Magic: The Gathering Arena Announces its Open Beta Date

If our review whet your appetite for Magic: The Gathering Arena or you’re just looking forward to more people to face off against, then your opportunity is fast approaching. The Magic: The Gathering Arena open beta has gotten its confirmed start date along with some other noteworthy updates.

magic: the gathering arena open beta

MTG Arena already boasts itself as the most complete digital form of the original CCG to date, but open beta a number of new updates including new battlegrounds, new music and new art. The open beta will also see the Guilds of Ravnica card set arrive to the game, along with the new Sealed Events mode.

The digital game is also building a bridge into the real world with some special promotions. Every Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker deck will also include a code to bring that same deck to Arena, and every prerelease pack will include a code for one entry into a Sealed Event in the digital CCG. Those who buy booster packs in the real world can also get a chance to unlock three free boosters in Arena. Bear in mind, however, that these offers are all limited to one per account.

MTG Arena will make its global arrival to open beta on Thursday, September 27th at 1pm PDT/4pm EST.

Our Thoughts

While the game’s monetization model is still something others will likely rub their chins and ponder, it’s clear that Magic: The Gathering Arena is the most true-to-life representation of the physical CCG in the digital space. That will likely be more than enough for fans of this game to hop in.

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MTG Arena Breaks Down its Economy and Card Earning Systems

The point of playing any online CCG is, of course, to get cards and build a deck to beat your competition. So, naturally, the nature of the MTG Arena economy and how it’s used to let its players earn those cards is worth a dev blog post. As was the case in a recent dev blog post.

mtg arena economy

The in-game economy of Arena is broken up into two parts: Gold, which is earned by playing the game; and Gems, which are bought with real money. In both cases, these currencies will let players unlock packs, events and more. Gems will be an alternative for those who don’t want to wait to earn enough Gold to unlock things, but will not be used to bar gameplay content.

As far as earning in-game cards, that’s done by several methods: from eight-card Booster Packs; 14-card Draft Packs; earnable individual cards; Wildcards; and The Vault.

MTG fans and CCG players in general will likely be familiar with the concept of the first three, but the final two bear further explanation. Wildcards can randomly appear in any Booster you open in place of any rarity of card, while The Vault is a progress bar that fills towards a new reward with every fifth or more duplicate of a card you receive.

All of the game’s economy systems are described as ones that follow core principles of making player time as valuable as possible, offering a variety of cards and making sure players get the cards they want. “MTG Arena is based on a simple idea: we want everyone to be able to experience Magic: The Gathering,” reads the post.

Our Thoughts

It all sounds good on paper, but of course the proof will be in the testing pudding. Opening a Booster pack and getting a bundle of duplicates never feels good, so we’re hoping that the game feels rewarding and varied, especially for those who are looking to construct specific decks.

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