MU Origin 2 Closed Beta Announced

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Webzen’s MU Origin and now here we are on the cusp of the MU Origin 2 closed beta for North America and Latin America talking about it. The closed beta starts today and will run for 10 days, until April 7th. It’s only available for Android users though there will be an iOS version when the game launches later this year. Though the game will also be releasing in Europe players located there won’t be able to take part in the closed beta.

MU Origin 2 is, as the name implies, the second spinoff from Webzen’s massively popular Korean MMORPG MU Online. Players will be able to pick from three distinct classes; Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf. The press release boasts that the game will include classical MU elements and gameplay on a mobile device with a huge selection of quests, dungeons, modes, pets, items and more.

All closed beta participants who reach level 150 and submit a short survey about their experiences in the beta will get an exclusive title when the game launches. It should be stated, however, that characters from this closed beta will be wiped. According to comments made on Facebook Webzen currently hopes to launch the game for everyone in May or June.

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play then it looks like MU Origin 2 will be a great option for you going into the summer. Check out the trailer below and for more information head over to the official site.

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MU Online Readies Season 12 Pt. 2 and Eldorado Server

MU Online Season 12 is on the way very soon. Or, more specifically, the second part of Season 12, which will introduce a variety of late-game enhancements as well as the new Eldorado server where players can earn a bunch of unique items.

mu online season 12

For players of MU Online itself, part 2 of Season 12 will add 4th Class Quests, a 4th Class Skill enhancement tree, renewal of the Master Skill tree, a new Deep Dungeon map, and a Guide Quest system.

The Eldorado server will also go live with the update, introducing players to a unique event specific to the server itself. The Eldorado Box of Miracle event will challenge players to earn ranking points from Coin of Miracle or Box of Miracle items and climb a leaderboard. Rewards for the event include a +0 Divine Archangel Weapon, +0 Wings of Conqueror, Ruud and more.

The Eldorado server, Box of Miracle event and Season 12 part 2 will go live on Tuesday, December 5th. The event itself will run from then until the game’s next maintenance on Tuesday, January 2nd. Further details are expected to arrive for the updates on the MU Online website.

Our Thoughts

Opening up an entire server specifically for an in-game event seems a bit counter-productive, but we’re not really going to argue the point. Particularly if players of MU Online enjoy what the Eldorado server has to offer. Regardless of what comes in this update, we hope players have a good time and get the rewards they’re seeking.

Source: press release

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Best MMO Halloween Event 2017

If there is one event MMOs love to take part in more than any others it is Halloween. That is why in this list you’ll find 60 different games with Halloween events! We decided to leave out the MOBAs and Shooters from this list but if they were put back in it would easily have a hundred games in it. But which is the best MMO Halloween event?

This poll is all about finding out what your favorite MMO Halloween event is this year. The winner gets a badge on their MMOGames profile and bragging rights for the entire year.

If your favorite isn’t on the list, or you know of a game we missed let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it as quickly as possible.


MMO Halloween

To take part just find your favorite MMO in the list below and leave a vote. You can only vote for one game at a time, but be sure to keep coming back as you can place more votes every day.

Voting will continue until the end of October 31st when the top three winners will be declared.


Which is the best MMO Halloween Event? Your vote will decide…

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