Star Trek Online Introducing Captain Killy for Mirror of Discovery

Star Trek Online is introducing Captain Killy and the I.S.S Discovery in Mirror of Discovery. Mirror of Discovery will take players through two new episodes that feature Captain Killy in the events that took place after the TV series. Captain Killy will, of course, be voiced by Mary Wiseman, the actress who plays Ensign Tilly on Star Trek: Discovery.

But Mirror of Discovery isn’t the only thing Star Trek Online players have to look forward to right now. This month Star Trek Online is celebrating their 9th anniversary! To celebrate they’re bringing back the ever-popular Omega Molecule Stabilization event. Players who stabilize Q’s Omega particles can earn free Omega Particle tech upgrades as well as prize voucher which can be turned in to get a new T6 Vulcan Scout Ship as was seen in Star Trek: Discovery.

A new Personal Endeavor System is also being introduced. It will allow players to complete daily challenges to earn account-wide performance boosts. Plus, by popular demand, the Battle at the Binary Stars Event is now available as a Task Force Operation.

There’s also a whole lot more Star Trek: Discovery to come to Star Trek Online in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for a new Task Force Operation that takes players to Pahvo for another uprising against the Terran Empire. There will also be new Discovery related Task Force Operation rewards. More information about those will be available on the Star Trek Online official blog in the near future.

Also, if you enjoyed Star Trek: Discovery season 1 this is your reminder that the second season has started and the first episode is already available on CBS All Access.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Mirror of Discovery below.

Source: Press Release

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