Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Arrives July 17

In what’s very likely a sort of pre-holiday for World of Warcraft players before Blizzard Claus gives the Summer Christmas gift of the next expansion, the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch release date has been officially announced, along with a few links calling back to upcoming features and a survival guide for players.

battle for azeroth pre-patch release date

The pre-patch for World of Warcraft will introduce significant updates to the MMORPG, including the introduction of War Mode and related adjustments to PvP talents, the Legion PvP post-season, and the Communities features that will let players form and join groups for friends and family members.

The devs of Warcraft are reminding players that their GPU drivers will very likely need to be updated, as Battle for Azeroth appears to be making the most of DirectX 12 features and those who don’t keep their drivers up to date may run into potential issues.

As for that aforementioned survival guide, you can find that in the video embed below and can click here for links detailing the pre-patch features if, for some reason or another, you missed out on those.

Our Thoughts

Well, the time is very soon upon World of Warcraft fans. We’ll definitely be digging deep into patch 8.0 ourselves and our WoW columnist will very likely provide some of our own feedback at some point soon, but until then we’ll just be sharpening our forks and knives and getting ready to tuck in after work is done.

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