Overwatch LEGO Sets Leak Online

While the only official reveal we’ve seen to this point in terms of Overwatch LEGO sets has been the Bastion set, it would seem that retailer Target accidentally jumped the gun and shared other sets ahead of schedule.

overwatch lego sets

According to a collection of images gathered by LEGO fan blog The Brothers Brick, six sets were unveiled on Target’s website:

  • A Tracer vs. Widowmaker set with both character minifigs and payload from Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • A Hanzo vs. Genji set that features the shrine from Hanamura and the animated short “Dragons”
  • A Dorado payload set that also includes Reaper, McCree and Soldier 76
  • A set that has both Reinhardt and D.Va in their full respective armors
  • A second scaled-up Bastion model that can also be transformed into turret mode
  • And a Watchpoint: Gibraltar shuttle set that also packs in minifigs for Reaper, Mercy, Winston and Pharah

The sets ranged in price from $14.99 to $89.99 with the larger sets packing in as many as 730 pieces. We can’t confirm whether these prices will be final, however, as Target has since taken the links to the LEGO sets down according to IGN and based on our own searches of Target’s website.

Final release of these sets is tentatively set for January 2019.

Our Thoughts

Lookit how cute LEGO Reaper is! Awwwww! On point, these are some pretty neat-looking sets and we’re looking forward to whenever they release fully. There will likely be more than a few fans ready to collect them all.

Sources: The Brothers Brick, IGN

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Hot Wheels Set Lets You Play Rocket League IRL

I love watching Rocket League as an esport and always like to envision what it would be like to spectate a match of vehicular football in real life. Unfortunately, real life Rocket League isn’t quite here yet, but a Hot Wheels Rocket League set is coming that lets you play a form of the game with toys, which is pretty darn close.

hot wheels rocket league set

The Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals set isn’t just a mouthful of a toy name, but also a way for folks to play a form of IRL Rocket League. The set comes with two remote control vehicles, a ball, and an Arena Mat to duel on. The cars themselves are controlled via free downloadable smartphone apps that are available on either iOS or Android.

In addition, the set will include DLC codes for the Rocket League game: a Hot Wheels Goal Explosion; a Hot Wheels RC Rivals Topper that features the toy in action; and two RC Rivals Decals for the Battle Cars that are featured in the set.

This unique collectible will be available at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and Target in North America this coming November 1st, and will set you back a cool $179.99.

Our Thoughts

Okay, so there are a few things that just can’t translate to real life terribly well, but this method of bringing Rocket League into meatspace is a pretty darn good trade-off. Seriously, it’s actually pretty cute.

Source: official site

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Overwatch Reveals Zenyatta Figma and Floating Snowball

The lineup of Overwatch collectibles keeps rollin’ in, and this time around there are a couple of really astonishing ones. Blizzard has pulled back the curtain on a floating Snowball figure and a Figma version of Zenyatta.

overwatch collectibles

The Snowball figure levitates over a magnetic stand that also doubles as a USB charging port for cell phones or smaller devices. The Snowball figure itself measures 4.25″ x 3″ with an LCD faceplate that features a variety of different facial expressions.

As for the Zenyatta Figma, it comes with features that most Figma collectors will be familiar with like a variety of articulated joints, 14 different hand parts, several optional attack parts, and an articulated stand that helps the figure achieve a broad range of poses.

The Zenyatta Figma will run you $79.99 and is due to ship by the end of Q3 2019, while the Snowball figure is $175 and is set to ship by December 15th. Both figures can be pre-ordered right now.

Our Thoughts

Personally speaking, I need that Snowball figure. Overall, we have to remark on the consistently awesome quality of the Overwatch collectibles that have been released to date. But seriously, could someone buy me that Snowball?

Source: Blizzard Gear Store

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World of Tanks Unveils New Merchandise for European Fans

Merchandising and video games are very obviously nothing new – just ask Overwatch. Now Wargaming has been further bitten by the merch bug with the reveal of new World of Tanks merchandise, including branded peripherals and other truly unique goodies for players in the European region.

world of tanks merchandise

World of Tanks has joined forces with Konix to release a number of branded peripherals, including two keyboards, four mice, two mouspads and two headsets. Each peripheral also comes packed with codes for in-game goodies like one of three tanks, a Garage slot and premium membership time.

As for the item pictured above, that’s the Sabaton Primo Victoria, a new tank model released by Colbi fashioned after the Swedish power metal band’s song of the same name. The set includes the tank, emblem and inscription stickers, along with in-game bonus and invite codes for World of Tanks.

Finally, the game itself is getting a physical collector’s edition. This new release packs in a 1/32 scale replica of the Tiger 131 tank, a gaming mouse, artbook, blueprints, lithographs, and a keychain. The edition also has a code for the same Tiger 131 to be used in-game.

The Sabaton tank can be found at the Wargaming Store and the Colbi website now, the peripherals will be available across Europe starting October 22nd, and the collector’s edition will be limited to only 5,130 releases on October 19th exclusively to the Wargaming storefront.

Our Thoughts

Awe, look at the adorable little power metal rockers! In all seriousness, though, we’re interested in knowing what sort of market there will be fore WoT-branded peripherals and whether the Konix brand is reliable. We also suspect the collector’s editions will sell like hotcakes.

Source: press release

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RuneScape and Old School RuneScape Release their Soundtracks

Wow, Jagex, you’re perhaps a little late to the soundtrack release party, huh? Still, news that two RuneScape soundtrack releases are coming will very likely delight fans of the current RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, so better late than never as they say.

runescape soundtrack releases

The releases in question come in two flavors. Runescape: The Orchestral Collection will include rearranged tunes from the MMORPGs by BAFTA award-winning composer James Hannigan, with compositions recorded by the London Philharmonic and Slovak National Symphony Orchestra. RuneScape: Original Soundtrack Classics will take a more nostalgic turn meanwhile, with a selection of original songs from OSRS and the early days of RuneScape.

Both soundtracks will be available in digital and physical releases, with CD and double-deluxe vinyl available for pre-order and the digital versions up for grabs now. The digital and CD versions will include 19 bonus tracks, while those who pre-order the vinyl editions will also get free digital copies of the albums as well.

Jagex plans to further release additional albums featuring the series soundtrack. Considering the title holds a Guinness World Record for most original pieces of music in a video game, they’ve got a lot of material available.

The announcement also came along with a video that offers a look at how the game’s music is put together, which you can watch below.

Our Thoughts

These tunes very likely carry lots of nostalgia for a lot of MMORPG fans, so it’s pretty surprising these songs weren’t released in an album sooner. Like we said in the opening, however, it’s definitely better late than never and we hope fans of the RuneScape series enjoy these new releases.

Source: press release

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Overwatch Posts a Teaser for LEGO Products

The Overwatch merchandise machine just doesn’t stop, unlike your team’s payload, amirite? Memes about the FPS aside, the game’s Twitter account has offered its first full-on hint at Overwatch LEGO products that are currently in the works.

overwatch lego

While the official LEGO website has had a teaser landing page for the toy line up for some time now, this newest tease is the first officially from Overwatch’s social media itself. In it, a rotating video shows silhouettes of several Overwatch heroes in the classic LEGO minifigure form as pictured above.

Merch from Overwatch certainly isn’t unique and only continues to grow. The game already is joining hands with Hasbro for a line of Nerf toy weapon products, games and “other play experiences” that were announced in May. This is on top of the already-released line of goodies like plushies, apparel, figures and Pop!s.

We suspect additional details will arise over the next few weeks, so if you really would like blocky figure replicas of several heroes from Overwatch, keep your eyes on the game’s social media. Which, if you’re a fan, you’re probably doing already.

Our Thoughts

While the combination of LEGO and Overwatch might seem a little weird on paper, one has to consider that this game isn’t just solely played by adults despite the game’s ESRB rating. Besides, there’s plenty of reasons for people to want to collect all kinds of things related to the game. So bear those in mind before you consider typing your disappointment in seeing toys based on Overwatch for some reason.

Sources: Twitter, IGN

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AdventureQuest Moglin Plushie Kickstarter Gets Immediately Funded

In what must be a new record for the fastest crowdfunding drive in history, the just-opened AdventureQuest Moglin plushie Kickstarter campaign has gotten off to an absolutely roaring start, meeting its initial goal amount within literal hours of opening the website.

adventurequest moglin plushie kickstarter

If you’re unfamiliar, think of Moglins as the AdventureQuest series’ answer to the Final Fantasy Moogle; a sort of token adorable mascot character that has been in the MMORPGs for as long as the games have been a thing, both in 2D and 3D forms.

The folks at Artix Entertainment opened a Kickstarter to bring these little goblinoids to life in plushie form, releasing 12 total plush versions of the critters along with a code for in-game versions of each for both AdventureQuest Worlds and AdventureQuest 3D. The total funding goal was $15k, which was met within two hours.

According to Artix Entertainment founder Adam “Artix Krieger” Bohn, the drive will continue on the full 33 days and will release stretch goals at some point in the immediate future. For now, you can take a look at these little cuddly friends here.

Our Thoughts

We honestly can’t blame people for absolutely destroying this Kickstarter’s goal in such a short length of time. Seriously, those plushies are absolutely adorable! We’re looking forward to seeing what sort of stretch goals are going to be added and hope that the folks at AdventureQuest won’t spread themselves too thin with stretch goal bloat.

Sources: Kickstarter, Twitter

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The EU Blizzard Gear Store Opens

Show of hands: how many times have you seen some neat schwag on the Blizzard Gear Store only to find that the prices is too high because the store isn’t open in your country and you’re paying fees out the nose? Well, the new EU Blizzard Gear Store should hopefully ease that pain a bit as the digital shop has opened its virtual doors today.

eu blizzard gear store

The newly-opened Europe-specific store will let fans in the 28 EU member states get their hands on all of the Blizzard game-related goodies they want. Thanks to the store’s new warehouse based in the Netherlands, shoppers in the EU can experience faster delivery, lowered shipping costs, and no import duties.

The new store has opened with a little FAQ that answers queries about the new store. Of note is word that the EU store’s inventory and the US store’s inventory are not the same right now, though additional items are promised to be added regularly. For those who aren’t willing to wait, you can still purchase items from the US store, so long as you’re fine with paying whatever taxes, import duties and customs fees are necessary.

For our EU friends, you can take a look at the store’s offerings here.

Our Thoughts

We know of at least a few people in the office and among our friends who will be happy to see this news! Anything that makes purchasing Blizzard merch easier and cheaper is definitely a net positive for fans of the studio’s games, so here’s hoping there aren’t too many missing items between the US and EU stores!

Source: press release

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Dota 2’s 2017 Baby Roshan Statue is a Disappointing Lil Demon

The Dota 2 Battle Pass tied with the MOBA’s International esports event generally offers up lots of juicy rewards, so consider the surprise of fans when the Dota 2 Baby Roshan statue that was on offer from 2017’s Battle Pass ended up looking a lot less than what was promised on the tin.

dota 2 baby roshan statue

Pictured above is an image from the mock-up of the statue, which was an 8.5cm x 9cm physical reward offered to those Battle Pass owners who managed to make their way to Battle Level 2000. The statue was stated to be created in a silver nickel finish and intended to be a centerpiece.

What players got instead, however, ended up looking alot less centerpiece-worthy as illustrated in the image below (click to expand):

Not only does the statue look less like silver nickel and more like silver Sharpie marker scribbling, but the statue was also ended up having underwhelming levels of detail and some very obvious seam lines from poor casting.

Valve has responded to the reaction of fans, expressing what appears to be just as much surprise as those who received the item. “We apologize to our fans for that, it is well below the quality we expected,” reads the post. “We are going to start from scratch on new production for the statue, and prioritize delivering it as soon as possible to every customer that reached level 2000 last year.”

Our Thoughts

Awe, smol Roshan is trying his very best! But, seriously, that’s a pretty ugly statue and good on Valve for taking steps to correct it. Is it weird that we kind of find the underwhelming version a bit cute, though? Or maybe we’re thinking allegorically…

Sources: Dota 2 subreddit, Valve official site

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3D Ship Printing for Star Trek Online is Live

The 3D-printed Star Trek Online ship statue service that was announced in February has now officially opened its digital doors today. So if you’ve always wanted a replica of your in-game starship to cuddle before you go to bed, now you can learn what ships are available and what their prices are. Be advised, though, that nighttime cuddles are probably not a good idea.

star trek online ship statue

As mentioned before, the printed ships come in three variants; a pre-primed version ready to be painted at a cost of $200; a single-color version painted in gold, silver, bronze or black for $225; and a fully hand-painted collectible version that will set you back $350.

For those who are ready to throw that kind of scratch around, you merely have to approach the in-game Ship Tailor, where you’ll find a new “3D Print This Ship” button. From there, it uploads the details of your favorite starfaring vessel and then has a button that directs you to the ordering page.

There are a number of starships that are not available for 3D printing at this time, so be sure to check out the game’s site to see whether your favorite vessel isn’t available to be turned into a statue. You can also get a brief look at the ships in question with the announcement video below.

Our Thoughts

…well, we suppose that the prices are fair considering the technology and amount of customization going on, but still…WOW. That said, the statues in question do look to be very nice display pieces regardless so perhaps that price point isn’t a big ask for Star Trek diehards, whether they play the game or not.

Source: official site

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