Fortnite Sees Uptick in Revenue, Twitch Views and Porn Searches

Quite literally everyone is happy with Fortnite, from the accountant to the person looking for some alone time. According to metrics gathered by SuperData, Fortnite popularity is “eating PUBG’s lunch”, while data collated by Pornhub sees people enjoying eating of a kind we’re not going to elaborate on here.

fortnite popularity

The month of February was a particularly potent one for the battle royale shooter, with the final week of the month seeing 14 million on Twitch compared to the 8.7 million for PUBG. The game has also seen sales rise as well, raking in $126 million in total revenue for the month while PUBG earned $103 million.

SuperData posits that the upward trend for Fortnite is due to the fact that Fortnite is a significantly more accessible game than PUBG, with a free-to-play business model, an easier learning curve, and a graphics style that leans more towards kid-friendly territory.

On the not-kid-friendly front, Pornhub has also been keeping eye on metrics of its own. The game has slowly grown in popularity over the past few months to become one of the top video game-related search items on the site. The biggest spike was seen on March 15th – the day after rap artist Drake and Twitch streamer Ninja combined to make Twitch viewing history. Subsequently, searches for Fortnite content on Pornhub saw an 824% increase above average.

Our Thoughts

People really like Fortnite BR.

Sources: SuperData, Pornhub (link is SFW we promise)

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