Indiegogo Campaign Opened to Buy Marvel Heroes

First it was the guy who wants to create a dream Marvel MMORPG, now it’s a group of folks who want to purchase the Marvel Heroes license and work around it. Seems like lots of people are ready to see the superpowered ARPG still be a thing! Not that we’re complaining, mind you.

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The non-profit educational group Paragon Institute is looking to establish ElderMage Studios, a learning lab for aspiring game devs to work with experienced professionals to gain hands-on experience supporting or enhancing currently existing titles. To that end, the Institute is hoping to purchase the rights to the Marvel Heroes platform for that purpose.

What will they do should they buy the game’s platform? There are currently three different plans on the table:

  • Maintain the original game as-is.
  • Build a new superhero game over Marvel Heroes with unique characters, alternate licensed characters or public domain characters
  • Use the Marvel Heroes platform to build an entirely new sci-fi-based ARPG from the ground up.

In either case, each idea carries its own risks and benefits. The first option, for example, could include some potentially high overhead costs which would need to be passed along to players in the form of a sub fee as well as being easily the most expensive. To that point, options two and three could be the most feasible.

Paragon Institute is looking to raise between $450k – $900k in about a month to acquire the IP and cover legal fees and other related costs. Money raised beyond that will be put towards enhancing the game’s storyline and features or, if Disney is unwilling to cooperate, acquire new assets.

All of the information, including the different tiers of support levels, can be found here.

Our Thoughts

While the idea is most definitely sound and we love the thought of using an existing games platform as a teaching tool, the monetary goal and timing sounds….lofty, at best. That said, we certainly wish the Paragon Institute the best of luck as it tries to leverage the Marvel Heroes platform.

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