Marvel: Contest of Champions Pyramid X and Storm

The free-to-play mobile fighting game Marvel: Contest of Champions by developer Kabam is a game in which you amass a bespoke team of characters from the omnipresent Marvel Comics roster. And, just like the comics, no combination is out of bounds – in fact, specific groupings of your favourite heroes can bag you some added bonuses! The game, known for being rife with consistent updates, has now released its latest offering with Pyramid X.

This update introduces new details on the Pyramid X House. Founded by ‘First Among Mutants’ Apocalypse, Pyramid X acts as the supervillain’s floating seat of power within Mutopia, capital city of Egyptia. For the uninitiated, Houses are the factions within the game to which you pledge loyalty with a total number of 4 currently in the game. 

The rich lore and backstories within this game are seriously impressive, and we urge even casual Marvel fans to check out the details here for an in-depth look at this latest update.

That’s not all, however, as with this comes a new character, or at least a new version of one. Introducing Storm (Pyramid X) – not the weather-wielding heroic mutant we know and love, but rather a zealous rendition of the fan-favourite. Here’s what her bio has to say: 

This is not the Storm you know. She has been indoctrinated into Pyramid X by her God Apocalypse. Storm is able to channel her weather-bending abilities through her ornate wand Heset’s Ruin, to raze entire cities and subjugate those who do not submit to En Sabah Nur.

Check out the full details of Storm and get a hold of the game here.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Companion App Goes Live

For Final Fantasy XIV players, one of the biggest bugbears to wrangle with is managing their inventories. Hopefully, that is getting a little bit easier or at least more manageable thanks to the FFXIV Companion App release today.

ffxiv companion app release

As mentioned before when the app was first announced, the companion app will let players access and handle their character inventory with features to let them sell or discard items. Players can also chat with their friends, Free Company or Linkshells. The app will also let players access the Market Board auction house features, selling or buying items after spending a Kupo Nut item. These Kupo Nuts are earned once each day you log in to the app.

On the subject of Kupo Nuts, there is some monetization associated with the app. While most of the app’s features have no cost, free users can only carry a maximum of two Kupo Nuts a day. A Premium Service Plan is set to be offered which will increase this limit to 10 Kupo Nuts along with other benefits such as an additional Kupo Nut earned each day, management of chocobo and retainer inventories, and an extra retainer slot and chocobo saddlebag. The monthly service will cost $5, but is not yet live.

More details about the app, including a link to an FAQ, are found here and a video showing the app’s features in action is below.

Our Thoughts

Hmmm….we’re not so sure about the restrictions being imposed on free users, particularly since a great many of the app’s users will very likely be looking to access their complete inventories through it. How do you feel about these restrictions? Are you going to be using it yourself? Let us know below.

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Support for WoW Mobile Armory App Ending

We’re pretty sure that most people aren’t going to be terribly surprised by this news, seeing as remote auction house access being removed killed a great deal of interest. Nevertheless, we feel compelled to report that WoW Mobile Armory support is going to wrap up soon.

wow mobile armory support

The official announcement is short and to-the-point, stating that the Mobile Armory will no longer be supported come Wednesday, July 11th as the dev team continues to work on development and improvement of mobile offerings for the MMORPG.

What this means is that, essentially, the majority of the features associated with the Mobile Armory app will instead be enfolded into the Legion Companion App, creating a new, all-encompassing WoW Companion App for future release.

The announcement also promised some new features specifically for Battle for Azeroth are on the way, though just what those features will be were not discussed. The announcement does ask for fans to stay tuned for details on that front, however.

Our Thoughts

Well, it makes sense, really. Considering most people are probably not interested in the Armory’s features without the remote AH connection, mooshing the other functions of the Armory into the companion app sounds like the most logical evolution to us. Though now we’re curious just what sort of BFA-specific features are planned. Hmmh…

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FFXIV’s Companion App Due to Release in July

Probably one of the most requested quality-of-life features asked of by Final Fantasy XIV players is very close to becoming a reality. The FFXIV Companion App has gotten a general release window of sometime in late July along with a new landing site that shows off a few of the app’s features.

ffxiv companion app

The site itself is pretty sparse and mostly image-centric, but it does detail the features this new app will offer. Players will get to chat with friends and schedule their own events, organize their inventory, and manage their retainers and the Market Board remotely. Use of the app will also reward players with in-game items as well, though what those items will be and how to get them were not detailed.

The Market Board features, it should be pointed out, mention that access requires the payment of Kupo Nuts or Mog Coins. While just what these currencies are isn’t elaborated upon, it’s a safe bet these will be tied with the app’s monetization scheme, with one currency perhaps being freely earned and another being purchased with real-world money.

FFXIV’s companion app will arrive in late July for iOS and Android.

Our Thoughts

Concerns about monetization costs notwithstanding, we’re definitely looking forward to this feature. Any Final Fantasy XIV player worth their salt will tell you the kind of hell managing inventory space can be, so anything that makes that easier is definitely going to be welcome. Just be sure to mind your surroundings while using it.

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