Merlyn Update to Bring Faction Warfare to Albion Online

If the prevailing wisdom of most PvP sandbox MMOs is to be believed, the lyrics of Edwin Starr’s classic song is “War! What is it good for? The lulz!” To maybe alleviate that a tiny bit, the Albion Online Merlyn update will be offering faction-based warfare to the game along with related new rewards.

albion online merlyn update

Faction warfare lets players join with one of five factions based on the five major cities of the Royal Continent, essentially granting them the ability to engage in open-world PvP without fear of a hit to their reputation.

Merlyn will also introduce faction outposts that players can attempt to capture, which can grant your faction additional resources. Of course, capturing an outpost isn’t a simple matter and will require players to take down a powerful faction-specific Champion. There will also be trade caravans that can be run to get more faction resources, but these run deep into enemy territory and so will require guile and stealth.

Naturally, joining a faction has its own series of rewards, namely in the form of faction points. These points can be used to get rewards like faction resources that can be used to substitute for crafting materials, new stat-boosting capes, and faction-specific mounts.

The Merlyn update will also feature a redistribution of resources across the game world, a new dungeon, new UI improvements, and a host of other fixes. All of these updates will arrive to Albion Online on July 31st. A synopsis page can be found here and a video with director Robin Henkys discussing faction outposts and faction rewards is below.

Our Thoughts

Bringing faction mechanics to the open world PvP of Albion Online sounds like it’ll be a shot in the arm to the game’s battling, but we’d love to know what any Albion Online fans think of this upcoming update’s features. Sound off below in the comments!

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