Who says romance is dead? Not the MU Origin 2 Update Developers

MU Origin 2, the mobile spinoff of MU Online, has received an extensive update rife with brand new content including an exciting new class. The hugely popular mobile MMORPG boasts impressive graphics for its platform, playing out in real-time alongside thousands of fellow players across the world. 

MU Origin 2’s “3.1 Update” includes the addition of the title’s fifth class – the Magic Gladiator. Looking to us like a rendition of a ‘battlemage’, the Magic Gladiator is a master of both sword and spell. This versatile warrior has been afforded dual-wielding capabilities which when married with arcane abilities establishes this warrior as a hefty damage-dealer. To bag the Magic Gladiator class, players must first reach level 120, unlocking the Magic Gladiator starting at the same level. 

Furthermore, one of the game’s most unique mechanics, married couples, has received its own update. The Couple Dungeon is a new feature which brings a whole new meaning to ‘power couple’ in which married characters can conquer dungeons and bosses together in order to obtain particular rewards. 

Furthermore, those who have tied the knot can enjoy the arrival of three Couple Skills – namely Beautiful Encounter, Heavy Longing and Warm Love. These new skills are available to married couples who have reached level 200, adding an extra motivation to find that special someone and pop the question. Now who said that romance is dead?

The third part of this update marks the beginning of Abyss Season 11. The opening of the Abyss World brings the Abyss Castle Siege which aims to seek out the best guild on the server. Only the top 3 guilds will be permitted to participate, with the victorious guild obtaining special buffs and the chance to host the Abyss Feast. 

With additional Archangel Set Effects, expanded floors of Tower of Allegiance, new locations, costumes, mounts, items, guardian pets, and more – this is a particularly robust update which is begging to be explored so dive into the action over at the MU Origin 2 website!


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MU Origin 2 Closed Beta Announced

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Webzen’s MU Origin and now here we are on the cusp of the MU Origin 2 closed beta for North America and Latin America talking about it. The closed beta starts today and will run for 10 days, until April 7th. It’s only available for Android users though there will be an iOS version when the game launches later this year. Though the game will also be releasing in Europe players located there won’t be able to take part in the closed beta.

MU Origin 2 is, as the name implies, the second spinoff from Webzen’s massively popular Korean MMORPG MU Online. Players will be able to pick from three distinct classes; Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf. The press release boasts that the game will include classical MU elements and gameplay on a mobile device with a huge selection of quests, dungeons, modes, pets, items and more.

All closed beta participants who reach level 150 and submit a short survey about their experiences in the beta will get an exclusive title when the game launches. It should be stated, however, that characters from this closed beta will be wiped. According to comments made on Facebook Webzen currently hopes to launch the game for everyone in May or June.

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play then it looks like MU Origin 2 will be a great option for you going into the summer. Check out the trailer below and for more information head over to the official site.

Source: Press Release

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