MapleStory 2 Promises Raid Progression Adjustments are Coming

Judging by the general murmur in the official forums, the new Chaos Raids added to MapleStory 2 are perhaps a bit too challenging. With that in mind, there is word that raid progression adjustments are in the works and we’ll all see word about them soon.

raid progression adjustments

Word of these tweaks comes from Nexon America general manager Jungsoo Lee, who addressed the matter on their Twitter. “As you can expect, we are working with the dev studios reviewing everyone’s feedback after the Chaos Rising update,” writes Lee. “Please expect to see an update Wed PST for the announcement.”

It’s not immediately clear what these changes will involve, of course, but according to one of Lee’s replies a downgrade in challenge for Chaos Raids is not one of them. “We are not planning to nerf current Chaos Raids,” Lee wrote. “We are reviewing overall progression speed and progression design vs. re-balancing the Chaos Raid.”

A timeline was not given for when word of this new update will go live, but players can likely expect to see a new dev blog about what these progression changes will look like on the game’s website.

Our Thoughts

We have to applaud the fact that raid progression is the first thing being looked at over simply bonking the Chaos Raids with a nerf bat. Perhaps this will mean that the particularly gnarly sander of this game’s end game gear grind will become a little less gnarly. Hopefully.

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MapleStory 2 Chaos Rising Brings New Raids and Thanksgiving

Most of what happens at the top end of MapleStory 2 is raiding, so it stands to reason that the Chaos Rising update has more of that. New Chaos Raids are now available in the game, along with the start of in-game Thanksgiving and a number of quality-of-life features.

chaos rising update

For the uninitiated, Chaos Raids are effectively boss fight only versions of regular dungeons with difficulty tuned for 10 player groups.

The Chaos Raids are coming in two parts; today’s update kicks off the Chaos Raid versions of Shadow Altar and Moonlight Fortress, while the Ludibrium Clock Tower Chaos Raid will arrive on November 30th. Naturally, there are lots of rewards waiting for those who take on these new raids, including new weapons and Extreme, Rare and Panic tiers of gear.

Today’s update also marks the start of Turkey Terror, the game’s Thanksgiving celebration. Players are tasked with a daily quest to take down a giant wild turkey for rewards like a Dashing Turkey Mount. There will also be a Maple Harvest event where players can earn Maple Leaf coins to purchase unique items. Both events run between now and December 6.

Finally, a number of quality of life improvements have arrived with the update. Among these updates are a new wardrobe feature that lets players create cosmetic presets, additional quickslot pages, and the ability to add more items into the dismantling UI. A rundown of all the features is right here.

Our Thoughts

Yep, more raids. But really, that is one of the big chases for top end MapleStory 2 players at the moment, so extra tough boss fights for big shiny should be pretty entertaining for most. Personally speaking, I’m ready for some cute turkey things.

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MapleStory 2 Celebrates 1 Million Registered Downloads

It would appear that MapleStory 2 is off to a strong start. With only a week behind it since the MMO’s official free-to-play launch, MapleStory 2 registered downloads have hit the six figure mark – a milestone that the game will be celebrating with free stuff and a little in-game event.

maplestory 2 registered downloads

It’s not entirely clear whether these 1 million downloads have actually translated into 1 million active players, but graphics put together by the devs seem to suggest that as many people are enjoying the game. The announcement gives particular nod to the fact that it’s increasing its servers, particularly the Oceania server.

Regardless of the semantics about how many people are actually playing, the MMO’s growth has been reason enough to offer goodies to fans. Starting this Friday, October 19th until the following Friday, October 26th, players can look forward to double the bonus items from normal difficulty Adventure Dungeons.

In addition, there will be a special login campaign this weekend for those who have hit the max level of 60. Players who login between Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st will receive a free Style Crate, while logging in between the 21st and 22nd will net you 500 Red Merets.

These are on top of the ongoing Halloween event being celebrated in-game, where players can enter a totally-not-haunted hotel and feed a pumpkin slime for various rewards. In case you missed out on that, a trailer can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Our own review certainly found plenty of comfort in this particular MMO, so bearing that in mind it’s probably not hard to see why it’s doing so well. We’d like to offer our congratulations to the MapleStory 2 team and hope that things continue to look up from here.

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MapleStory 2 Talks Style Crates and PvP

Fashion and digitally murdering the avatars of complete strangers. Two great tastes that taste great together? No, actually, but they were some of the topics covered in a MapleStory 2 post-launch producer’s letter that offered a few looks at what the team has planned next.

maplestory 2 post-launch producer's letter

After collecting feedback regarding the Style Crates, the devs have decided to introduce items originally available through the crates into the regular cash shop as well in an effort to not keep cosmetics locked behind RNG. Additionally, those who bought Style Crates will be compensated with one Style Coin for every five crates purchased. All of these changes are due on the October 18th update.

For those eager to get into the PvP swing of things, the team plans to reintroduce PvP and an updated PvP gear system early this coming December. More specific details will be unveiled around the third or fourth week of November.

The blog post also stirred the pot for the MMO’s upcoming Halloween update and briefed fans on a few of the higher profile issues being taken on like launch errors, bots, and changes to the dungeon cap. All of that can be read at this link.

Our Thoughts

We suspect there will be more than a few MapleStory 2 players ready for PvP to make a return. Here’s hoping it does so successfully…because as it’s been demonstrated already, folks will let the devs know if it’s not.

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MapleStory 2 Kicks Off F2P Launch with Limited Time Events

Today’s the day, wannabe Maplers. The MapleStory 2 free to play launch is now, opening up the boxy world of the MMO to everyone and marking the occasion with a variety of limited time in-game events for players to celebrate in.

maplestory 2 free to play launch

From now until October 21st, fans who follow the game on social media and share the recent launch video will be entered into a drawing to win the brow-furrowingly odd Mint Body Pillow mount similar to the one offered during the MMO’s pre-registration campaign. A total of 40 winners will be selected.

Maple World is also getting into the Halloween spirit with various themed events, dungeons and quests. Players who take on the Halloween Messenger can collect Pumpkin Coins to get a variety of rewards, like the Bouncy Pumpky mount, the Little Pumpky Pet and more. These events will start on October 18th and run until November 8th.

There’s also a number of daily login rewards waiting for players who pop into the game between now and November 8th. Freebies include Maple Coins, Cosmetic Vouchers, Elixers and other currencies and consumables.

Details on the many events running in MapleStory 2 during its launch can be found here.

Our Thoughts

The glee being oozed by the world of MapleStory 2 is pretty hard to ignore, so here’s hoping that players entering the game enjoy themselves and the MMO can stand up to however many players rush in starting today.

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MapleStory 2 Shows Off its Launch Content

Although MapleStory 2 has opened its doors for those who bought in to a Founder’s Pack, there’s more in store for the full MapleStory 2 launch update itself, which is the subject of a new post on the game’s website that showcases the new Runeblade class and new locations.

maplestory 2 launch update

When MapleStory 2 goes fully free-to-play on October 10th, the Runeblade class will be arriving with it. The class combines melee attacks with its powerful two-handed weapon and elemental magic, which can further be bolstered by various runes. Players can use a Flame Sigil to empower their attacks and boost their health, or use a Frost Sigil to improve armor and weapons.

The launch patch will also bring Karkar Island, a resort paradise that’s been overrun with insects, devils, and sentient game consoles that have developed an aggressive nature somehow. Don’t think about it too hard, this is just how MapleStory 2 does things.

The update will also bring with it six new Normal Adventure dungeons, the Labyrinthine Halls Hard Adventure dungeon, and a fresh level cap of 60. All the details on this patch and related sales and in-game events can be found here.

Our Thoughts

This is all pretty much stuff that’s been touched on before, but it’s good to get more in-depth information on what’s coming at launch itself. We suspect that fans of the game will be eager to get started on the new content, both at the low and high ends.

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MapleStory 2 Begins its Head Start

Those who have been extremely eager to get started on their MapleStory 2 adventures to the point they spent money on the MMO are being rewarded. Today marks the MapleStory 2 head start launch, which arrives with a pretty beefy patch for the adorable MMO.

maplestory 2 head start launch

According to the patch notes posted ahead of head start, a number of updates have been made to MapleStory 2 thanks to feedback from the first closed beta tests. Among these adjustments are overhauled XP gains, tweaks to level 50 dungeon difficulties and rewards for better horizontal progression, and the addition of Gemstones among other changes.

Also of note is the removal of the PvP Arena for an indeterminate length of time while the devs fine-tune the feature. “There were many players who liked and disliked the system, with how equipment factors into the PvP, and we’re looking to see if we can factor in the option of both sides in our next iteration,” explain the patch notes.

Head start for MapleStory 2 should be available once today’s maintenance concludes at approximately 1pm EDT, so that means it should be all wrapped up by the time you’re reading this. If not, or if you’d like to preempt yourself while the patch downloads, you can look over the head start notes.

Our Thoughts

There’s not a whole lot to say that doesn’t appear to be covered in these patch notes other than we suspect players will have…feelings…about the closure of the PvP Arena. For now, we hope that this MMO’s head start launch goes about as smoothly as these things can. Which means it’ll likely be bumpy.

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MapleStory 2 Pre-Registration Brings Exclusive Rewards

Nexon are offering some pretty ridiculous rewards if you sign up for MapleStory 2 pre-registration, which began yesterday and continues on until October 8th! Of course, as we have previously reported, those of you who purchased Founder’s Packs for the MMORPG can dive into Head Start from October 1st, ahead of the global launch on October 10th.

MapleStory 2 Pre-Registration Brings Exclusive Rewards

Head Start will, of course, carry over any character progression into the official launch, and includes all of your Founder’s Pack items, access to Gemstones, level 1 to 50 quests and dungeons, Premium Club benefits, the Meret market, and you can choose from the Archer, Assassin, Berserker, Heavy Gunner, Knight, Priest, Thief, and Wizard jobs. You can still purchase a Founder’s Pack as of now if you want to get in on the action early.

If you take part in the MapleStory 2 pre-registration, you’ll receive the ridiculous Roosting Seagull Hat, frankly silly Sucky Rickshaw Mount, and the ‘Rustic Mushcabin’ name tag. You can also get a hold of a Mint Body Pillow (yes, really) by retweeting the Runeblade trailer on Twitter, or liking it on Facebook. They’re kind of awesome, take a look:

MapleStory 2 Pre-Registration Brings Exclusive Rewards

Register here to claim your in-game rewards when MapleStory 2 goes live.


Our Thoughts

More MMOs need more wearable birds. It’s just a fact. You’ve probably worked this out by now but we can’t wait to explore the light-hearted silliness that MapleStory 2 has to offer, especially after worrying for so long that we’d never get the chance to. And hey, October isn’t too far away, now!

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MapleStory 2 Producer Talks Fair Fight, PvP Gear and More

Even though PAX West has come and gone for a while now, there’s at least one last little tidbit from the show that will be of interest to MapleStory 2 fans. A brief MapleStory 2 Q&A from one of the MMOARPG’s producers discusses several things relevant to fans including the Fair Fight balancing system, the arrival of PvP gear and other topics.

maplestory 2 q&a

According to the producer, the Fair Fight balancing system that normalizes high-level players with lower level ones during early dungeons is a necessary evil, stating that not having the system would make things too easy and soloable. Even so, adjustments do need to be made, especially in the interest of those with multiple high level alts chasing the same achievements. As a matter of fact, Fair Fight adjustments are what’s keeping back the game’s ultimate launch.

PvP gear was also discussed and confirmed to be high in the priority list for the game’s devs. The delay here is related to balancing issues, particularly since PvP and PvE stats are not separate. The producer also stated that there are no plans to break up these stats since that would essentially mean doubling the number of classes.

The Q&A also takes a moment to explain why the Runeblader class is delayed until October 10th, when to expect the Design Lab and GvG features and more. Be sure to click here for the full list of responses.

Our Thoughts

Like we’ve said before, we’re pretty sure that Fair Fight is not quite the monster it’s being made out to be, but we do hope the planned adjustments will appease those who feel differently. Also, we are a bit sad that there won’t be any separation between PvP and PvE in terms of stats, but once again we can appreciate the line of thinking here.

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MapleStory 2 Adds GM Hunting Event to Mushking Royale

In a battle royale game, it’s kill or be killed, but for a few weeks in MapleStory 2, those differences might be set aside for the Dark GM event happening in Mushking Royale. For a little while, anyway. Possibly.

dark gm event

Starting today, September 14th, players of Mushking Royale will get an opportunity to take down a Dark GM, which basically is one of the game GM’s avatars coated in a powerful dark energy. Despite their perhaps threatening appearance, these GMs will not be able to fight back but they will be tough to take down.

The first person to score the killing blow to the GM in the match will net themselves 300 Mushroom Coins, which can be used to purchase cosmetics in the game’s Royale Park. Best of all, any cosmetics earned in this way carry over to the full game when it launches.

The announcement mentions that this is the “first week” of such an event, which suggests that there will be other weeks where a Dark GM event will be taking place, but that’s not outlined in the current post. What is outlined, however, are the dates and times for players of every region to expect a Dark GM to appear, so make sure you read up and set your clocks if you want to try your luck.

Our Thoughts

It’s actually kind of a shame that the GM won’t be able to fight back…but then again, if that GM has been made into an HP sponge, perhaps it’s for the best. In any case, this is a pretty fun little event in a game that already seems to be chock-full of them and we wish those who participate the best of luck.

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