Enplex Games Release Official Population Zero Trailer

Hotly-anticipated Sci-Fi MMO Population Zero is poised for early access via Steam on May 5th. And now developer Enplex Games has unleashed not one, but two videos to help whet your appetite: the official Population Zero trailer & a retrospective development video documenting its progression since its 2017 beginnings.

Set on uncharted planet Kepler, the player is tasked with survival over the course of 168 hours (7 days) after which the cycle will repeat, only this time bolstered with new mechanics and modes unlocked with the experience gained in the last cycle. PvP modes are unlocked via account progression after the first few hours of life on Kepler, though entirely optional. 

This offbeat approach to the MMO genre, a time-constrained objective fulfilment mechanic, comfortably sets Population Zero apart from others of its ilk and already has us eager to get stuck in. 

Well, now Enplex Games has decided to amplify that anticipation with the sublimely-crafted Population Zero trailer below entitled ‘Gravity’, in which we are given not only a taste of the myriad hazards that await us, but also a tantalizing look at the living colourscape that is Kepler:



Complete with its very own stirring soundtrack courtesy of Indie Pop artist Naadia, this trailer is giving us some serious Fallout meets Outer Worlds vibes. The recent decision by Enplex Games to shift from free-to-play to buy-to-play is indicative of the quality we can hope to expect. 

The promising impressions continue  as we take a look at the retrospective video below which showcases Population Zero’s development since its initial conception in 2017, compared to the product that we can expect this May. 


The graphical progress is dazzling, transitioning to a mesmeric vision worthy of its $29.99 price tag. Population Zero will be available through Steam early access with an additional 17% discount for the first week, and additional packages containing cosmetic perks to help you stand out from the crowd of survivors on Kepler. If you’re as excited as we are, prospective players are invited to add the game to their Steam Wishlist ahead of its release on 5th May.


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