Two Player Co-Op is Coming to Pagan Online

Wargaming and Mad Head Games have announced that two player Co-Op is coming to Pagan Online today in all Missions and Assassinations. The new co-op mode will allow players to face larger hordes, bigger bosses, and more challenging challenges. Right now it isn’t available for the main story campaign but from the sound of it that is coming soon.

Other future updates to Pagan Online will be heavily influenced by the introduction of two-player co-op. This includes synergies between heroes, special co-op systems, special rewards, and drops. But the biggest thing that this is leading the way towards is four player co-op. “Co-op is going to play a big role in the upcoming expansions to Pagan Online,” said Uros Banjesevic, Chief Creative Officer of Mad Head Games. “We’re very happy to be bringing this new feature to the game and can’t wait for players to get in and start playing Pagan Online with their friends.”

Pagan Online is currently available in Early Access on Steam or in the Wargaming Premium Shop for $29.99. It is a fresh take on the ARPG genre with MOBA-like controls. Its lore is inspired by pre-Christian Slavic mythology. The developers, Mad Head Games are one of the pioneers of the Serbian gaming industry. The company is well known for their unique approach to casual adventure games. This success has led to them expanding into new genres, which is where Pagan Online comes in. Pagan Online officially entered Early Access on April 18th and since then they’ve already had a couple of patches in which they fine tune the game, smooth out the bumps, and introduce exciting features, like today’s introduction of two-player co-op. It sounds like Pagan Online is going in an interesting new direction and being able to play with friends makes it all the better.


Source: Press Release

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