Minecraft Dungeons Release Date Revealed

During X019 the Minecraft Dungeons Release date was revealed. The dungeon crawler will release in April of 2020. It had originally been slated for release this year but with just a month and a half left in the year, it was pretty clear that wasn’t going to happen. When it releases it will be available on Xbox One, PC, Switch, and PS4.

According to the most recent trailer which was released during X019 anyone interested in giving the game a try can head over to the official site and sign up for a chance to be one of the first to play Minecraft Dungeons. This suggests that at some point between now and April there will be a beta of some sort.

In addition to Minecraft Dungeons X019 has also brought us quite a few things. Here’s a quick list to help you get caught up.

Everwild, a new game in development by Rare
The next Sea of Thieves Update
Halo: Reach on PC December 3
Survival Game called Grounded by Obsidian
Wasteland 3 Releasing May 2020
The Life is Strange developers are working on a new adventure game
Wild West twin-stick shooter starring Ron Perlman called West of Dead
Bleeding Edge Releasing March 2020
Age of Empires 4 Gameplay
xCloud streaming coming to Windows next year
Flame in the Flood developers working on Drake Hollow
Final Fantasy 7-15 are coming to Game Pass
There’s still a whole lot to come from X019, so while we expect that this is the end of the big announcements there will still be a lot of details about various games, including those I’ve mentioned above, released over the next day or two.


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E3 2019: Xbox Press Conference

E3 got off to a hell of a start and if I’m totally honest I feel ok declaring here and now that the Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference was the best we’re going to see this year. Yep! Pack it up boys, we’re done here. Nevermind that we’re only getting started. We picked out just the online and multiplayer games and we’ve got the info about them below plus the trailers.


Bleeding Edge

Need a new 4v4 game in your life with some really unique looking characters? Of course you do! Ninja Theory debuted Bleeding Edge, a 4v4 third-person melee combat game. It looks and feels a lot like Overwatch if we’re being perfectly honest. Technical alpha for this game starts on June 27th. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Minecraft Dungeons

It looks like someone developing Minecraft played some Trove and loved the idea so much they did it for themselves. Yes, Minecraft Dungeons is exactly what it says on the tin. You go in some Minecraft style dungeons. It’s a 4 player co-op RPG with local and online multiplayer. The game will be playable starting Spring 2020.


Cyberpunk 2077

The biggest highlight of the night was easily when Keanu Reeves came out on stage to fans cheering around the world for him. He’s going to be in Cyberpunk 2077 which will release on April 16th, 2020. Yes! We finally have a release date for this game we’ve been waiting for years to play. The game is available for pre-order now, including a collector’s edition with a number of collectibles, including a 10-inch statue of the game’s Protagonist, V. Along with bringing Keanu Reeves out on stage we saw an all-new cinematic trailer that reveals one of the key characters, Keanu Reeves himself…as Johnny Silverhand.


Lord of the Rings Living Card Game

While they were quickly going through a few different indie games, in a blink and you’ll miss it type of moment we saw Lord of the Rings Living Card Game. What is it? Well, other than a card game we just don’t know yet. But we’re going to be keeping an eye out for it so watch this space.


Phantasy Star Online 2

It isn’t every day you see hype for an 8-year-old game. But with Phantasy Star Online 2 FINALLY coming to the West that’s exactly what we saw during Xbox E3 2019. Fans of the original have been waiting for this for a VERY long time…and now they have to wait a little longer. Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the West early 2020 and it will be free to play! Add this to our must play list for next year!


Project Scarlett

The moment we were all waiting for came at the very end when the next generation of Xbox was announced, currently called Project Scarlett. For the record, they missed out on a hell of a trick by not getting Scarlet Johannson involved in the announcement for this. As you would expect it’s the most powerful, most gamey game machine that ever game machined. Oh yeah, and it’s launching with a new Halo game, because of course it is. Project Scarlett is coming just in time for the holiday season in 2020 and Halo Infinite will be right there with it!

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Mojang Announces Minecraft: Dungeons

Minecraft has had its MineCon Earth event wrapped up for another year, but this year’s event has provided something notably different for the popular boxy sandbox title. A Minecraft: Dungeons announcement was made, unveiling a new standalone co-op game that pretty much sounds like what you’d expect from its title.

minecraft: dungeons announcement

Minecraft: Dungeons will let up to four players band together to experience dungeon crawling gameplay in the Minecraft universe. Fans can expect to see all new mobs and bosses in various biomes like canyons, swamps and mines, and can look for new loot to take on greater challenges in classic dungeon delving fashion.

The game is a totally new standalone title being developed by a team in Stockholm, Sweden. The announcement calls Minecraft: Dungeons the team’s “passion project”, which looks to have been in development for a pretty long while.

Of course, MineCon wasn’t just about the new game. The event also announced the new Village and Pillage update; increase customization options for add-ons; and Inspiration Island, a free content update due later this year that looks to help players get acclimated to creating things in Minecraft. All of the event’s reveals are compiled here.

As for Minecraft: Dungeons, that will make its way to PC at some point in 2019. A trailer is below.

Our Thoughts

A Minecraft dungeon crawler? Kind of surprised that sort of game didn’t exist already! We’re certainly interested to see just what makes this particular slice of digital dungeon delving stand out from others, but consider us curious in the meantime.

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