MMO Shut Down Concerns in 2018

As of writing this, we are 67 days into 2018 and we have already lost 10 MMOs, MOBAs, and other types of online games. This counts games that have shut down and those that have been announced will be shutting down in the near future. That’s one game lost for every week of this year, which is a startling amount. So let’s take a look at which games have shut down, the reasons for them getting shut down, as well as trends for previous years.

2018 got off to a rough start with Perfect World announcing that they were closing down not one, but two games; Battle of the Immortals and War of the Immortals, which were both shut down just a few days later on January 9th. It really came as no surprise to anyone that these games were shut down, they never really had a large population, but this isn’t the last time Perfect World will appear in this article.

MMO Shut Down Concerns in 2018

In mid-January, it was announced that Perpetuum’s official server would be going offline. This was somewhat inevitable as development on the game stopped back in September because of low population and income. Sadly, the cost of keeping the server running was just too high, which is why the official server is leaving so soon. It isn’t all bad news for the game however, there’s a semi-official private server keeping the game alive that is being run by one of the former devs.

The first MOBA that announced it would be shut down this year was Paragon. Epic stated that the game had trouble expanding beyond its core player base. The lack of growth slowed development and  it eventually became clear that it was time to shut the game down. Epic offered full refunds for everyone who had ever bought the game, a really nice gesture for those still disappointed about the end.

I didn’t say it, they did.

At the end of January, LinkRealms announced they would be shutting down. The game never gained much traction outside of its core audience and sadly funds to keep the game running were running out. It first came onto the scene back in 2010 when it entered beta and was only added to Steam in 2016. At this point, there’s starting to be a bit of a pattern behind the shutdowns.

When Perfect World announced they were closing Motiga it was only a matter of time before Gigantic, the MOBA they had created, would follow. So, again, at the end of January when the announcement was made that Gigantic was shutting down, it wasn’t much of a surprise. As of writing this, the servers are still online and they will remain so until the end of July. Once again, difficulty breaking into the market was to blame. The lack of audience and the difficulty of fixing some of the issues with the game sadly proved too great.

The third MOBA to close in just one month was NCSoft’s Master X Master. This was a game we learned would be shutting down all the way back in November. In the shutdown announcement, it was said that the game failed to connect with the players. The game wasn’t sustainable with the population it had, so the decision had to be made, purely for business.

Mojang’s card game Scrolls shut down in the middle of February. This was another that was only a matter of time. Development on the game stopped in June of 2015. At the time Mojang promised to keep the servers online until July 2016 at least. So, the fact that it lasted as long as it did is amazing itself. When development stopped in 2015 it was because of the population and the inability to sustainably continue development. Most games are not so lucky to get such a long lead time to the moment the servers are taken offline.

At the end of February, Cabal 2 announced they were shutting down in the west, though exactly when that’s going to happen is still up in the air. In the announcement, it was said that continued operation was unsustainable and Cabal 2 didn’t resonate with as many players as they had hoped.

Demon’s Souls, part of the Dark Souls series, was well known for having a robust online system. Or rather, it was. It was shut down at the end of February, though this was no surprise for anyone who was a fan of the 9-year-old game. To be clear, much of the game is still playable but the online components; seeing player messages, summoning others to your game, and other such features are now inaccessible.

And now that brings us to the beginning of March which has already seen the end of Trion’s Devilian. We found out in January that it would be closing. Unlike the other games, this one was closed because the developers, Bluehole, had stopped working on the game. Bluehole Ginno, the creators of Devilian, was renamed the PUBG Corp and from then on the game was pretty much forgotten.


A Look at the Past

If you take a look at the last three months of 2017 you’ll see that 7 titles shut down. The most notable of them all was Marvel Heroes. The difference between 7 and 10 doesn’t seem very big, however, we’re not yet three months into 2018. If we continue to have an average shutdown of one game every week, we’re looking at possibly reaching 14 online games closing this year. That would be double the amount from the previous 3 months.

But, maybe there’s more going on here. After all, the end of the year happened and that tends to bring about big changes. So, how many games were shut down from January to March in 2017? 7, just like the last three months of 2017. In 2016 there were 13 games shut down which is very close to what we may face this year as well. So is this year abnormal or were we just really lucky in 2017? What will the rest of the year hold for online gaming? Maybe right now it just feels like a lot because we’re still in the moment. If nothing else comes from this article, then hopefully it serves as a reminder to keep playing and supporting your favorite game financially. A game can’t run without some sort of income.

The clear theme across all these titles is a lack of population and a lack of funds. Is it a sign of market saturation? Quite possibly. It certainly seems like MOBAs are past the point of saturation. More of them are shutting down than launching and it would seem that audiences have found the game they prefer.

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Indiegogo Campaign Opened to Buy Marvel Heroes

First it was the guy who wants to create a dream Marvel MMORPG, now it’s a group of folks who want to purchase the Marvel Heroes license and work around it. Seems like lots of people are ready to see the superpowered ARPG still be a thing! Not that we’re complaining, mind you.

marvel heroes license

The non-profit educational group Paragon Institute is looking to establish ElderMage Studios, a learning lab for aspiring game devs to work with experienced professionals to gain hands-on experience supporting or enhancing currently existing titles. To that end, the Institute is hoping to purchase the rights to the Marvel Heroes platform for that purpose.

What will they do should they buy the game’s platform? There are currently three different plans on the table:

  • Maintain the original game as-is.
  • Build a new superhero game over Marvel Heroes with unique characters, alternate licensed characters or public domain characters
  • Use the Marvel Heroes platform to build an entirely new sci-fi-based ARPG from the ground up.

In either case, each idea carries its own risks and benefits. The first option, for example, could include some potentially high overhead costs which would need to be passed along to players in the form of a sub fee as well as being easily the most expensive. To that point, options two and three could be the most feasible.

Paragon Institute is looking to raise between $450k – $900k in about a month to acquire the IP and cover legal fees and other related costs. Money raised beyond that will be put towards enhancing the game’s storyline and features or, if Disney is unwilling to cooperate, acquire new assets.

All of the information, including the different tiers of support levels, can be found here.

Our Thoughts

While the idea is most definitely sound and we love the thought of using an existing games platform as a teaching tool, the monetary goal and timing sounds….lofty, at best. That said, we certainly wish the Paragon Institute the best of luck as it tries to leverage the Marvel Heroes platform.

Source: Indiegogo page via

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Why Aren’t Superhero MMOs Hugely Successful?

A few days ago a friend of mine on Facebook asked a question. It just so happens that this is something I’ve considered before and have been meaning to write for some time. Why is it that while superheroes are dominating television, movies, and comics that they seem to have such a hard time when it comes to games? Of course, when it comes to single player games, they’re actually doing really well. You’ve got the Batman Arkham series which have been one great game after another. The problem is with making them larger scale, making them MMOs.

Please keep in mind that everything stated below is purely based on my personal opinion and does not represent the views of MMOGames as a whole. In fact, I’m pretty sure there are a few people who would disagree with me entirely. I encourage anyone who disagrees to step into the comments. Fight me, bro.

City of Heroes Screenshots fight - Why Aren't Superhero MMOs Hugely Successful
I think one of the reasons is that all player characters in all games are heroes in their world. They don’t go around in spandex but they are doing superheroic things, and this goes for MMOs and non-MMOs. Link in Zelda games, he’s a superhero. Your characters in WoW, superheroes. Your characters in Guild Wars 2…actually a bad example. I’m pretty convinced we’re the villains of that story. Anyway, the setting is what changes the game from a fantasy game to a superhero game and ultimately, the modern world isn’t as fun to play in.

If you want to look just at online gaming… MMORPGs are a dying genre. They made the genre all about making the next WoW and when it didn’t work they moved on. They’re expensive to make and a massive gamble. So studios are leaning more towards games that are less of a risk.

Looking at the Superhero MMOs we’ve had and currently have:

City of Heroes: Financially speaking they were making money when they shut down. It wasn’t a massive amount, but it kept the lights on, kept families fed, and made NCSoft money. The truth of why it shut down will almost certainly never come out but I doubt very much that it was just one thing. It also shut down right at the start of the massive rise in superhero popularity. It makes you wonder how the game would have done in the current climate.

Champions Online: Still alive and kicking. I’ve always had the impression that Perfect World wasn’t interested in Champions and in fact, Cryptic made it because it was a pet project to show off what their engine could do (just my personal theory). They’ve gone on to use the same engine in Star Trek Online and Neverwinter, which are games they give a whole lot more attention to in terms of development and advertisement. Despite this, Champions does have a core dedicated audience who have stuck with the game.

Champions Online

DC Universe Online: I feel like this one gets forgotten a lot and I think the reason for that is that it is most successful as a console game, so traditional MMO players who would be on PC may not always consider it. Outside of MMO specific sites, the game doesn’t get any attention and the game is never advertised. One way they could improve this is working out a way to tie the game into what’s currently happening in the movie/tv/comic worlds, like what Marvel Heroes did.

Marvel Heroes: Shut down late last year very suddenly. Again, this wasn’t about money. They had just launched on consoles and were doing very well, the problem was that Disney pulled their license. Why did this happen? It may have had something to do with the sexual misconduct charges in the studio, but again this is one of those things where the world may never know for sure. Marvel Heroes was a great game for a certain type of gamer and it feels to me like people who would traditionally play MMORPGs weren’t that type.

The Superhero is ascendant right now but they’re all the big name ones. When was the last /new/ superhero trialed on screens? Have there been any?

DC Universe Online Why Aren't Superhero MMOs Hugely Successful

So while we have superheroes coming out of our ears, the question is if people want to play in those worlds or as those people.

“As those people” becomes hard, and is better off left to the single player genre… but get-it-out-the-door licensed superhero games are usually a travesty. The Arkham games for Batman are held up as fantastic, but they weren’t trying to support a show or movie. Most people will greenlight a project when a show or movie is there to get the tie-in dollars.

“In those worlds” is a little easier and three out four of the games mentioned above had/have you in superheroic worlds but not as the popular characters.

Why Aren't Superhero MMOs Hugely Successful - Marvel Heroes

Both DC and Marvel had an “MMO” out and neither were exactly setting the world on fire. Creating unique worlds like City of Heroes and Champions is a gamble and City of Heroes got in there just before/around WoW, instead of chasing the WoW mantle. Champions drew mostly from CoH fans. There’s no guarantee of success but plenty of opportunities for failure.

To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised no one has taken SMITE and redone it for Marvel or DC. Did the MOBA bubble burst too quickly for this to happen? Despite the MOBA bubble bursting, I think it could have done really well and maybe it isn’t too late for the idea. Of course, in the dream version of this game, you would have Marvel vs DC because…why wouldn’t you want to see that?

I guess, ultimately the reason superheroes aren’t thriving in gaming the way it seems like they should be is a complicated mix of things. I do think that if City of Heroes was still around it could have gone into a golden age with a new player base as more and more people are drawn into the superhero genre. This ultimately could have taken the game to all new heights. Who knows, we may have even had a City of Heroes movie at some point. Ah, the things that could have been.

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Biggest MMO News Stories of 2017

It has been a busy year for the online gaming industry! We had some good things happen and some not so good things right beside them. The good news was great and the bad news was amazingly bad. So as we come to the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on the year that has been. It’s time to take a look at the biggest MMO news stories of 2017.


Ashes of Creation has Largest Kickstarter for an MMORPG Ever

It may feel like forever ago but in June, Ashes of Creation saw massive Kickstarter success, becoming the largest Kickstarter for an MMORPG ever. They raised $3.2 million from more than 19,000 backers. But it wasn’t without controversy. Ashes of Creation offered a referral program to backers, something which violated Kickstarter’s rules. After a bit of back and forth between Intrepid Studios and Kickstarter, it was declared just a misunderstanding and Ashes of Creation has gone on to have an incredibly vocal and successful year.


Mobile Game Boom

We’ve been seeing mobile gaming becoming more and more popular every year, but 2017 saw an absolute boom for the industry. In a report from Superdata in August, revenue from mobile gaming was expected to increase by $6.7 billion this year. In comparison, PC and console combined were expected to increase by only $1 billion. If you look back at the news over the last year, you can see the growth in action. You’ve got titles like TERA M and BDO M, mobile ports of popular MMORPGs and not the only ones either. In September it became apparent that Blizzard is getting in on the mobile scene as well with the discovery of a job posting for a mobile MMORTS. Next year looks like it will be even bigger for mobile gaming with just about every major studio at G-Star having at least one mobile game to show off. Superdata estimates a growth in the mobile gaming industry of $8.1 billion next year.


Secret World Legends Rebrand Success

In March the online gaming community was stunned to learn that Funcom would be rebranding and relaunching The Secret World. Those who follow the financial reports for Funcom would have known it was coming as the relaunch was outlined in the Q4 report at the end of February. It wasn’t until the end of March, however, that we knew exactly how big it was going to be. Complete with changes to combat and much more, The Secret World became Secret World Legends and officially launched in June. In August, it was revealed that there will be a Secret World television show, being worked on by Johnny Depp’s publishing company. Funcom’s Q3 report showed the most profitable YTD 3Q in the company’s history. So, it’s safe to say that Secret World Legends has been a smashing success. We couldn’t be happier for them.


Final Fantasy XIV Trial Expands

There were some big changes to the Final Fantasy XIV trial period this year. Previously they had offered 14 days of game time for free, something that used to be quite common in the industry before F2P became the norm. But many games change up that model as time goes on, and that’s exactly what FFXIV did this year. Now players can trial the game until they reach level 35 without any restriction on how long it may take. Was it a success? Well, in August’s quarterly report it was clear that FFXIV saw an all-new high in player numbers with 10 million cumulative players. Did the new trial have a part to play in this growth, though? Or was it all down to the release of Stormblood? The world may never know.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Runaway Success

It isn’t often that we see a game have massive success before it has even launched, but that is certainly what happened with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this year. 20 million copies of the game have been sold and it has set seven Guinness World Records! The game has also spent much of the year in the top 10 grossing PC titles, passing heavyweight World of Warcraft in the charts back in August. The most recent report from SuperData puts it at the second highest grossing PC title.


Ascent: Infinite Realm Brings Hope to the Future of MMORPGs

Ascent: Infinite Realm

Project W, or as it’s now known, Ascent: Infinite Realm managed to bring a dash of hope to those looking for the next AAA MMORPG experience. As so many studios move away from the genre, Bluehole and Kakao show they’re as dedicated as ever with an all-new title. Ascent: Infinite Realm was officially revealed during G-Star 2017 as a steampunk fantasy MMORPG. It is expected to begin beta testing sometime in the first half of 2018 for English players. In Korea, the testing is already underway.


EVE Online Players Destroy Ship worth $6,000

Back in May a group of EVE players successfully brought down a Vanquisher Titan worth over 400 billion ISK, that’s $6,000USD. The event is just one in a long tradition of EVE players tackling amazing feats and winning. This year CCP also celebrated their 20th anniversary as a company and EVE Online reached its 14th anniversary! It’s wonderful to see that even after all this time, EVE can still wow us.


Marvel Heroes’ Rocky Send-Off

marvel heroes omega open beta

Sadly, not all news can be good news and some of this year’s biggest stories weren’t good news at all. Perhaps one of the biggest and strangest was the oddity behind the shutdown of Marvel Heroes and their creator Gazillion Entertainment. It all started in October when Gazillion missed launching their Halloween event and did nothing for the release of Thor: Ragnarok. They were also completely silent on social media for weeks. By mid-November, Disney announced that Marvel Heroes was being shut down and that their business partnership with Gazillion was dead. While it had originally been announced that Marvel Heroes would sunset after a period of time, which is traditionally the case, it became clear that it would be much sooner than expected. A credible tip from a former Gazillion employee revealed on Wednesday, November 22nd that the game would shut down on Friday, November 24th. The game actually stayed online over the weekend and was turned off on Monday, November 27th. Gazillion employees found out that they were out of a job just before Thanksgiving and the studio quickly shut down. It may be one of the messiest and ugliest game sunsets there has ever been.


Vanilla World of Warcraft Coming at Last

For years, a certain subsection of World of Warcraft players have been itching for an official vanilla WoW server and now they’re going to get it. The Warcraft Classic server was just one of the amazing announcements made during Blizzcon this year. The announcement itself was incredibly light on details which unlocked the floodgates on questions. Since the announcement, we’ve not heard anything else about it and we don’t expect to for some time.


Everyone’s Talking Lockboxes

2017 will be known as the year that the stand against lockboxes and a lot of the blame goes to America’s least favorite company, EA. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, hello, and congratulations on coming out of your coma. It’s a story that has had government officials chiming in and resulted in the most downvoted Reddit comment ever. Because of the fiasco around Star Wars Battlefront II, EA lost $3 Billion in stock value. The saga doesn’t seem to be over yet either, EA seems determined to go ahead with their plan, City of Titans has vowed not to use lockboxes, and there are of course the various governments who are trying to get something done. In the meantime, every time a game does something that includes a lockbox there is a little bit of controversy. No one can know for sure what will happen next year, but we do know that this topic won’t go away quietly.

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Games That Shut Down in 2017

The end of the year has come and that means it’s time to take a look back at the year that has been. It certainly hasn’t been an easy one. We’ve had a decline in the number of new games releasing and we’ve had to say goodbye to some fan favorites.

But it has also been a good year. This year we saw a number of MMOs release expansions, and we watched as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds soared in popularity.

Only time can tell if 2017 will be a good year or a bad year.

Games That Shut Down in 2017

However, you can decide what was the best this year. It’s time for MMOGames’ 4th annual Best of the Year Awards as voted for by you the reader. This year we have 10 different categories for you to vote on ranging from mobile games to MMO expansions.

2017 was filled with unexpected surprises as games were shut down with very little notice and seemingly out of nowhere. With so many titles lost this year we want to know which you think about the games that shut down in 2017. Which one was the best? Which one will be missed the most?

To place your vote just scroll through the games listed below and click on the button marked Vote. If you’d like to vote for a game that isn’t listed let us know in the comments and we will quickly get it added. Make sure you visit each page to vote for your favorite games in each category they’re nominated in. Come back every day until January 3rd when the voting ends for another chance to vote. No logging in required.

In the end, all the winners will be featured in the Reader’s Choice Best of 2017 Awards along with all the bragging rights that come along with it. Who wins is entirely up to you, so be sure to share this with your circle of friends, your guilds, and the communities for the games you loved this year.

Remember, voting ends on January 3rd and you’re able to vote once a day which means you can vote for more than one game if you like. What you do with your votes is entirely up to you.









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Gazillion Staff Laid Off The Day Before Thanksgiving

The Marvel Heroes saga continues in the worst way as news came across our proverbial desk this morning that revealed all Gazillion staff have been laid off. The day before Thanksgiving. And the game itself is now due to close tomorrow, where it was originally announced it would continue until December.

Gazillion Staff Laid Off The Day Before Thanksgiving

This whole situation was already bad enough for the studio behind the free to play hack and slash MMO, but to have to have pulled the plug so suddenly and with such unfortunate timing for all involved is frankly horrifying. And worse, it has been reported that Gazillion staff aren’t being paid severance, any remaining holiday, and their medical insurance will end as of next week.

If you’re not sure where all of this is coming from, it was announced last week that Disney and Gazillion had ended their relationship and Marvel Heroes was due to be shut down. Following this news, console players sought out refunds for the game which has only been live for them for 6 months. It’s a terribly sad example of how harsh the gaming industry can be.


Our Thoughts

Of course our hearts go out to all staff affected. This is a terrible situation as is, but to receive such terrible news the day before a major holiday like Thanksgiving with this kind of severity is just horrible, so please do treat those affected with kindness. We have seen several studios and individuals reaching out with recruitment offers to Gazillion folk, including the likes of Blizzard, Bethesda, and even the indie route, so here’s hoping they’re all snapped up quickly as they’re a bunch of talented game devs!

Source: Kotaku

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Marvel Heroes Omega Faces a Mounting Wave of Refund Demands

It’s been a pretty rough few days for Gazillion Entertainment and a particularly frustrating few days for players seeking a Marvel Heroes Omega refund. Agitation over the game’s sudden closure has spilled out with myriad players demanding their money back and the game’s devs keeping generally silent.

marvel heroes omega refund

A report on the situation focuses on console players in specific, who only had access to Marvel Heroes Omega for a small number of months versus PC players’ years. The game’s official forums reflect the difference in temperment, with a quick scan showing far more angry (and closed) threads on the console side than the PC side.

For it’s part, Marvel Heroes did make posts regarding adjusted costs of in-game items on November 16th. PC players being granted 1,000G a day and a cost of 50G for in-game items and console players seeing item costs reduced to one Eternity Shard or 1G.

That said, Kotaku’s attempt to reach Marvel, Sony, Microsoft and Gazillion for further comment about refund demands were not answered back. Further, the Marvel Heroes terms of service states refunds are offered only to those affected by identity theft and that content can be removed at any time without requiring that Gazillion pay its players back anything, which is noted as a clause in the vast majority of EULAs.

Our Thoughts

So it comes down to legalese versus a sense of goodwill to fans – especially those who feel that they’ve been duped. The entire matter is pitiable to say the least and we hope that Gazillion Entertainment will offer up some manner of official response sometime soon.

Sources: Kotaku, official forums 1, 2

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Disney Announces Shutdown of Marvel Heroes

Our friends over at MassivelyOP had mused about what precisely has happened to Marvel Heroes. Unfortunately, we now know: a statement from Disney has confirmed a Marvel Heroes shutdown.

marvel heroes shutdown

As many fans know, Marvel Heroes and specifically Gazillion Entertainment had fallen radio silent over the past few months, with the last major message made on October 18th making a vague reference to harassment. Now, Disney has stepped forward with a statement, confirming their ties with Gazillion are severed and the game is going dark.

“We regret to inform our Marvel Heroes fans that we have ended our relationship with Gazillion Entertainment, and that the Marvel Heroes games will be shut down. We would like to sincerely thank the players who joined the Marvel Heroes community, and will provide any further updates as they become available.”

At this point, both the Gazillion Twitter and the Marvel Heroes Twitter accounts are yet to redirect to any statements. We’ll be sure to update this story as details come to light.

Our Thoughts

While we certainly were preparing for the worst, it still doesn’t help how terrible it is to get full confirmation that Marvel Heroes – arguably one of the best implementations of free-to-play in MMO gaming – is being shuttered. Our best wishes to those who have been affected by this decision.

Source: Kotaku

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5 MMO News Stories You Missed During Blizzcon 2017

With so much going on around Blizzcon this last weekend, it was pretty easy to miss some news from the industry. We’re here to fix that with 5 MMO news stories you missed during Blizzcon 2017.


Marvel Heroes Misses Third Weekly Update in a Row as Thor: Ragnarok Hits Theaters

In the past, Marvel Heroes has always released an update when a new Marvel movie releases. It’s the perfect opportunity to do so really, so why wouldn’t they? Which is why a lot of Marvel Heroes fans have been wondering what’s going on with the developers at Gazillion. Not only did they not release anything for Thor: Ragnarok, they’ve missed several weekly updates. In addition to missed updates, the Halloween events were never turned on.

While all of this has been going on it appears that Gazillion is dealing with sexual misconduct allegations as well. Our friends at Massively reached out to Gazillion to find out more and got this in response.

“Gazillion would like to assure everyone that the company is functioning normally. We remain a strong publisher/developer with many talented individuals working hard daily to keep us that way. Yes, we just lost two remote community representatives, but that’s not super abnormal in games. We love them both, wish them all the best in the world and will gladly welcome them back if their next adventure doesn’t work out.

“Regarding allegations related to Gazillion staff, if there were indeed any reported cases of harassment here at Gazillion, they would be handled with the utmost seriousness, respect and confidentiality due the complainant and in accordance with California law and company policy. We have absolutely zero tolerance for harassment.

“It is maybe worth pointing out that all information related to this issue thus far has come from unsubstantiated Internet accusations, which in most cases themselves come from other unsubstantiated accounts found on the Internet.”


If you take a look at the Marvel Heroes twitter account they’ve not been active for almost a month now. October 16th was the last time they tweeted. All of this has left us scratching our heads and wondering what the future holds for Gazillion and Marvel Heroes. MMOGames will, of course, be following this story very closely.


Wild West Online Early Access Alpha Coming November 15th

After a series of delays, it would appear that Wild West Online will be starting Early Access Alpha next week on November 15th. The event promises to have 20 different historical guns, 100 quests, and two public events. Despite the delays and the fact that there isn’t much of this year left 612 Games has said that they still have a full release planned for later this year. This, of course, has raised a lot of concerns that it will be riddled with bugs and incomplete when it launches. Others are concerned that this seems like a cash grab. These are some pretty serious concerns for the studio to be facing and we will just have to wait and see how it all goes down.


Secret World Legends is Changing How the Talisman System Works

During Friday’s Secret World Legends Dev stream it was announced that there would be some big changes to how you use and upgrade talismans. The highlight of the change is the new anima allocation system. Starting from level 20 Talismans will have a power score and players will be able to decide between DPS, defense, and healing. The power will then be given to the appropriate stats. You’ll also be able to change this whenever you’re out of combat. The developers also discussed special weapon belts which will drop as loot. And the update will bring in a couple of new anima leaps to the hubs and the Museum of the Occult. The much sought after build manager is coming in a future update as well.


The EA and Nexon MMO Everyone Was Anticipating…is a FIFA Game

If you were pumped to hear about the awesome new MMO being made by EA and Nexon you’ll be pretty disappointed to hear it’s just FIFA Online 4. While we’re sure that there are a lot of people out there excited for the game MMOGames just isn’t one of them. We had our fingers crossed for an epic MMORPG from a new IP. I guess we’ll just have to keep those fingers crossed until G-Star when we’ll be getting Project W from Bluehole.


DC Universe Online Shutting Down on PS3 and Heading for Earth-3

If you’ve been playing DCUO on your Playstation 3 it may be time to look into a Playstation 4. That’s because on January 31st the game will no longer be available on the PS3. Daybreak has said that they’re shifting the focus of its resources to optimizing the game for PS4. If you do make the move to the PS4 version you’ll be able to keep all your achievements and you won’t lose any progress because you’ll still be using the same PSN account. So if you didn’t know what you wanted for Christmas before now…well, there you go.

In a new update, DCUO will be adventuring to Earth-3. For those not in the know, this is the alternate reality in which you find all the evil opposites of famous DC characters. The content from this update will be available to players of all levels so you don’t have to be at cap to take part. It launches next week on November 15th.


Now you’re all caught up on the biggest stories from the last few days in the MMO genre. It was a really exciting time to be a fan of online gaming. Blizzard will continue to dominate conversations this week, and honestly, it’s well deserved. But remember there will be other things happening too and MMOGames will be reporting on it all. If you want to see the latest news on MMOGames you can do that on our Games News List.

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