Classic MMORPG Mirage Online Makes a Comeback

Classic MMORPG Mirage Online is making a comeback on Steam as Mirage Online Classic. The game was created by two developers in 2001 and has been on quite a journey since then. After some time Mirage Online was given to new owners who made it an open-source project. Eclipse Engine, Xtremeworlds, Mirage Source, Playerworlds, and Secrets of Mirage were all games that came out of that open source project. In 2016 the two original developers of Mirage Online decided to bring the original game back using modern gaming language.

After a few very successful friends and family beta tests, Mirage Online has now properly returned. It launched on Steam on December 24th, which kind of explains why we previously missed it. The game is free to play on Steam and the developers have vowed not to have any gameplay impacting microtransactions.

The beginning of Mirage Online Classic is a primarily PvE experience until you create or join a guild. Once you’re in a guild the game shifts focus and becomes entirely PvP focused. If this sounds like your sort of thing you can find the game on Steam right now. The population of the game isn’t massive, but that isn’t the point. In an email to Massively, they said, “Our goal is simply to have 100 players (we’re at around 30 on average). This is a labor of love and is something we’ve put our heart and soul into.” So, if you’re looking for a small scale PvP game with a tightknit community then you might want to check out Mirage Online Classic.


Source: MassivelyOP

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