Next FFXIV Live Producer Letter Gets Date and Details

It’s an institution among fans of the Final Fantasy XIV MMO: the Letter from the Producer Live. The 45th edition of this regular series of updates from the game’s team is noteworthy by virtue of the fact that there’s a firm date and information on just what’s going to be covered in the broadcast.

letter from the producer live

Letter XLV for FFXIV will broadcast live from Kyoto, Japan on Monday, July 16th at 2am PDT/5am EST. The live letter will be broadcast from the usual YouTube, NicoNico and Twitch channels and will have key points shared for those of us who can’t understand Japanese on the game’s offficial twitter.

This edition of the broadcast will offer the first looks at content coming in Patch 4.4, provide some time with key devs of Monster Hunter World to discuss the upcoming crossover event between the multiplayer action RPG and the MMO, and other “miscellaneous announcements”.

If you’re the sort that’d rather be embroiled in all things Final Fantasy XIV in-person, tickets for the MMO’s 2018 Fan Festival in Las Vegas have an on-sale date of this coming Tuesday, July 10th at 12pm PDT/5pm EST. All of those details, including pricing and purchase links, are found here.

Our Thoughts

We’re always excited to hear about what’s next for Final Fantasy XIV and the combination of this MMO and Monster Hunter World has us even more ready for the details coming with this next Live Letter. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we’re able to in the next couple of weeks!

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Eorzean Evening Post: Under The Moonlight

Patch 4.3 is just around the corner, as showcased in the recent Letter of the Producer Live by Final Fantasy XIV’s Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and its Global Community Producer Toshio Murouchi. Carrying the title “Under the Moonlight”, this new patch brings us the latest addition to the Main Story Quest, which will likely be centered on Yotsuyu and her comeuppance prior to the events in the Stormblood. The new storyline was also noted to be the final leg and conclusion to the Doma chapter, which means we’ll most likely see some hefty transitions in terms of story. With all the sensitive reveals in the previous update, this makes me all the more excited to see what comes next.


The update will bring a lot of new features, as well as a few balance changes to existing classes. The content is said to be segregated into small patches along the way, but the lineup looks promising thus far. Here are a few things that caught my eye during the FFXIV Live Letter XLIII.

In addition to the main scenario quest, we’ll also be getting another side quest for the Four Lords arc, which of course means having another intermediate 8-man fight like Byakko. It’s still unclear as to which of the four we’ll be facing next but the series of pictures suggest that we may get a proper Genbu 8-man raid. I would have preferred either Suzaku or Seiryu just for the sake of diversity, especially given the fact that we’ve already had a bout with the turtle back in Hell’s Lid; then again, his shenanigans there might prove interesting when exercised in a raid scenario. At least we know they aren’t short handing us when it comes to intermediate content. Furthermore, they’ve revealed that we will be getting a mystery trial in addition to the four lords, which will be kept secret until further notice. I may be wrong about this but I’m certain those who have finished the MSQ might have an idea on who it may be. If so, then I have no qualms with this choice whatsoever.

Want more of a challenge? The next Ultimate fight has finally been announced in the form of the Ultimate weapon. Looking back at the fight back in ARR, it does offer a lot of phases that could be tweaked well into something so frustratingly difficult. He does house the original 3 Primals, so we might get ultimate versions of Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan in the middle of the fight. Who knows? We may actually even see Golden Frieza—I mean, Gaius van Baelsar. Guess Alexander Ultimate won’t be coming any time soon.

Those looking for a bit of comic-relief will be happy to know that we’ll be getting more adventures with Hildibrand and his band of whacky mystery solvers in the coming month (or months, depending on where they squeeze it in). I honestly haven’t toucehd Hildi quests for quite a while, but I’ve been hearing a lot of hilarious things about them. Guess it’s time to pick up where I left off and be a Manderville man who does what a Manderville can.

Now that we’re here, let me get something off my chest—the Ananta beast tribe really creeped me out. Those blank dead eyes, that slithering movement *cringe*. There is no way anyone can convince me to place a snake lady NPC inside both my FC and personal house. With that said, gone are the days of pointless killing and traveling, not to mention the needless washing of bedsheets. The new update will bring us a new rep grind—I mean beast tribe in the form of the Namazu. This particular tribe will be centered on both crafters and gatherers, which is quite refreshing as our Eorzean entrepreneurs can finally have something that’s more suited to their expertise.

We will also be treated to more side quests that will continue the Doman Reconstruction. If you have not done it, I suggest starting the chain via Kozakura in the Doman Enclave. It’s a pretty quick and nice introduction to everything, so do try it out. I’m still unsure as to how it’s tied to the overall story, not to mention its relevance gameplay-wise, but I’m guessing it’s connected to the Namazu beast tribe quests given the Namazu found inside one of the jars within the Enclave. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a screenie.

Even now, I’m still of two minds about Eureka. It’s fun at times but gets terribly tedious when you’re aware of the time spent within its confines. Ah, Eureka… and I thought I would be rid of thee. Great news for weapon farmers though. Eureka will be getting its second update in the form of its Pagos Expedition soon, which was showcased to be a new snow filled land to explore. I’m actually glad that they are adding more areas for weapon farming. It’s a lot better than seeing the same dungeon over and over again, that’s for sure. Love it or hate it, I think Eureka has already proven itself to be better than the Diadem in terms of giving the player a purpose to traverse the land. Having it tied to the new living weapons was definitely a lot better in terms of player progress than simply doing it for the sake of weapons with randomized stats.

Patch 4.3 will also be bringing the next installment on the Return to Ivalice saga with its next 24-man raid, the Ridorana Lighthouse, which of course is made famous by Final Fantasy XII. The Alliance raid was also stated to have special quests that are exclusive to crafters and gatherers. We’ve yet to see anything of the sort, so I’m very excited to see how it pans out. In addition to that, certain changes have been implemented on the looting system which I found questionable at best. Upon the patch’s arrival, Alliance raids will no longer support the Need option for loot, and players are only subjected to Greed rolls for their weekly 24-man drops. I’m unsure what this particular decision of theirs will solve. Are they trying to get us to queue for it more? Queueing for this raid continuously until you see your desired item drop was stressful enough. Not everyone sports a 370 set, and it’s possibly the best gear non-raiders could attain until they grind enough tomes, not counting the fact that it could even be BiS for them without Savage gear. Isn’t that the reason we queue as a particular class regardless of queue times? I don’t know. It’s just a very odd move for me. Might as well queue as tank and spam greed until you get something.

We’re also getting another dungeon in the form of the Swallow’s Compass, which is the tomb found on the western side of Yanxia. I’ve always wondered when we’d be able to see more of it, as anything with big doors warrants exploration. The dungeon’s open aesthetic is very pleasing to look at and really piques my interest.

Now that we’ve come this far, it’s time to address the elephant in the room; I’m talking about the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App. I guess FFXIV’s April Fools stunt wasn’t all lies after all, as we will now be getting our first mobile app that connects to our respective accounts.

Upon installing, you’ll be prompted to choose a character to log in with while using the app, as well as an additional Favored Destination Aetheryte for reduced teleportation costs. You can either use this app for free or avail its premium plan for $5. You’ll be able to manage your inventory, as well as chat with fellow players on the go. The inclusion of in-game chat is somewhat useful, although with the likes of Discord being commonly used by players, it may just end up being a secondary communication tool. Perhaps the most useful feature in this app is the ability to check, Preview (opens in a new window), sell and buy items off the marketboard, which is done by using kupo nuts to order your moogle to make the transactions for you, an app only currency that is obtained via login bonuses. It’s also worth noting that premium users are given double their original saddle bag space and will be able to hire an additional retainer. Quite useful for heavy crafters. A lot of people seem to be deterred by how the premium plan offers these extra benefits, but I for one have no qualms with it. I’m not looking to use its premium services, but I really don’t think it’s as game breaking as some claim it will be. Anyway, the on-the-go chat and Favored Destination should be reason enough to download the app when it hits stores, even just for its free plan.

That’s a lot of awesome stuff on the way. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s heavily bored by the drought, so all these new features are a welcome sight for me. Patch 4.3 is scheduled to hit on the last week of May.


Twelve have mercy…

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FFXIV Plans New Houses and Tweaks PvP and Glamour in 4.2

The updates keep on comin’ to Final Fantasy XIV players. In the most recent producer’s live letter, fans of the MMORPG have some initial details of FFXIV patch 4.2 content, which includes some new quality-of-life features for glamour, housing, and inventory space, and also plans a variety of adjustments and features to PvP.

ffxiv patch 4.2

The Feast will be subject to a variety of changes in order to improve match tempo. Of note, match length will shorten to six minutes; supply box spawn times, Culling Time duration, and Adrenaline Gauge accumulation will be adjusted; and KO’d players will respawn where they fell instead of at their team landing. KO’d players will also respawn with full MP/TP and will be invulnerable for a short period of time.

PvP’ers are also getting a ranked team ladder to let players test their skills and earn rewards. Teams can be between four and six players from either a shared World or cross-World and will square off in Feast matches at designated tournament periods.

The Glamour system is seeing a big shake-up with the introduction of the Glamour Commode, which stores up to 200 items for Glamour purposes so players can create ensembles. The system runs parallel to the existing Glamour system already in-game with similar role restrictions, but lets players create macros to swap ensembles and even apply dyes per ensemble.

ffxiv patch 4.2

Additional housing plots will also be added to the game one week after patch 4.2 releases, along with changes to the way housing plots can be purchased. Specifics on how these adjustments work will be shared just before the patch goes live.

4.2 also brings unique features like a Duty Recorder feature that will let players record dungeon runs and new chocobo saddlebags that can store up to 70 items. Job adjustments are also planned, with Black Mage DPS and Warrior usability called out specifically.

Finally, there’s the expected updates including new Main Scenario quests, new Hildibrand quests, and new dungeons, Trials and Raids. You can catch up with all of the updates on the XIV forums.

Our Thoughts

Patch 4.2 isn’t probably going to blow a whole lot of minds with its content, but a number of the quality-of-life features are certain to bring some delight to fans particularly in regards to Glamour and inventory space. In the meantime, let’s hope whatever housing adjustments are due with this patch will actually fix a persistent problem for the MMO.

Source: official forums

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