Next Elder Scrolls Online Chapter Revealed: Greymoor

Today Elder Scrolls Online revealed Greymoor, the next Chapter in the ESO story. It is the Q2 Chapter DLC and will be releasing on May 18th for PC/Mac and June 2 for Xbox One and PS4. It is available for pre-purchase right now and there are 5 editions to pick from that include digital and physical collector’s editions. For those wondering, yes, there is a statue! If you pre-order you’ll also get a bunch of sweet rewards, some of which you will gain access to right away.

Greymoor is actually the second part of a new year-long adventure that begins with the Harrowstorm DLC dungeon pack and including the Q3 and Q4 DLCs. Harrowstorm is set to release in February and kick off the Dark Heart of Skyrim yearlong event.

In the Dark Heart of Skyrim, an ancient evil emerges from the depths to devour the souls of Skyrim. Greymoor will introduce a new zone, Western Skyrim and include a gothic main story quest that ties into the Dark Heart of Skyrim. There is also a new 12-player trial, new world events called Harrowstorms, and a new Antiquities system. Also, there will be a number of quality of life improvements made to the game that includes a rework of the Vampire Skill Line. The rework will be available for free to all ESO players.

The Antiquities System is exactly what you think it is. There are ancient artifacts scattered all over Tamriel, become an Archaeologist and find them. The relics you uncover will include unique collectibles like furnishings and mementos.

Players who are familiar with Skyrim will recognize a number of locations in Western Skyrim including Solitude, Morthal, Labyrinthian, Dragon Bridge, and Blackreach cavern. The cavern won’t be exactly as you remember it from Skyrim however as they have expanded it even further.

If you want to learn more about Greymoor you can find everything you’ve ever wanted to know on the official blog post.

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Amazon Releases a GameOn Tournament Extension for Twitch

Watching people play games – multiplayer or otherwise – on Twitch is fun enough, but now there’s a little something from Amazon GameOn that hopes to bring viewers directly into the broadcast in a quick and easy way. The GameOn Tournament extension for Twitch lets broadcasters easily create live tournaments to bring folks into their livestreams in what could arguably be seen as a more meaningful way.

gameon tournament extension

The extension, specifically called GameOn Tournament Organizer, lets casters put together a live tournament in their chosen game with the selection of a few options and then open up said tournament to let viewers play along.

The extension currently only works on a select variety of GameOn-enabled titles, including battle royale title The Darwin Project and tactical RPG Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena among a few others. The extension should expand to other titles, with Devolver Digital’s survival MMO SCUM to next include integration of the Organizer.

The idea, according to the press release, is to drive up viewer engagement for the Twitch caster and ramp up impressions of participating games. “GameOn Tournament Organizer allows influencers and players to be more connected by actually playing the game together, which leads to more players downloading Tactical Monsters,” said Camex COO Michael Tseng. “With this extension, I will be able to keep a constant connection with my viewers,” reads FaZe Clan member Dirty’s testimonial.

Our Thoughts

The idea behind this particular extension is pretty interesting indeed, and having a way for streamers to fold their viewers into a live game definitely is a big draw. However, we would love to see this extension’s support grow to even bigger games. Ideally, work on that is being done to make that happen sooner rather than later.

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Anthem Schedules a Gameplay Livestream

Things have been quiet over on Anthem’s side of the world, though that’s perhaps understandable given the work the team is doing. However, a planned Anthem gameplay livestream has been casually announced to show off where things are for the online multiplayer shooter.

anthem gameplay livestream

Lead producer Michael Gamble confirmed the stream plans on Twitter, initially stating a premiere date of Wednesday, October 31st but then amending that to the following November 1st. The reason? To give lead producer Ben Irving time to “wear his giant transformers costume without worrying about his camera face.”

Judging by the general tone of Gamble’s tweet, this showcase will certainly be off-the-cuff. “We’re going to just grab a random build and hopefully not crash,” reads the original tweet. “Hijinks and hilarity will ensue…we think.”

To that point, it’s hard to know whether or not there will be any major revelations for Anthem. Since we’ve not seen it in action since this past E3, however, it will be the first time anyone has seen the title in its current alpha state.

Our Thoughts

The casual nature of this broadcast could be intriguing indeed, particularly since it will presumably be devoid of the EA-led timing and spectacle of the game’s E3 offering. In other words, this is probably going to be as close to seeing Anthem “in the wild” as we’ll get without actually being invited to an alpha or beta test.

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Star Citizen Backpedals on CitizenCon Livestream Paywall Decision

Star Citizen‘s decision to lock the CitizenCon 2018 livestream behind a digital pass has been met with the fire and fury that only an internet mob seems capable of producing, and so Chris Roberts and CIG have decided to reel back their decision to lock the event’s keynote and closing presentation behind a digital ticket.

citizencon 2018 livestream

Chris Roberts made a rare personal appearance on the game’s official forums, both announcing the reversed decision and explaining why it was made in the first place. According to him, the choice to require a digital pass wasn’t marketing’s idea; it was his.

So what’s the deal? It ultimately comes down to money, according to Roberts.

“I felt if we were bothering to put these panels on with all our top developers we should record all of it for the community to see. And if we were recording all of it then couldn’t we also stream it all for the community members that were interested? And since we constantly get criticized for our home-brew approach to videography and streaming, let’s bring in a specialist company that can handle multiple simultaneous stages, cameras and streams.”

This line of thinking, combined with the additional costs of holding this new larger CitizenCon, meant that a way to be “fiscally responsible” had to be devised, and since subscriber revenue already covers the cost of community content and events, the digital pass idea was born.

That said, the outcry has been heard, and the opening keynote and closing will be available for all Star Citizen accounts. “What we didn’t anticipate is how dearly some of you value watching the main CitizenCon presentation live,” Roberts admitted.

Our Thoughts

…um….duh, guys.

Source: official forums

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Black Desert Online Graphics Showcase Gets SEA English Landing Page

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we reported on a Black Desert Online graphics remaster presentation debuting in Korea? At the time, all that we had was information in and about the Korean version, but now a new English language landing page for the event has been opened up along with some new details for fans of the sandbox.

black desert online graphics remaster

The information comes via the BDO Southeast Asia page. Details are, naturally, no different than what was first reported regarding the presentation itself; the event will feature a 4K video and live orchestral performance of the game’s OST and feature a remaster keynote from the devs. The announcement also mentions that this new graphics overhaul will also optimize the game for a larger number of players in the SEA region, which should open up the MMO to more users.

What is new, however, is that the page now has a direct link for fans to also watch the presentation themselves. This event will broadcast on Saturday, August 11th at 3pm Korean time, which translates to 3am EST on early Saturday morning. So if you’re hoping to watch live, better get your coffee or energy drinks on hand.

The website also invites players to “experience the renewed Black Desert Online” on August 23rd. The announcement doesn’t specify as much, but it’s largely assumed that this date is specific to players of the SEA region.

Our Thoughts

Well, on the one hand we all can perhaps get a look at these new graphics changes assuming people don’t mind being up super early on Saturday. On the other hand, it’d be nice to know when these updates are due for Western players, but perhaps that August 23rd date gives us a (very) rough assumed window for release.

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AI Bots Take Down Some of Dota 2’s Best Players

If you believe in the idea of the singularity, the news of a Dota 2 bot team that handily took down some of the MOBA’s stronger players might put you into a state of worry. That’s not our intention, though, and there are some things that to bear in mind in case you’re concerned.

dota 2 bot team

The bot team in question was put through their paces during the OpenAI Five Benchmark, which put a team of specially designed Dota 2 playing AI bots against 99.95th-percentile former champs of the MOBA, including William ‘Blitz’ Lee and Ben ‘Merlini’ Wu. The purpose of the event, according to OpenAI’s blog, was to see if their bot team could be tuned to square off against competitors at The International 2018 by the end of August.

The battle went down this past Sunday, August 5th and saw the OpenAI Five win 3-2 against the human team.

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of caveats before you start welcoming your AI overlords. The build of Dota 2 being played only had 18 of the 115 heroes in the MOBA’s roster, and the third match was lost once the OpenAI devs agreed to let the broadcast’s chat room determine the bot team’s hero picks. Further analysis from the folks at Rock Paper Shotgun and AI researcher Mike Cook seems to suggest that the bot team were unable to adapt to situations outside of those they had previously practiced.

If you’re curious to see how the OpenAI Five performed, you can check out the VOD here.

Our Thoughts

Winning over former pros is certainly nothing to slouch at when it comes to bot AI in a game like a MOBA, but we suspect that ti’s going to take a lot more practicing, coding and tweaking before this team is ready to take on pros of The International’s caliber. That said, we’ve only just started the month of August, so perhaps there is time yet to see this bot team improve.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Gigantic Hosting a Farewell Livestream

The end of this month will see the end of Gigantic, the free-to-play MOBA that never quite got off the ground. To commemorate the game and to bid farewell to players and fans, one last Gigantic livestream is planned for this Friday at the cusp of the title’s last weekend online.

gigantic livestream

The Gigantic Twitch channel will be the place for fans to gather and reminisce with the game’s streamers and devs this Friday, July 27th.

Broadcasts will kick off at 12pm EST with several community streamers playing live matches and looking back. Then, at 6pm EST, the devs will be showing off unreleased concepts for heroes, skins and more, along with Gigantic-themed schwag giveaways. It all closes out later in the day with a Q&A session hosted by streamers Paulrek and Septies along with several matches with the best players of the MOBA.

“We are Eternally grateful for all of the devoted fans who have continued playing Gigantic throughout development and after launch,” closes the event announcement. “Thank you to our incredible community for the outstanding support, and while the sails are up, we’ll see you on the airship!”

Gigantic, as announced in January, will remain fully free-to-play with all characters unlocked until the game goes dark on Tuesday, July 31st at 11am EST.

Our Thoughts

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Gigantic, but we’re going to have to. We raise an invisible tankard to the dev team at Motiga for their work on Gigantic and hope fans of this colorful and unique MOBA have a blast in the game’s waning days.

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Fractured Plans Two Q&A Livestreams This Week

With about $5,000 remaining in the sandbox game’s Kickstarter campaign at the time of this writing, two Fractured Q&A livestreams are planned for this week to further give backers and interested MMO fans a look at several of the game’s systems.

fractured q&a livestreams

Both livestreams will go down one after the other, with the first going live today, Monday, July 23rd and the second on the following Tuesday, July 24th. Both will broadcast at 4pm EDT/10pm CEST on the sandbox MMO’s YouTube channel.

Today’s livestream will take a deeper dive into the MMO’s races and planets in a dedicated broadcast that will likely further explain the differences among each. Tuesday’s livestream, meanwhile, will take questions regarding the housing and town systems, which got their own spotlight this past Friday.

If you perhaps have questions about any of these topics, you’re welcome to submit them to dedicated threads on the Fractured forums. Links for each of those forum threads are part of the broadcast announcement and can be found right here.

Our Thoughts

First off, we want to wish the devs the best as the crowdfunding drive for Fractured comes to a close. Secondly, we hope that the answers provided by the devs will end up being suitable for the fans of this incoming MMO. Maybe we’ll also hear about some more systems during these broadcasts?

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PUBG’s Biggest Streamer Gets Banned after Playing with a Cheater

If you’re a fan of PUBG enough to watch the game get streamed (or find the game more interesting to spectate than play), you’re probably familiar with Shroud, one of the title’s biggest streamers. Turns out that even he’s not immune to the banhammer, as PUBG has blocked him from playing the game after broadcasting some game time with a very obvious cheater.


The cheater in question arrived to Shroud while he was hiding inside of a building by making a car fly through the air. They later offered to bring items from a fresh air drop over to Shroud, brought him and another streamer to another safe zone in his flying car, and used a wallhack to spot a player hiding inside of a building, which Shroud later killed after being brought into the hiding spot via the cheater’s flying car.

The cheater reportedly admitted that he sells these cheats and Shroud himself expressly stated during the broadcast that he was likely going to get banned, but continued to play along, calling it “the most enjoyable game of PUBG…in a very long time”. It’s also important to note that this was all happening during a solo match, meaning teaming up was already against the rules and a bannable offense.

“It really goes to show…that PUBG don’t give a sh*t,” said Shroud after the shenanigans. “That guy should have been banned immediately.”

A day later, Shroud was officially banned from the game for a month – a punishment that he seems to have taken in stride according to a Twitch clip from a broadcast after the fact. “I was trying to have a good time. Obviously I knew what I was doing,” said Shroud. “It wasn’t a great idea. It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t a great idea.”

To PUBG’s credit, the devs have acknowledged that the battle royale shooter still has a long way to go in terms of fixing itself in an addendum to the patch notes for Update 17.1.

“We agree with the criticisms of the game that many of you have made recently, including comments that our efforts need to be more effective and that the game still needs more improvement,” reads the statement. “Right now we’re developing new plans to resolve various problems facing PUBG, prioritizing server performance, client-side performance, anti-cheat, and bugs.”

A video showcasing some of the cheat-riddled antics is available for viewing below (NSFW warning for language).

Our Thoughts

Even if Shroud wasn’t thinking terribly clearly by playing along with this cheater, we do have to agree with his point that after seeing this much cheater activity from this one individual that they probably should have banned him quicker. Still, perhaps some in the PUBG community will find some justice in seeing that even large streamers of the game are not given preferential treatment when it comes to bannable offenses.

Sources: VG247, Steam

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