Apex Legends Duos Mode Coming Soon

You’d be forgiven if you’d forgotten about Apex Legends, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news about the game recently. But, Respawn has taken to Twitter to announce the Apex Legends Duos Mode which will be available for a limited time.

Starting on November 5th, when the new mode launches, teams of two will be able to take to the battlefield. This has been a highly requested mode in recent months not just in Apex Legends but all across current multiplayer online games. Fortnite has duos as well for example. Apex Legends did experiment with solos back in August so it isn’t too much of a surprise that duos are now coming out as an experiment too.

Earlier this month Apex Legends got a new map called World’s Edge as part of the game’s third season. The season will continue until February 2020. But don’t expect duos to last long. Respawn hasn’t given an ending date for the mode but if the solos trial is anything to go by you’ll have just two weeks to try out the new mode.

Respawn hasn’t actually said anything else about the new duos mode and with it coming out on Tuesday next week it seems pretty unlikely that they will say anything until after it goes live. So if you’re curious about the mode I suggest time travel, or you could just wait a few days and experience it for yourself.


Source: PCGamer, Twitter

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For Honor Launches a Fiery New Limited-Time Mode

The seventh season of multiplayer brawler For Honor is well underway, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get a little spicier thanks to a new wrinkle to the Dominion game mode. Prepare to feel the (mercifully digital) flames with Reigning Inferno.

reigning inferno

Dominion matches in Reigning Inferno will operate under the same rules, but with one unique twist: any time a zone is contested, the border around that zone will erupt into flames, trapping the combatants inside. Players are able to run through the fire to flee or join into the fight, but doing so will absolutely hurt your character.

Participation in this new event will offer a variety of rewards, including fire-themed weapons, ornaments, outfits, and a unique mask. If you’d rather get those pretties through money or are otherwise unable to participate, a Reigning Inferno Bundle will be on offer next week.

As for the game itself, the announcement of the mode also heralded For Honor’s October update Marching Fire, which adds a new faction with four new heroes, a new 4v4 Breach mode and other features. For Honor also happens to be free until September 15 with Xbox Games with Gold.

Reigning Inferno runs from now until August 30th. A sizzle trailer (pun not completely intended) is below.

Our Thoughts

We definitely would love to see new mode wrinkles like this more often. Honestly, anything to shake up For Honor’s modes would very likely be a welcome thing in general.

Source: official site

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Fortnite Brings Back the Solo Showdown LTM

Those who think they’re the best Fortnite Battle Royale players can now put their money where their mouth is and get some digital money in the process. The Fortnite Solo Showdown is back, and this time around, contenders could be seeing more than just some extra V-Bucks their way.

fortnite solo showdown

If you’re not sure how it works, here’s the rundown. Solo Showdown, mechanically speaking, is not dissimilar from normal solo queue matches; the only difference is that everyone joining in is entering the exact same mode with designs to earn the most points over the course of the LTM. Naturally, the higher you place, the more points you earn, as detailed here.

Along with what we assume are bragging rights, there are also V-bucks prizes to be won, with 1st place scoring 50,000 V-Bucks. The top performers will also be considered to join in on future Fortnite Summer Skirmish esports events…which, you’ll recall, could be potentially very lucrative in real money terms.

Solo Showdown is on now and runs until July 30th. 10am EST and the first 25 matches will be counted towards your overall score. Full details are at this link.

Our Thoughts

Reasonably cut-and-dry event, this; win lots, get rewarded. We want to wish those who have decided to enter the Solo Showdown the best of luck in climbing their way to the top of the LTM leaderboard!

Source: official site

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Limited-Time Fortnite Playground Mode to Arrive Soon

There’s sone early indicators from within the shooter that the Fortnite Playground limited-time mode is arriving to players in short order, bringing players to a mode that will let them create to their hearts content that was promised back in May.

fortnite playground

The mode in question was part of a state of development blog post made at the tail-end of May, which described a mode that would let teams of up to four players dart around the battle royale map to “build and battle to their heart’s content”. The mode will feature an extended period of time, increased resource generation, and all ammo chests and loot crates spawned at once. According to the post, this LTM will be the first step towards a likely permanent creative mode to help teams practice and strategize.

Now, there’s word from within the battle royale mode that an in-game message is alerting players that they will soon be allowed to “let your creativity run wild on your own private island”. This is about the only indication that Playground Mode is on the way, with no immediately clear indicator if it will be limited-time or has progressed far enough in development to be permanent.

In any case, we suspect that details of the mode and its arrival will be shared soon.

Our Thoughts

We would much rather see this mode arrive as a permanent fixture that can be tweaked out with further development instead of stuffing it into a limited-time mode. Perhaps, though, this isn’t the way Fortnite’s devs like to work. In any case, we’re looking forward to final details on what the Playground will look like soon.

Sources: Gamespot, official site

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World of Warships Heads into Space for April Fool’s

The oceans of Earth are pretty vast, but fighting in them can feel pretty same-y. Just a bunch of boring ol’ water. Now, fighting in the ocean of stars that makes up outer space? That’s a bit more interesting, which is pretty much the line of thinking for the upcoming limited-time World of Warships Space Mode.

world of warships space mode

Starting Thursday, March 29th and running until Wednesday, April 11th, the ship-to-ship combat of World of Warships will be taking to deep space in an all-new mode featuring brand new, sci-fi reimaginings of modern-day battleships. Players will get to command nine unique Tier X ships like the drone deploying Hellcarrier, the turbolaser equipped Norma, and the stealthy rocket firing FlyFire to name a few.

“We always strive to keep the game focused on history, but at the same time we are very open to bringing interesting collaborations and events into the game to entertain our players,” says executive producer Artur Plociennik. “We have to set the bar high for ourselves and then check with the community whether it’s high enough—which is why we’re letting them give us their feedback for this new mode.”

The new Space Mode will be available to players who are level 12 and have access to a Tier VI or higher ship. More information about the mode can be found on this web page and a developer diary talking about the mode can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Hmm…we wonder what a game like Dreadnought thinks about all of this..? But honestly, the fact that the World of Warships devs seem to be open to having a little fun with their Very Serious War Game is great to see. Let’s hope that World of Warships players are just as open to the idea!

Source: press release

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SMITE Goes Anime with a Limited Time Horde Mode

It would seem that all of the big MOBA creators started watching anime on Netflix at around the same time. It’s the best explanation I can come up with for the upcoming SMITE anime mode that will be arriving in the next few days.

smite anime mode

The new anime adventure is called Legend of the Foxes, which transforms Ratatoskr into a token adorable anime cutie and Da Ji into Senpai Da Ji, who will be voiced by actress Cristina Vee. The new mode will also take place in a bespoke arena that features a brightened color palette and a cel-shaded art style for maximum anime-ness.

In the mode, players will need to stave off waves of attacking ninja to protect the sacred foxes. Survive long enough and you’ll face off against a final epic boss. Each match of the new mode will play differently as different bosses will randomly arrive. Your reward for protecting the fluffy foxes (besides presumed hugs) will be levels and in-game rewards, including the chance to unlock one of four new skins for Ratatoskr.

Legend of the Foxes is due to arrive to PC players on Tuesday, February 13th and console players Friday, February 16th. The mode will run through patches 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 and will introduce new bosses to the mode with each subsequent patch. More info is found here, and a teaser trailer/opening to the anime itself is below.

Our Thoughts

Between the Star Guardians of LoL and the mecha of Heroes of the Storm, we suppose a senpai protecting cute foxes would be the next logical anime step for the MOBA genre. It’s so glaringly obvious we’re not even sure how we missed it, honestly. Here’s hoping players of SMITE get many Ratatoskr cuddles and have a lot of fun in this upcoming mode!

Source: press release

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Fortnite Battle Royale Begins Tweaking its Shooting Mechanics

Unless you’re firing a cartoon pistol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, you shouldn’t be able to one-shot someone with a handgun from an incredibly long distance. These are just one of the Fortnite shooting adjustments that are up for testing in the game’s latest limited-time mode.

fortnite shooting adjustments

The so-called Shooting Test #1 will introduce the first pass of a First-Shot Accuracy model to the game, which is indicated by a red reticle. This effect is applied when the player is standing still, sighting down a weapon and has not fired their weapon recently for peak aim spread accuracy. The intention is to reduce frustration brought about by shots randomly missing their target.

The test mode will also tune headshot critical damage downwards, with shotguns only applying 150% damage on a crit and all other weapons applying 200% damage. The test will also introduce damage fall-off for certain weapons with a maximum drop to 70% damage as well as tweaks to semi-auto snipers, scoped assault rifles and SMGs.

The test is the first of a planned series of test-focused limited time modes that will be added to the game in order to meet design goals blogged about back in October, where the devs seek to stop pistol sniping and offer weapons that support a wide array of engagement types. Players are encouraged to hop in and try out the mode freely, since wins and other stats will not be counted while in the Shooting Test.

Our Thoughts

We get that crossing an open field in a battle royale game should be a risky proposition, but there’s nothing quite as frustrating (or as boring) as being taken down from someone with a basic handgun with no chance to retaliate. Here’s hoping these planned shooting tests will help keep things balanced and fun.

Source: official site

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