Nexon’s 2019 Launch Roadmap Released

During their media event “Nexon Special Day” we got a look at Nexon’s 2019 launch roadmap, mostly for the first half of this year. It also mostly focuses on mobile games. When they were asked about PC games they said that they would talk more about it in their second or third special day events later this year. So basically, if you’re hoping to see Peria Chronicles you’ll have to wait until later this year at the very least.


Magia: Charma Saga

A side-scrolling action RPG that has already soft launched in five countries. It appears that Nexon has hopes this game will become a new standalone hit IP for the company. If you’re interested in checking it out our friends at MMOCulture have a 50-minute long preview of gameplay from the soft launch. Currently, the game is available to play in the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. The inclusion of two English speaking countries gives us high hopes that this game will release in the West.


Durango: Wild Lands

Its been a while since we’ve heard about Durango: Wild Lands, but it looks as though they’re preparing to release the game in the west in the first half of this year.



Details so far are very vague for Overhit, but we do know that Nexon is planning to release it in 150 countries simultaneously. It’s the eagerly anticipated mobile RPG from NAT Games, the makers of HIT.


Maplestory M

MapleStory M is finally going to be released in Japan this April.


Godzilla Defense Force

Perhaps, the most exciting thing to come from the special media day was the announcement of Godzilla Defense Force, a game in which players need to defend cities against more than 100 different monsters from the Godzilla series. The game will be launching worldwide this May and be available in 10 different languages.


It looks like Nexon has a busy few months ahead, especially when you remember that 98% of the company is going up for sale very soon. If you’re interested in reading more about that check out the latest MMO Money column to see which 5 groups will be allowed to place bids.


Source: MMOCulture

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MapleStory M Expands its Western Launch

The original side-scrolling MapleStory MMO is kind of a perfect fit for a mobile title, and now players of the West will get to know whether that is indeed the case. Nexon America has confirmed an expanded MapleStory M Western release, bringing the Korean mobile adventure to more players around the globe outside of its previously soft-launched locations.

maplestory m western launch

MapleStory M is a unique title that takes numerous cues from the original MapleStory MMORPG, along with a variety of the same features such as rich cosmetic customization options, a variety of familiar locations, open-world live events, and a 10-player raid.

“We set out to create a unique experience for mobile without sacrificing anything that made MapleStory special,” reads a statement from Nexon America’s president Jungsoo Lee. “We’ve been optimizing MapleStory for mobile devices and I think both hardcore gamers and casual fans will find the experience just as gratifying and fun as MapleStory.”

Players who are ready to get started are invited to pre-register and will unlock an in-game gift box filled with goodies for doing so. In addition, five lucky players in the US and Canada (except Quebec) who share the announcement trailer on social media will get their choice of an iPhone X 64GB or Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB.

MapleStory M will arrive as a free download on Google Play and Apple later this year. As for that trailer, you can check it out in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Yeah, MapleStory classic definitely feels like a game suited for mobile play, so we’re absolutely looking forward to this game’s release. Considering MapleStory 2 will likely be one of the bigger games for fans on PC, it’s nice that the original title is getting something of a second life through this mobile release.

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