Overwatch LEGO Sets Leak Online

While the only official reveal we’ve seen to this point in terms of Overwatch LEGO sets has been the Bastion set, it would seem that retailer Target accidentally jumped the gun and shared other sets ahead of schedule.

overwatch lego sets

According to a collection of images gathered by LEGO fan blog The Brothers Brick, six sets were unveiled on Target’s website:

  • A Tracer vs. Widowmaker set with both character minifigs and payload from Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • A Hanzo vs. Genji set that features the shrine from Hanamura and the animated short “Dragons”
  • A Dorado payload set that also includes Reaper, McCree and Soldier 76
  • A set that has both Reinhardt and D.Va in their full respective armors
  • A second scaled-up Bastion model that can also be transformed into turret mode
  • And a Watchpoint: Gibraltar shuttle set that also packs in minifigs for Reaper, Mercy, Winston and Pharah

The sets ranged in price from $14.99 to $89.99 with the larger sets packing in as many as 730 pieces. We can’t confirm whether these prices will be final, however, as Target has since taken the links to the LEGO sets down according to IGN and based on our own searches of Target’s website.

Final release of these sets is tentatively set for January 2019.

Our Thoughts

Lookit how cute LEGO Reaper is! Awwwww! On point, these are some pretty neat-looking sets and we’re looking forward to whenever they release fully. There will likely be more than a few fans ready to collect them all.

Sources: The Brothers Brick, IGN

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