ll offer a more professional approach to the mistakes he very clearly feels he made regarding backing LawBreakers.

Naturally, former Boss Key head Cliff “CliffyB” Blezsinski was made aware of this little bout of thrown shade by way of a dig at him on Twitter, which he responded to with his usual (and NSFW) gusto.

Our Thoughts

…so we can probably guess how Mr. Coho feels about LawBreakers’ bellyflop. While we certainly can appreciate his frustration, it’s also wise that he decided – or was more likely forced – to re-title his panel to something more professional.

Sources: Twitter and DevGAMM website via Destructoid

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MMO Money: Why Amazing Eternals Stopped Development and Runescape Brings in $800 Million

For some reason, this week was the week we found out how much a bunch of games have made since they launched. In some cases like Pokemon Go, it’s an anniversary that passed by while for other games it’s breaking an incredible milestone. Then some games…well they seem to be just because. It’s a little bit of a weird and random week in MMO Money. But, at least we get a break from lootboxes!


Amazing Eternals Shelving Explained

The Amazing Eternals Video Why Amazing Eternals Stopped Development

Digital Extremes have explained one of the things that contributed to Amazing Eternals being put on a shelf was watching how much LawBreakers was struggling. “The competitive landscape at that time was pretty hefty. We just saw LawBreakers not do so great, and it was a fantastic game, so that was sad. That happened right when we were starting our closed beta for [The] Amazing Eternals.”

It was also noted that it was just a bad time to be working on another game as Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon update needed a lot of resources. It was the perfect storm of things going wrong so it seemed like a good time to put the game on a shelf for a while. The good news is that the studio is still very much interested in picking it back up at some point in the future.


Pokemon Go Brings in $1.8 Billion Since Launch

Pokemon Go is two years old this month and thanks to intelligence firm Sensor Tower we know that the game has brought in $1.8 billion since it launched. $607 million of that coming from the United States while Japan is the second highest at $500 million. The game has continued to be incredibly successful even after the worldwide hype died down. This summer has been even better than usual thanks to the heatwave taking place all over the northern hemisphere getting people back outside and the update to the game that brought trading and so much more to the game. We recently did an article that looked into why now is the best time to go back to Pokemon Go, be sure to check it out if you’re interested in the game.


Overwatch Players Raise Nearly $13 Million to Fight Breast Cancer

It’s always a beautiful thing when a game’s community comes together to raise money for charity. Well, this time around Overwatch players went above and beyond raising over $12.7 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The event ran last spring and was called the Pink Mercy charity campaign. The BCRF told Blizzard that this was the largest donation by a corporate partner in one year that they’ve ever had in 25 years of being in operation.


The Sims Mobile Brings in $15 Million in Four Months

If you’ve not heard about The Sims Mobile, it’s ok, you aren’t alone. Sensor Tower estimates that The Sims Mobile was EA’s eighth highest earning mobile game in June across both platforms. It does trail behind the other mobile games based on The Sims, The Sims FreePlay. That game was the third highest earning for EA in June. 59% of revenue from The Sims Mobile comes from the United States. The next highest is Great Britain which makes up only 8% of earnings. While the game is doing incredibly well it does have a long way to go to catch up to the much older, much more established mobile game based on The Sims.


Runescape Has Brought in $800 Million in its Lifetime

Why this week was the week of “Look how much money these guys have made” I have no idea, but we aren’t done with it yet. Runescape is 17 years old and in those 17 years the game has brought in 800 million dollars. It has even been reported that the game is still growing. Runescape currently has 250 million accounts. Many of those accounts are certainly inactive, but on Twitch it’s one of the most popular games being watched. It’s in the top 40 for most viewed and in the top 20 for most relevant.

Earlier this year Jagex announced they would be shutting down Runescape Classic because of the growing difficulty of supporting it. Old School Runescape, also known as Runescape 2 remains active alongside Runescape 3 which is the newest version that is simply called Runescape. Old School Runescape will actually be expanding, it’s currently in beta for Android and an iOS release is planned for later this year.


EA Executive Sells $1.5 Million of EA Stock as Value Continues to Decline

It is thought by many that this year’s E3 was EA’s weakest in quite some time. Since E3 EA’s stock has also reflected that with a steady downward trend. Well, thanks to SEC filings last week we’ve learned that Blake Jorgensen, COO and CFO of EA Games sold $1,503,967 worth of stock. Games Industry executives are known for doing this kind of selloff when they predict a future drop in value.

If this is the case it isn’t entirely unwarranted. The only Star Wars game that has been announced is just that, it has been announced. We’ve not seen what it looks like and we don’t know much about it, which means that it isn’t coming out any time soon. There are concerns that Anthem will be a hollow game that amounts to little more than a Destiny-like clone. But perhaps the biggest slap in the face is Commander & Conquer Rivals. C&C fans have been waiting a very long time for a new title to be released and when one finally gets announced…it’s a free to play mobile disappointment and it’s only in alpha. It’s not looking great for EA right now, though you won’t see many tears shed by gamers.


Clash Royale Exceeds $2 Billion Since Launch

Clash Royale

Yes, we have another one of these, but I promise it’s the last one this week. Supercell has become the first publisher to operate two multibillion-dollar mobile games now that Clash Royale has breached the $2 billion mark. Clash Royale launched in 2016, while Clash of Clans, Supercell’s other megahit, has brought in $6 billion since it launched more than 6 years ago. Unsurprisingly, the United States accounts for the largest share of revenue at 30%. Germany is the second highest with 10%, followed by France, China (iOS only), and South Korea. Amazingly, despite China only having the iOS version of the game revenue is almost even between iOS and Android. Android accounts for 51% while iOS accounts for 49%.

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18 MMOs Shut Down in 2018…So Far

For the first three months of 2018, it looked like we might have a crisis on our hands as more games than usual were shutting down. Thankfully, in the last three months, things have slowed down significantly. With that being said, there have still been 18 MMOs shut down in 2018 so far.


Battle of the Immortals and War of the Immortals – January 9th

Battle of the Immortals

Perfect World Entertainment started off 2018 by announcing they were shutting down two of their older games. There was no reason given for the shutdowns, but a declining player base as the games aged is a pretty safe bet. But this actually isn’t the beginning of the PWE story, back in November they shut down Runic Games, the makers of Torchlight, Torchlight II, and Hob. At the same time they downsized Gigantic’s studio Motiga, but more on them further down.


Perpetuum – January 25th

perpetuum like eve online

In September 2017 the developers of Perpetuum came out and said that while they always knew it would be a niche game, it never really took off. With that in mind they ended development on the game, though kept the servers online while they looked at their options. Sadly, by mid-January, the costs of keeping Perpetuum online became too much for the developers and they were forced to shut the game down.


Master X Master (MXM)- January 31st

master x master free-to-play

After spending much of 2017 trying to appeal to former City of Heroes players by bringing out beloved iconic characters from the game, MXM ultimately shut down at the end of January. From the start though it seemed like a questionable proposition. It was late to the MOBA scene and trying to take an idea that had already been used by Blizzard of using iconic characters from their various games. Unfortunately for NCSoft, most of the games they focused on are practically unknown in the West and the games that are well known are controversial or downright unpopular. The exception to that is Guild Wars 2, which MXM hardly touched at all. Ultimately, NCSoft admitted that they failed to connect with players.


Linkrealms – January 31st

The journey for LinkRealms was a long one, though it only spent a short bit of that time on Steam. The game went into Early Access in early 2016, then it was announced the game would be free to play from October of that year. Sadly, without any money coming in, the developers couldn’t keep the game running and it had to shut down.


Scrolls – February 13th

Scrolls closing down

Anyone who was a fan of Scrolls knew the game was going to be shut down eventually. Perhaps what is most shocking in fact is how long it stuck around. It was announced all the way back in 2015 that Mojang wasn’t developing the game anymore and that the servers would stay online “for some time”. Well that time finally came this year, which honestly is a pretty good run for a card game that wasn’t getting any new content. Scrolls is perhaps best known as the cause of a lawsuit between Zenimax and Mojang over the use of the word ‘Scrolls’ in the name.


Demon’s Souls – February 28th

Demon’s Souls had a long run of almost 9 years when it was announced that the game was shutting down. The game is still playable as all the online components were completely optional, but it was an option people loved nonetheless.


Devilian – March 5th

Devilian Shutting Down

Devilian was a victim of its brother game’s success; that game is PUBG. Both were created by the same studio but when PUBG started to get big, Devilian started getting neglected. Trion, who were publishing Devilian in the West tried their best to work with Bluehole with no success. In the end, they decided to call it quits for the game.


Battleline: Steel Warfare – April 7th


Bandai Namco’s tank shooting game went under the radar for a lot of people. In fact, the sunset wasn’t covered by any of the MMO focused gaming sites, MMOGames included. We only found out about it thanks to one of our readers who pointed it out to us, thanks Alberto Honorato! Fans didn’t take the news well on Steam and left some pretty harsh comments about the game on the sunset announcement.


Cabal 2 – April 18th

Cabal 2

Despite being live for around 3 years, the developers used the kind of language you usually see in sunset announcements for newer games. They said the game didn’t resonate with as many players as they’d hoped. If this were the case though, why did Cabal 2 last as long as it did, with updates, and new content even? The second reason they gave fits the narrative far better: continued operation is no longer sustainable.


Paragon – April 26th

Epic has been having…please forgive this…they’ve been having an epic year thanks to Fortnite. But in the middle of all their epic winning (sorry, I had to), they shut down their MOBA Paragon. Fans were, of course, disappointed and hopeful that Paragon would get bought by someone, but that wasn’t to be. Epic released Paragon Assets for free to use in Unreal Engine 4 development, these were worth $12 million.


Special Mention: LawBreakers/Radical Heights – May 14th


Boss Key shut down in mid-May and as a result are getting an honorable mention on this list. Neither of the studios two games have actually shut down yet, however. Radical Heights, the 80s themed battle royale game with an incomplete map is still getting a peak concurrent player base of around 250-300 people every day. LawBreakers, on the other hand, is averaging 0-2 concurrent players during the week which goes up sometimes as high as 15 on the weekends. Why neither game has actually been shut off yet is anyone’s guess.


Echo of Soul – May 23rd

Life was never easy for Echo of Soul in the West, but they kept trying anyway. In fact, though the Echo of Soul classic servers are shutting down, the Phoenix servers are alive and well. So it isn’t really the end of Echo of Soul just yet.


Swordsman Online and Jade Dynasty – June 5th

Swordsman Online

Swordsman Online

Here we are once again at Perfect World Entertainment shutting down two games at once. The teams working on Swordsman Online and Jade Dynasty are being moved on to bigger and better things. Though what they are is anyone’s guess. They also said that they felt there was nowhere else for Swordsman Online to go.


More to Come…

We know already that Perfect World Entertainment has at least one more game to sunset this year, Gigantic. The MOBA with fantastic art just never really took off and with the studio having been closed… well, we knew it was coming.

In addition to Gigantic, we already have shutdown dates for Runescape Classic, Runescape Legends, and Ace of Spades.

What will the rest of 2018 bring us? Only time will tell.

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The Saga of Boss Key Productions, Including All New Concept Art for Unannounced Titles

With the very sudden shutdown of Boss Key Productions plus the reveal of other ideas the studio had, it seems like now is the perfect time to look back at Boss Key’s rocky life. We’ll take a look all the bumps the studio had along the way as well as their triumphs. Be sure to stick with it to the end to see all new, never released concept art for games Boss Key Productions had intended to make.

It all began with Cliff Bleszinski, aka Cliffy B of Gears of War fame, deciding to take a break from game development for the first time since he was a teen in 2012. According to a 2015 interview with Destructoid, he had actually intended to retire from gaming completely at this time and on his departure from Epic Games said, “It was a combination of gamers feeling jaded, as well as working with some very talented people who were also very jaded. I could pitch the most amazing idea to anybody back when I was at Epic toward the end, and they’d be like ‘I don’t buy it.’ I don’t mean to slag anyone, but people get jaded in this business.”




On June 30, 2014, he took to Twitter to announce that he was coming out of retirement and that his next project would be unveiled in the next week. This is when LawBreakers would be announced, a team based FPS being published by Nexon. If you were to ask some people, they would say that this was Boss Key’s first mistake. Nexon doesn’t have the best reputation in the west so from the very beginning they were fighting an uphill battle with LawBreakers. It was also decided early on that it would be a Steam exclusive (though it also released on PS4) and despite the previous announcement that it would be free to play…it wasn’t.

After holding successful Alpha testing it was back into development for a little more than half a year, at which point Closed Beta began. Despite receiving positive beta reviews from all across the gaming media there weren’t many people playing in the beta. The second round of beta testing, which took place in May 2017, seems to be when the game peaked. According to, they had almost 7,500 players at their all-time concurrent peak which was reached on May 29, 2017. Even an open beta that was available for anyone with a Steam account didn’t slow down the decline that had already started. The game launched on August 8, 2017, and this seemed to have no impact at all on the decline of the game. Compare this to H1Z1 which not long ago was seeing the same decline but did actually get a boost from launching.

Talking to Eurogamer about the game, CliffyB expressed that there were a number of things he would have changed if he could. One of the biggest being the streaming of the Alpha which gave players a poor first impression of the game.

Another issue, which Bleszinski himself addressed in a September 2017 interview with Gamespot was his personality. During that interview, he stated, “I can be very cocky and very brash on social media. And realizing that, you know, we have a fledgling player base. It’s been very humbling for me. I’m going to continue to iterate on this game, continue to add to it. And try to be less of a dick, honestly.”

By the end of October though CliffyB seemed to have completely forgotten this. In an interview with talked about the games press, “They’re just looking for clicks, man. They’re just looking for ad revenue. We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing, and they’re welcome to print whatever they want – but as far as I’m concerned, they can fuck off. We’re going to keep making our game for our fans.”

That quote was a direct reaction to the news that by October of 2017 the game had dropped down to having just 10 concurrent players online. That was the point at which exactly one match could be played since the game is made up of two teams of 5 players. This, along with every other step the game had taken along the way, was covered closely by games media, though it was his opinion that games press were especially keen on reporting every failure his game had. By the end of 2017 Boss Key’s Co-founder, Arjan Brussee had announced that he would be returning to Epic Games to work on a secret project.

In April 2018, Boss Key announced that they were moving on from LawBreakers to develop a passion project. LawBreakers remains online still and as of now, you can still buy it on Steam. In the last 48 hours, the game has had a peak of 25 concurrent players, 7 of those 48 hours have had no players at all.


Radical Heights

The previously mentioned passion project was 80s-inspired Battle Royale game Radical Heights. The game was released free to play and in Early Access. Unfortunately, the game received mixed reviews from the very start. It was a game that was clearly still in development. It’s littered with bugs and has limited customization options, which includes a lack of female characters. As for player numbers, Radical Heights never saw much success there. Their peak concurrent was at 12,314 and that number dropped very quickly.

As player numbers dropped they teased what they were working on next, which included female characters and jumping through windows but, just days later Bleszinski was once again bringing negative media attention to his studio. He took to Twitter claiming that Epic Games was poaching his staff.

At this point, it seemed like he was blaming Epic Games for at least some of Radical Heights’ lack of success. On May 4th Radical Heights got a patch which added in a new scanner device along with a number of cosmetic items.

Just 10 days later Cliff Bleszinski took to Twitter to announce that Boss Key Productions was shutting down and he would be taking a step back from the industry for a while. During this time rumors were circulating that Bleszinski had taken to Twitter with the news before telling his employees. This has never been confirmed however and seems to be based on this tweet.

A very interesting article on Variety talks about how Radical Heights started out as an idea for a Prison game with trust playing an important part.


What Could Have Been

All of this now brings us to what could have been. Last night, Bleszinski took to Twitter to show off art assets and ideas for other games that Boss Key never had the chance to make.

The first game is Dragonflies, which was described as “ninja/samurai in airships riding dragons fighting zombies with friends in a PVE “feudalpunk” setting on floating islands.” There’s a whole lot of information packed in there. The idea of a feudalpunk game where you’re riding dragons sounds amazing. Not sure I’m sold on the zombies though. The concept art for the game, made by Shawn Lin is AMAZING.


The next game was Donuts which is basically “Mario Kart on water with animals in VR.” As someone who spent many summers of my youth tubing down the Sacramento River, this sounds like an amazing concept.


And finally, there was DogWalkers, a multiplayer VR mech shooter where players would man different parts of a giant fighting vehicle. I’m imagining Pacific Rim meets Bridge Crew. The concept art for this game is awe inspiring.


There is of course still the chance for any of these games, including Radical Heights and LawBreakers, to become something great in the future. For now, Radical Heights will continue to run, when it will be shut down isn’t known yet. There’s also no word on LawBreakers’ future.

The three games that we’ve now seen concept art for could very well get picked up but, with Cliff Bleszinski comes a lot of baggage and a lot of burned bridges. As possible as it is that some studio will be interested in these games, it’s equally possible that none will because of the baggage attached.

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Boss Key Productions Closes its Doors

Earlier today, Cliff Bleszinski announced on Twitter that Boss Key Productions will be shutting down after LawBreakers failed to live up to expectations. The studio’s recent take on the Battle Royale genre, Radical Heights, was a last-ditch effort to save the studio that was ‘too little too late,’ according to Bleszinksi.

Cliff B Boss Key Productions Closes


Boss Key Productions is best known for the hero shooter LawBreakers that was a massive flop in terms of popularity. While the game had good production value, there were never more than a few thousand concurrent users and it had less than 100 peak players three months after its release in August, 2017.

Although more popular than LawBreakers, Radical Heights was still in ‘extreme early access,’ it received mixed reviews and was free-to-play. It also followed the same trend as LawBreakers by trying to chase another saturated genre that’s currently dominated by PUBG and Fortnite.

Cliff Bleszinksi stated that he will be taking some time off to reflect but hopes to eventually return to the industry to make games again.


Our Thoughts

Having personally played LawBreakers, it wasn’t a bad game, but it tried to enter the tail end of the ‘hero shooter’ phenomenon. Most fans of the genre had already solidified their games of choice by then, mostly dominated by Overwatch and Paladins, and having an upfront cost made it more difficult to give LawBreakers a chance. It’s rather surprising that LawBreakers didn’t attempt to go free-to-play before Boss Key decided to shutdown.

Source: Twitter

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LawBreakers State of the Game Statement Released

There’s no denying the fact that LawBreakers wasn’t a success, Boss Key, the studio behind the game even agree. Today they released a statement about the state of the game and what the studio is working on right now.

To begin with, they acknowledge that LawBreakers didn’t get enough of an audience necessary to keep the game going the way they had imagined. Following the statement up by saying “…a pivot to free-to-play may seem like easiest change to make, a change of this magnitude takes publishing planning and resources to do it.” Followed by, “The team here has worked hard on this game over the past three and a half years and our studio is determined to give this game the second life it deserves.” Which seems to suggest that LawBreakers will be going free to play.


However, the transition to free to play isn’t a quick or easy one and the studio must continue working. This means working on a new project. They also state that this project is a passion project they are in complete control of and that they’re working with fresh creative leaders. Suggesting that CliffyB may be leaving or taking on a less creative role within the studio.

What does all of this mean? It means that LawBreakers isn’t going anywhere just yet and in time we will hear all about their plans for making the game free to play. The studio is obviously dedicated to the game and wants to see it succeed despite the troubles the game has had. It also means that we’ll be seeing at least one game from them in the future, possibly more. MMOGames will be watching the situation closely and as soon as more information is known about the free to play transition or any new games you can be sure we’ll be writing about it.


Source: Official Site

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LawBreakers Studio COO and Co-Founder Heads to Epic Games

Boss Key Productions’ COO and co-founder Arjan Brussee has announced his move to leave the LawBreakers developer he helped found with Cliff Bleszinski. The announcement appears to be an amicable split between the two devs as well as an undoubted shake-up in the studio’s leadership.

lawbreakers developer

A tweet this past Friday from Brussee announced the move, lauding his return to Epic Games after 20 years as well as announcing the studio is working on some form of “exciting secret project”.

Cliff Bleszinski posted his own tweet about the move, which seems to suggest that Brusee’s decision was met without any major resistance. “He is not only a brilliant person but also a dear friend and I wish him well in his future endeavors,” reads CliffyB’s tweet. “Onward and upward – still makin’ games here!”

As for LawBreakers itself, the most recent news from the online FPS is a hotfix to patch 2.1, a self-described “iterative update” which added quality-of-life features such as Boss League UI fixes, collision and exploit fixes on the Gateway Blitzball map, and other minor tweaks.

Our Thoughts

So one could certainly see this news in two different ways: either this is just the state of game dev and generally no big deal, or a potential red flag that hints at more deep-seeded problems. How do you interpret this news? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Sources: Twitter 1, 2 via Gamespot

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Best New Online Game of 2017

The end of the year has come and that means it’s time to take a look back at the year that has been. It certainly hasn’t been an easy one. We’ve had a decline in the number of new games releasing and we’ve had to say goodbye to some fan favorites.

But it has also been a good year. This year we saw a number of MMOs release expansions, and we watched as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds soared in popularity.

Only time can tell if 2017 will be a good year or a bad year.

Best New Online Game

However, you can decide what was the best this year. It’s time for MMOGames’ 4th annual Best of the Year Awards as voted for by you the reader. This year we have 10 different categories for you to vote on ranging from mobile games to MMO expansions.

This year we saw the launch and relaunch of a few amazing titles. We had dinosaurs and secret societies taking over our lives. We found ourselves launched into wars and we got a sequel. With so many games released this year, it may be difficult to decide which one is the best new online game of 2017.

To place your vote just scroll through the games listed below and click on the button marked Vote. If you’d like to vote for a game that isn’t listed let us know in the comments and we will quickly get it added. Make sure you visit each page to vote for your favorite games in each category they’re nominated in. Come back every day until January 3rd when the voting ends for another chance to vote. No logging in required.

In the end, all the winners will be featured in the Reader’s Choice Best of 2017 Awards along with all the bragging rights that come along with it. Who wins is entirely up to you, so be sure to share this with your circle of friends, your guilds, and the communities for the games you loved this year.

Remember, voting ends on January 3rd and you’re able to vote once a day which means you can vote for more than one game if you like. What you do with your votes is entirely up to you.






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CliffyB Would Like LawBreakers on Nintendo Switch

Boss Key’s big boss Cliff Bleszinski appears to be amenable to the idea of a LawBreakers Switch edition according to an interview with GameSpot, though the developer does also make note that it wouldn’t be quite a direct port, if it were to ever happen at all.

lawbreakers switch edition

According to Bleszinski, the vision for a Switch version of LawBreakers would likely focus on the system’s unique design. “If we were to do the Switch, would it be like a rocket arena, 1v1 with nearby people or something like that? I don’t know,” mused the dev. “If we were to do it, we’d want to switch the game up in a fun and interesting way, that would make itself work with the portability aspect of the console.”

Bleszinski has admitted that the Nintendo Switch is “a fine console” and certainly Nintendo’s most successful release to date, but he has also noted that LawBreakers would very likely arrive to Xbox One players first before it would ever arrive in some form to Nintendo players.

In the same interview, Bleszinski also makes mention of LawBreakers’ business model decision, stating that the game is headed to the Asian market and will possibly have a free-to-play model there.

“It’s one of those things that you almost have to do that in Asia, so we’ll be considering doing that,” said Bleszinski. “If we do it there, would it make sense to roll it back out to the States? Possibly. But, I don’t want to start doing gun rentals any time soon in game.”

Our Thoughts

The consideration to bring LawBreakers to Nintendo Switch in a totally different way might be putting the cart before the horse here. That said, there’s certainly something to be said for expanding the game’s playerbase across multiple systems and markets. Would you want to see LawBreakers on the Switch or on a more “traditional” console like the Xbox? Do you think more needs to be added to the game before any plans of expansion are approached?

Source: GameSpot

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