ARK: Survival Evolved Launches its Third Modding Contest

We’ve said it before, but it definitely bears repeating: game modders are pretty awesome. It’s that same mindset that fuels the third ARK: Survival Evolved mod contest that’s offering intrepid and creative users of the ARK Mod Kit a slice of a cash prize.

ark: survival evolved mod contest

A total of $28,000 in cash is up for grabs in this contest, with the 1st place winner netting themselves a cool $15,000. What’s more, the contest will be running on a regular basis every other month with the exceptions of November and December.

Those looking to submit their creations have a five week entry phase, which is then followed by a two week voting phase. Two separate scores assessing a variety of technical aspects and public vote results will combine to determine who gets the top prize.

All of the information, including scoring, rules and how to enter, can be found here, while the work of previous modders can be seen in the video package below.

Our Thoughts

Honestly, simply just giving players the tools to mod the game is generally motivation enough, but adding a cash prize on top of that could really bring all sorts of interesting things. If that video embed above is any indication, at least. We wish those who enter these contests the best of luck!

Source: press release

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