14 Year Old Mods Untitled Goose Game in Minecraft

What were you doing when you were 14? Chances are you weren’t creating a mod to put one game in another game, but that’s exactly what one modder did when they put Untitled Goose Game in Minecraft.

It isn’t an exact port of course, that would be awful. But the homage is called Untitled Chicken Mod and it plays just like Untitled Goose Game. Just like in UGG you run around causing mayhem, throwing signs into lakes, destroying crops, and other things to irritate the villagers.

If you’re interested in giving Untitled Chicken Mod a try and you play Minecraft on PC then you are in luck. You can download the mod by going here to github.

The creator, known only as DeltaTwoForce has said they can’t make the mod open source because if they did they would be publishing large amounts of Mojang-owned code which is a violation of the Minecraft EULA.

If you’d like to see it in action check out this short video DeltaTwoForce made.

I modded the goose game into Minecraft!

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next. This is someone with a very bright future in the games industry.


Source: Reddit via USGamer

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Modder Releases an Unofficial Monster Hunter World Patch

While Monster Hunter World on PC is perhaps working a little more smoothly than most first supposed, it’s undeniable that the game is still causing some PC owners no end of problems. Enter one modder’s unofficial Monster Hunter World patch which seeks to address at least a couple of the issues that are still currently plaguing the game.

unofficial monster hunter world patch

The patch is called Special K and is created by modder Kaldaien, who many might recall as the modder who put out the FAR resolution fix mod for Nier: Automata on PC. The mod was released as both a way to help out the Monster Hunter World community and in direct response to what’s referred to as “anti-mod BS.”

This unofficial update for the action RPG brings fixes for HDR10 output for monitors that support HDR; adds the ability to take HUD-free screenshots; fixes an issue that causes the game to crash when alt-tabbing out of it; and even includes a way to “spoof” your CPU core count to improve hitching and lighten the game’s intense processor load.

Kaldaien alludes to continued support for this mod in the initial post, noting that they’re “working on various improvements for this game.” Considering Special K’s latest features were added only a minute after the mod was first shared on Steam, it’s possible that it will continue to add features.

As for official fixes to Monster Hunter World, the folks at Capcom have put out a post on the game’s Steam page addressing connection errors, particularly when players depart on quests several times. “We are currently investigating the cause of this and are working with Valve to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” reads part of the statement.

Our Thoughts

God bless the PC modding community. Ideally, these features will be officially patched in later by Capcom, but we suspect they’re perhaps more focused on improving the game’s network stability first. In any case, we’re looking forward to more fixes to Monster Hunter World on PC, but in the official and unofficial sectors.

Sources: Steam community page, Steam news page

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