Hosting Division 2 Stream Event for Military Care Packages, the largest veteran-affiliated gamer community in the US will be hosting their second charity live stream to raise funds for care packages for military personnel overseas. This time around they’ll be doing a Division 2 stream where they hope to raise at least $1,000. This is how much they raised during their last stream in February.

If you’re interested in taking part in the live stream or helping them raise funds during the event you’ll be able to find them on Twitch on Wednesday, April 10th at 5 PM Pacific time on the Veteran Gamer Twitch channel. You can also share this news post and social media posts from the organization about the event.

We here at MMOGames are big supporters of this cause and will be there watching the event. Many of our writers and staff members are veterans who know first hand how much it means to get care packages while serving abroad. If you’re interested in joining the largest veteran-affiliated gamer community in the US head over to their website where you can find a link to their discord with over 2,500 members and more than 20 streamers. We hope we’ll see you there on Wednesday!



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US Army Esports Team Announced

Four words you never thought you’d see together are about to become a reality, US Army esports team. Yes, the US Army is planning on creating an esports team that competes in a variety of games. The team will be part of the Marketing and Engagement team and based in Kentucky.

The team will be holding a number of tryouts, the first of which will be a Tekken Tournament next month. The winner will go on to represent the US Army at PAX South in January. What other games they end up competing in hasn’t been announced yet. In addition to competing the team will beta test Army apps and training simulations.

As well as creating the team two 18-wheelers will travel around the country to college campuses where college esports teams will be invited to remotely compete against the Army’s esports team.

Talking about the team Army Recruiting Command spokeswoman Kelli Bland said, “They will be in a support role to help young people see soldiers in a different light and understand the many different roles people can have in the Army (and) help the Army address the growing disconnect with society.”

So basically, they’re going to be used as a recruitment tool and an outreach program to show that the US Army is still in touch with the youth of the nation. This coming at a time when all branches of the armed forces are seeing a decline in recruitment. This year the Army failed to reach their target for bringing in new soldiers in the fiscal year. At the same time, they’re hoping to increase their numbers by 500,000 in the next four years.

Those who are interested in joining the esports team can apply online. However, civilians, National Guard members not on active guard orders, and members of other branches of the military are not eligible to join.


Source: Stars and Stripes via Games Industry

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