Another World of Warcraft Expansion Possibly Leaked

It looks like yet another future World of Warcraft expansion has possibly been leaked. We say possibly of course because right now nothing is confirmed. And we say again because this is the second rumored WoW expansion leak to happen in less than a week! Before we go any further please be aware that by reading beyond this point you might be exposed to future spoilers for World of Warcraft, continue at your own risk.

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Expansion Giveaway

The first expansion, which was leaked last week was Age of Darkness. This expansion will allegedly see the old god N’zoth unleash a darkness that covers Azeroth. The expansion is rumored to have the Tinker class, a level squish with a new cap at 60, a new max-level progression system called Conquest, and a few improvements and reworks on systems already in the game. The supposed release window for this expansion is the end of 2020. There is however a lot of debate over whether this rumored leak can be believed. For one, the original leak as posted on 4chan has been deleted. Others have called it a laughably bad attempt at trolling the community. Right now there doesn’t seem to be much or any evidence to support the claims this rumor alleges. So for now, take this with a heaping pile of salt.

The second expansion, supposedly leaked is Shadowlands and, unlike the first, it is actually a little bit more believable. Once again, the leak came from 4chan, for anyone familiar with leaks and rumors this won’t be surprising at all. It is rumored to have two continents, Dragon Isles and Shadowlands. In fact, this is what makes the whole rumor so believable, there’s also a zone map that looks quite official. After a Youtuber made a video about the rumored Shadowlands leak he was supposedly contacted by people who had worked at Blizzard who supposedly confirmed the leak was real, including the image which supposedly came from an internal dev show and tell session. What do people think of this one? Well, it seems somewhat mixed. Plenty of people who think it’s the real deal, others who say they’ll wait and see. There are even some people who believe it is real and that Blizzard “leaked” it themselves to test the water. Whatever the case may be, we’re going to have to wait until Blizzcon to find out if there was any truth to be had.


Source: Reddit, ENUK

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WoW Wednesday: The Future of the Battle For Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth has taken quite a few interesting turns and detours from its previous expansions. The general opinion is that, despite slight improvements to gearing over Legion’s static artifact system, the war for the world has taken a large step backward. Even with the heavy advancements with the Essence system and character progression Rise of Azshara introduced its clear that reception is less than positive for the expansion overall. Now that we are officially over halfway into the newest adventure in the wide World of Warcraft, we can begin to take some guesses as to where things might just take us next. What does the end of the Blood War have in store for us?

With the launch of Azshara’s Eternal Palace, we’ve seen the realization of N’zoth’s ten thousand year plan. The Old God of the deeps, with the assistance of Azshara, Xal’atath and the Champion of Azeroth, has managed to break his titanic prison. Those taking the fight to Azshara’s personal chambers will get to witness the event in full below. Despite her intent to use the Heart of Azeroth to become a goddess of her own, N’zoth instead unleashes his full might from the depths and buys his own freedom when she fails.

And then it simply ends. Frustratingly.

With Blizzard’s method of storytelling in Battle for Azeroth, it’s highly unlikely we’ll get much answer as to what the fallout of such an event is in the near future. Like previous installments of the War Campaigns, including the latest, its incredibly likely we’ll only see further story advancement during the next mini-patch in 8.2.5. With Xal’atath’s freedom in the Crucible of Storms its unclear where the Old God storyline is going from here, though its been made clear that Azshara is not gone forever. Rather instead, Blizzard employees have teased that the patch was named as such for careful reasons.

The only firm direction or knowledge of the plot we know is in direct correlation to the recent War Campaign. With Baine Bloodhoof’s rebellion in freeing Derek Proudmoore, he has since been imprisoned in the Heart of Orgrimmar. In the sanctum of Garrosh’s True Horde, Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner imprisoned the Chieftain with a bloodthirsty guard. Assisted by Thrall, Saurfang, Jaina Proudmoore and Mathias Shaw, players fight off rabid Sunreaver Mages in their hunt for justice against Proudmoore. Managing to free Baine, they teleport away to Thunder Bluff where Thrall and Jaina divine the next steps Sylvanas will take.

It is incredibly likely that Sylvanas will besiege Thunder Bluff and its people in order to seek her justice. This is the popular choice among storycrafters for the direction in which Patch 8.3 is going to go, as while the groundwork is present for N’zoth’s rise it is underdeveloped in several aspects. With the Great Gate of Mulgore featuring as a Warfront during Battle for Azeroth’s testing and development cycle, the groundwork IS already there for a large, zone-based raid or even a revamped Mulgore quest hub. With the War Campaign having been a major focus of the expansion’s earlier progression, it makes sense to resolve it in the last major patch.

That begs the question, “Where do we go from there?” With the large factional divide present throughout Battle for Azeroth, its incredibly unlikely we’ll see much of a peace accord fall together at Thunder Bluff. Even if the Alliance and Tauren pin Sylvanas against a cliff-face its been made clear that the Warchief will not surrender as Garrosh did. Clearly in an effort to tie off this expansion we’ll need some large ‘bad guy’ villain to unite the two factions in an alliance of survival. The Heart of Azeroth will undoubtedly be retired in lieu of the next expansion’s main gameplay system, as well as the concept of Azerite being widely available for our gear.

Logically, the conclusions all point towards one major brewing entity: N’zoth. While it is incredibly likely we could see something come right out of thin air as happened with Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard seems against such a notion. Previous expansions since Warlords tend to set up the narrative for the next expansion. Gul’dan’s escape at the Black Gate led to Legion, whereas Sargeras’ defeat lead to Battle for Azeroth. While we have had light teases into new concepts such as Helya’s return, the Dragon Isles and the Infinite Flight, it’s far more likely to lead into a Void related expansion.

As such, for 8.2.5 we could certainly expect that patch to deal with the fallout of both Azshara’s Eternal Palace and Baine’s Liberation. Patch 8.3 will most likely feature one of two things. The first is a siege upon Thunder Bluff if not a Great Gate Warfront, much to the chagrin of players who experienced the Siege of Orgrimmar several expansions ago. The second, and in my opinion less likely, possibility is the rise of N’zoth and his attack on the Heart Chamber in Silithus, it being Azeroth’s most vulnerable point. However, it makes much more narrative sense to tide the ‘big baddie’ to the next expansion and wrap up the war plot with a strong lead-in.

Falling in line with this theory, a poster on 4chan (which was later reposted to the WoW subreddit) posted a ‘leak.’ Most 4chan leaks, unlike other sites such as ResetEra, have historically been largely false. This particular post, made on the /b/-Random forum, is most likely just as fake as others. It does offer up an incredible wealth of possibilities for the narrative to travel in a hypothetical Patch 9.0.

This ‘leaked’ expansion, entitled Age of Darkness, sees N’zoth interrupting the Siege of Thunder Bluff during their final battle. Seeking to take Kalimdor as the first sect of his Black Empire, N’zoth rallies the Infinite Dragonflight and attempts to finally turn Nozdormu, the Aspect of Time, into their leader. Using their aid, he attempts to alter time to where the avatar of his brother, C’thun, was never defeated. Utilizing a revitalized Twilight’s Hammer cult, he then seeks to awaken C’thraxxi and Old God forces across the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend.

Even if this isn’t the plan for the future, other thematic teases for upcoming expansions seem incredibly bleak. From Vol’jin’s quest throughout the Realm of Shadows and the Horde’s new-found crusade on behalf of Death itself, to the fanatical vengeance of the Night Elves on behalf of their new Night Warrior, conflict on Azeroth between the two factions will not end here. The war, however, does need to come to an end sooner than later; Ion Hazzikostas, Warcraft’s game director himself, has expressed interest in completing the relatively panned expansion promptly. With a brutal war on the horizon, and dark possibilities at every turn, there’s only one assured direction for Azeroth’s future.

A new giant threat will eventually arise. Let’s just hope this one is worth focusing an entire expansion around.

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Fallout 76 Support Tickets Sent to Player by Mistake

At least we hope it was a mistake. Bethesda seems to have yet another issue on their hands. This time with regards to Fallout 76 support tickets which are being sent to one particular player seemingly by mistake. Not only are they getting support tickets this particular player is seeing player’s receipts for power armor sets that include email address, home addresses, and the type of card being used to make the purchase. The player reached out to Bethesda on social media and on the official forums when they noticed the error. They also reached out to players on Reddit and other social media platforms to let them know what was going on.

Despite the very serious violation of personal information the only response from Bethesda about the incident so far has been on the forums where a community manager said, “Hi guys, we’ve resolved the issue.” Yep. That’s it.

When asking a GDPR consultant what ramifications this could have if any of the players with leaked information could be from Europe he laughed, not the good sort of laugh. The kind of laugh you have when you’re glad you’re far, far away from it all.

Because of the sensitive nature of the data and the inclusion of a potentially sensitive image we won’t be linked to the tweet that first drew our attention. Instead, we’ve included it below with any identifying information removed. This is just the latest in many missteps taken by Bethesda recently surrounding Fallout 76. As this is an ongoing story we will be following it closely and we will update you as soon as there is more information. Based on Bethesda’s rather short response it would seem that it is safe to continue to submit tickets and make purchases. Hopefully, there will be more information soon.

Source: Twitter, Reddit, Bethesda Forums

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Red Dead Online Game Modes Leak Ahead of Release

With Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer mode due to go live for some starting today, we’ve got a bit of advance information courtesy of a dataminder: specifically, news about Red Dead Online game modes including what sound like story missions and a battle royale mode.

red dead online game modes

The leaks were shared on Twitter by a user named Illogicalmods, who dug up several text files from Rockstar’s Social Club website. These text files include what look like journal entries to several story missions involving a man by the name of Horley, who appears to be your liaison to Red Dead Online’s activities and presumed overall narrative.

The files also offer brief descriptions of game modes in the multiplayer game:

  • Hostile Territories, a team-based point capture mode.
  • Most Wanted, a “tactical race to the top” that sees players trying to kill as many people for points without being taken down themselves.
  • A Name Your Weapon mode which limits the types of weapons players can use and awards points for landing kills with “trickier” weapons.
  • And the battle royale mode Make It Count, which has players using specific weapons to determine the last one standing in a slowly shrinking play space.

The unearthed feature list also has some word about different types of races that players can join in on, as well as good old-fashioned team-based deathmatch modes.

As announced yesterday, Red Dead Online’s beta will be opening in staggered steps; today will become available for those who bought the Ultimate Edition, the 28th will be open for those who bought the game on day one, the 29th will allow those who played during the game’s launch weekend, and the 30th opens the beta to every owner of the game.

Our Thoughts

We’re really not terribly surprised that Red Dead Online is hopping on that bandwagon, but at least it sounds like there are other things for players to do if battle royale isn’t their cup of tea. Or campfire instant coffee if you want to stick to thematics.

Sources: Rockstar Newswire, Twitter via Eurogamer

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PUBG PS4 Gets Rated in Korea

Thanks to the Korean Game Rating Board being about as secure as a leaky sieve, it appears we can look forward to a PUBG PS4 release at some point soon. The country’s ratings board website has provided a confirmed rating for the battle royale shooter on PS4 well in advance of any official announcement.

pubg ps4 launch

I’m not good at reading Korean so I can’t speak to what the actual rating reads, but judging by all of the little iconography associated with the posting, it’s probably the Korean equivalent of “T for Teen.”

While there’s no confirmation of the PS4 version of PUBG available right now, the timing does line up. The Xbox One version of the game released in full as 1.0 earlier this month, and in October of last year Sony and Bluehole were discussing the game’s arrival to the system. Presumably, the shooter’s exclusivity with Xbox and Microsoft is about to run out.

As for the game itself, PUBG is celebrating the arrival of autumn over the next four weeks with the Chuseok and Mid-Autumn festivals. From now until October 16th, players who make it to the top 15 in five games will receive seasonal cosmetics each week. Details on what goodies await can be found here.

Our Thoughts

PUBG on PS4 is hardly a surprising idea, all things considered. That said, the game’s sticker price might be a wall when compared to other battle royale shooters like H1Z1 or Fortnite. Could this be too little, too late? Or is the PS4 playerbase starved enough for battle royale games that it will still make a big splash?

Sources: Eurogamer, official site

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Battle Royale Weekly: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Leak and Epic is Unhappy

This week we have a pretty big variety in the news around Battle Royale games. A new Battle Royale game has been announced, Fortnite is having security and player problems, and on top of that, we have a Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout leak, and so much more.


Battlefield V

Battle Royale news

If you’re more interested in the Combined Arms co-op and the Battle Royale modes for Battlefield V, you may want to wait to get Battlefield V. Both of these modes have been pushed back and won’t be available at launch. Vehicle customization also won’t be there at launch. This seems like an example of the publisher setting a launch date the developers are finding difficult to meet.

Source: WCCTech


Battlerite Royale

The announcement of Battlerite Royale as its own game came with a lot of mixed feelings from Battlerite players. Stunlock has acknowledged that there are things they could have done better in the announcement. The studio has promised that an FAQ would be posted in September but they also answered some questions that the community had been discussing.

Anyone who bought Battlerite in Early Access or has purchased the All Champions Pack or the Ultimate Fan Pack will get a coupon for 50% off the game as well as a limited edition Legendary Ember Tiger mount. Battlerite players who don’t fit into the above category but do have an account level 20 or higher when Battlerite Royale launches will receive the limited Epic Ricky the Rocket mount if they purchase Battlerite Royale. Players who meet both requirements will get both mounts and any cosmetics that are unlocked in Battlerite Arena will be shared in Battlerite Royale.

Battlerite Royale will cost $20 and is expected to start Early Access by the end of September.

Source: Official Site


Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout leak

A new leak may have revealed a whole lot of new information about Blackout, the Battle Royale mode of the game. This leak comes from The Wew Lads who correctly leaked previous content about another Call of Duty title, so there may be some credibility to this leak.

Blackout mode will, according to the leak, have doors that can be opened and closed. It will also have zombies in a selected area. The mode may feature up to 100 players. The leak also talks about a new mode called Outboarding which is a training/tutorial mode. Oh and if this is important, you do in fact parachute into the map. Raising the question, is it a Battle Royale game if you don’t parachute in?

Source: WCCTech


Dying Light: Bad Blood

At Gamescom, Techland announced that Dying Light: Bad Blood would be entering Early Access in September, though no exact date was given. It has been confirmed that while consoles won’t be part of the Early Access, the game will release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One when it launches. The game will be free to play unless you want to take part in Early Access. The Early Access will be part of the $19.99 Founders Pack. This pack will include:

  • Exclusive Golden Founder’s Mask
  • Three exclusive Legendary weapon skins
  • Golden Neckslicer dagger
  • Golden Bonecleaver machete
  • Golden Skullopener cricket bat
  • 1000 Blood Bucks
  • Three exclusive Legendary skins distributed over three months post-launch

Thanks to their presence at Gamescom we now have quite a lot of gameplay footage on Youtube to dig through. So if you want to know what its like before you throw cash at it, this is your chance….or you could just wait until it launches.




Egress has introduced a new mode called Piñata that is exactly what it says in the name. You’ll be on one of two sides and your job is to destroy the other team’s piñata while protecting your own. Check out the short video introducing the new mode below.

Source: Press Release


Fear the Wolves

Fear The Wolves

The Early Access for Fear the Wolves is underway on Steam with mixed reviews. 55% of the 63 reviews for the game are positive. According to SteamCharts, their concurrent peak so far has been 388 players, not bad for a game that has been in Early Access for less than three days that isn’t free to play. We also have a content roadmap for September which will include things like 2 seater vehicles and weapon customization. In October players can expect more movement options, new melee mechanics, and an in-game event system.

Source: SteamCharts, Steam Announcement



Fortnite on Android is experiencing some security issues that are prompting many prominent tech sites to recommend staying away from the game for now. A Google employee discovered a vulnerability that allowed hackers to replace the app with a fake version of the game. Google immediately notified Epic, who quickly got to work on fixing the issue. They also asked Google not to disclose the vulnerability to the public for 90 days, to give players time to install the new patch. Google instead waited the industry standard 7 days before they went public. Epic then lashed out at Google for doing so, which raised a lot of red flags for those in the cyber security sphere.

Google isn’t the only group that Epic is upset with right now, they’re also looking at fans who are unlocking the exclusive Galaxy skin with demo phones in stores. For those who don’t know what that is, when Fortnite was announced for Android they also announced an exclusive partnership with Samsung that would give owners of the brand new Samsung Note 9 or Tab S4 an incredibly rare skin, the rarest skin of them all in fact. Samsung themselves aren’t very happy about this either and many stores are putting up signs telling shoppers not to install Fortnite. Which, of course, they aren’t. They hoped this would attract people to buy their very pricey new devices.

Source: CNET, Polygon



The original survival mode for H1Z1 which was named Just Survive…hasn’t survived. Daybreak has announced that the game will shut down in October despite having never even launched. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though as the Battle Royale game took off in a way that Just Survive never did.

Source: Press Release


Mortal Royale

Another week, another new Battle Royale game. Star Vault, the creators of Mortal Online have announced Mortal Royale, a Battle Royale game with 1,000 players. Along with finding weapons and armor, you’ll be on the lookout for mounts who give you incredible advantages on the field. You can sign up to take part in the alpha right now on the official site. Check out the trailer for the game below, though if you don’t like blood you might want to skip this one.

Source: Official Site


Proxima Royale

Expect to see a new trailer for Proxima Royale in the coming weeks that shows off all the new content they’ve been working on. They also revealed that Closed Beta is on its way, currently slated for Q3 2018. The game is not currently playable, but they are making updates on Steam where they release new information.

Source: Steam

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Forza Horizon 4 Car List Datamined from Accidental Windows 10 Files

So folks who pre-ordered a copy of the open world multiplayer racer Forza Horizon 4 on PC got an unexpected surprise from the Windows 10 store; a variety of files that were automatically downloaded. And hiding among those files was a Forza Horizon 4 car list that a couple of intrepid Redditors unearthed.

forza horizon 4 car list

Redditor daten-shi was among those who got the Windows 10 files in question and had a sniff around the data, unearthing a lengthy list of vehicles in a certain directory folder. Interestingly, this list of vehicles falls a bit above the promised 450 cars coming to the racer at launch.

A day later, another Redditor by the name of willbsn13 further broke down the list of files in significantly more detail, lining out the year, make and models of the vehicles in question. They further arranged the information into sub-categories of cars that are either new to the series or to current platforms, or cars that have been cut.

The Forza Motorsport Twitter account clarified that the Windows 10 files were, indeed, an error and that no further action is required for PC pre-orders. The game will automatically download in full upon release and those who received the phantom update can safely uninstall the files without risk if they so choose.

Forza Horizon 4 will arrive to Xbox One and Windows 10 on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Our Thoughts

Whoops! Someone somewhere pushed the wrong button! In any case, getting something of a sneak peek of what’s arriving to Forza Horizon 4 will certainly be a pleasant treat for those who are curious. All that said, we’d like to remind folks that feel strongly about the matter that source links will contain spoilers. And not the sort of spoilers that are attached to the back end of a car to reduce drag.

Sources: Forza subreddit 1, 2 via VG247, Twitter

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Leaked New World Video Summarizes the MMO’s Setting

Looks like the “accidental” drip feed continues. Another New World leak has been sighted online, offering what appears to be the opening pieces of a longer video, detailing the general setting of the upcoming MMO and a broad overview of the activities players can expect.

new world leak

According to the video, the setting of New World is one where “superstition is fact and monsters are real” in an alternate-reality version of colonial America. The video makes mention of the world’s inclusion of eldrich powers, alchemy and other forms of fantasy magic, and mentions that players can use charms, words of power and other relics to defend themselves. There is also mention of protecting player settlements from both supernatural and player-bandit threats, or simply striking out into the world to discover cursed lands.

The video is another posting by Redditor conquistad, who provided another leak earlier this month. In that video, a quick look at group play was offered and appears to be another piece of the presumed complete features trailer.

You can take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

Our Thoughts

Honest leak? Internal and intentional hype-stirring? Utter claptrap? It’s hard to really say, but the fact that pieces of a full video with similar production values and narration are appearing to the New World subreddit seem to suggest this is all a little…staged, maybe. We’re not complaining, though; we’re looking forward to learning more about New World.

Source: New World subreddit

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