MapleStory 2 Reveals Content Coming in CBT 2

As you well know, MapleStory 2 CBT 2 is coming soon, but just what’s different this time around other than opening the gates up to more people? A few words from one of the MMO’s producers has shed a little bit of light on the subject.

maplestory 2 cbt 2

This next round of closed beta for MapleStory 2 will introduce World Quests, which essentially sound like sidequests that other MMOs offer. “During our first Closed Beta, we’ve received feedback regarding the overall progression being linear and too focused on Epic Quests,” explains the post. “For those Maplers who need more RPG in their life, we have added World Quests.”

Apparently, there won’t be just a few of these quests sprinkled around here and there, as the post states that over 160 quests are being added. Objectives run the adorable gauntlet of activities like defeating monsters, finding shoes for fairies, or playing hide and seek.

In addition to the new World Quests, CBT 2 will introduce additional control features for the game. Most notably, players who prefer to move their character with the mouse will now be able to simply click on a ladder to ascend it, while a couple of other control issues from the first beta have been addressed.

The post is the first in a series of weekly producer blogs that are planned, which are promising additional details for what Maplers can look forward to next. Unfortunately, this particular blog post did not elaborate on just when CBT 2 will start, but that information is likely to arrive soon.

Our Thoughts

So on the one hand, having these kinds of side missions doesn’t exactly blow the lid off of the MMORPG genre by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, doing deeds like finding shoes for fairies sounds too cute to ignore.

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