Lineage II Classic Posts Extensive Patch Notes

Today marks the start of something new, yet old. It’s the official Lineage 2 Classic launch, which comes with a set of patch notes so massive they actually require a table of contents and should provide more than enough information about what the self-described “punishingly difficult” MMORPG has to offer.

lineage 2 classic launch

Checking in at a whopping 68 pages, the patch notes offer a complete rundown of everything in Lineage 2 Classic, from classes to items to quests to UI and everything in between. The notes even offer full instructions on reaching new class transfer quests and detail one-time “Newbie Quests” for each race that provide some pretty significant rewards.

Of particular interest to players is the VIP Program section, which outlines how players who buy and spend NCoin get rewarded. There are a total of four tiers to this VIP system, which can be achieved from spending as little at 80 NCoin to as much as 4,000 NCoin within a 30 day period or less.

Earning these tiers will get your character a variety of boons including increased item drop rates, XP bonuses, and even lowered XP loss and a PvE damage increase at Tiers 3 and 4. Those same Tiers also will get free Silver Coin drops from monsters, which can be spent in the L2 Store to purchase crafting materials and cosmetics.

As for maintaining these Tiers, that does require a level of NCoin spending, which is outlined in the appropriate section of the patch notes. You can read over everything here and even take a look at a preview of mostly everything in Lineage 2 Classic in this livestream video.

Our Thoughts

…hmmm…we are almost certain there will be a number of impressions made by players regarding this game’s business model and its VIP Tiers. We certainly hope players who spend money don’t get too much of an advantage, because a sandbox environment will certainly feel those impacts far more directly than a “typical” MMO.

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Lineage II Classic Promises “Hardcore” MMOARPG Gaming in October

NCSoft would like you to take a trip back to the days where “hardcore grind” wasn’t a bad thing apparently. The company’s Lineage 2 Classic announcement has confirmed the arrival of the original MMOARPG with all of its wrinkles and older systems. For better or worse.

lineage 2 classic announcement

The newly launched landing page for the game offers the barest of details right now, but it does make a number of promises about the game’s content. Chief among them are the return of “classic hardcore leveling where the rewards can outweigh risks”, the original game’s 31 classes and 5 races, and all-out clan warfare.

Further details from PCGamer also confirm that the MMO’s dungeons will not be instanced, meaning those looking to delve the depths will need to look out for other player parties attempting to get the same clears and rewards. You’ll also want to keep your head on a swivel, as open-world PvP will be a thing along with XP penalties when you die.

About the newest thing in Lineage 2 Classic is its business model; the game will launch free to play and is offering a pair of Launch Packs that include buffing consumables and other beneficial items.

Lineage 2 Classic will arrive on Wednesday, October 3rd. A quick teaser trailer announcing its arrival is below.

Our Thoughts

This will either be an extremely exciting hit of nostalgia or a brutal reminder that the good ol’ days weren’t always really good. In either case, it will certainly be interesting to know how much of an audience there will be for Lineage II’s version of classic MMORPG gaming.

Sources: official site, PC Gamer

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