Destiny 2 Heads to its Next Season and the Black Armory

Another week sees yet another Bungie blog post talking all things Destiny 2. Along with the usual community stuff and notes about current content, this week’s update also grants a look at a starting date for the Black Armory, the online shooter’s first piece of content for those with an Annual Pass.

black armory

While information about the Black Armory still isn’t available right now, the weekly post does confirm that it will arrive on Tuesday, December 4. Between then and the Season of the Forge content that arrives on Tuesday, November 27, there will be a week-long period of “transition” that could lead to unforseen issues.

Information about both the Black Armory and Season of the Forge content is expected to be offered in video form once November 27 rolls around. This new ViDoc will not only discuss the new Season but also provide a gameplay calendar for the remainder of the year.

After that, news will be “random and light” as the holidays are celebrated by the studio, but Bungie also promises that the following week will pick up with details about “another kind of season” — a potential reference to The Dawning event.

Our Thoughts

So, really, the most meat we’ll get off of the news bone will be coming once the Season of the Forge begins and that ViDoc premieres. We’re looking forward to learning more about what’s next for the rest of Destiny 2’s year.

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Battlefield V Discusses Lessons from the Alpha Test

With the Battlefield V alpha test come and gone, there’s been enough time for the devs of the multiplayer FPS to take stock in what they learned and how they’ll apply those lessons come the game’s next phase. That’s the subject of the most recent dev blog, which talks about balancing and other adjustments that are due in the next build.

battlefield v alpha

The rather lengthy blog in question covers pretty much every major point relevant to the shooter’s multiplayer modes. Most of the first half of the blog admits to matchmaking issues that came up during alpha, including error messages and linking players to high-latency locations. Combined data along with input from players on how long of a wait in queue is too long will hopefully combine to create a balanced experience that matches ping and skill level fairly.

On the gameplay front, the devs open up about matters such as revive times for squadmates, the limited ammunition system, reinforcements, and the admittedly “polarizing” subject of time-to-kill. On each front, players can expect more streamlined revives; some minor tweaks to ammunition limits; tweaks to reinforcements, particularly to the V-1 Rocket; and work on communicating where enemy fire is coming from and camera shake to manage TTK respectively.

Finally, the devs offered a deep dive into how players engaged in the alpha maps, including telemetry that illustrated where players were moving. Overall, the devs appeared to be pleased with how map flow worked, but have also admitted that flight paths and control characteristics of parachutes in Airborne mode will see adjustment. There’s also word on gunplay and weapon balance as well.

As for what’s next, Battlefield V will run several more internal and external tests. The game will then feature a new build for Gamescom 2018 and is looking at an open beta sometime in early September.

Our Thoughts

This is a pretty in-depth look at the development process of Battlefield V – perhaps the most transparent the series has ever seen. Were you in the closed alpha test? Do you like the adjustments that are coming with future builds? Be sure to let us know below.

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Battalion 1944’s Latest Update Changes Pretty Much Everything

Apparently, the fans of Battalion 1944 were looking for a complete overhaul of the online shooter and, if the details of Battalion 1944 Major Update 2 are to be believed, the folks at Bulkhead Interactive have delivered in spades. New graphics, new progression and an improved core game mode have all dropped into the WWII-era classic FPS.

battalion 1944 major update 2

Visually speaking, players of the game should see performance boosts across the board along with improved character movement, new character models and a host of other graphics updates. Targets also have improved hitboxes, while weapons have seen a complete rebalance and improved hit detection.

Battalion’s new update has also introduced a totally reworked edition of the Wartide game mode. Handily called Wartide 2.0, the mode now promises solid comeback mechanics based on a team-based economy system which sounds a bit like a refined version of CS:GO’s economy system.

Players can now earn BattleRank, which operates much like a battle pass system but is included free of charge. Players earn BattleRank via XP earnings for playing in matches and will see a variety of rewards over the course of seasons that run for approximately three months.

This update is also bringing improvements to the game’s maps including added verticality along with a new map set in Italy; a new VoIP system; revisions to sound effects and the game’s HUD and UI; new weapons; and fixes to the “Corner Jump meta” along with other bug fixes. The complete changelog can be found here and a trailer heralding all the new stuff is below.

Our Thoughts

Sometimes going back to basics is a welcome thing, but that doesn’t mean a game can’t still improve. To that point, we hope that all of the changes made to Battalion 1944 are to the liking of this particular FPS game’s fans…because, seriously, it sounds like a lot of work went into this update.

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Battlefield V Closed Alpha Goes Live

The march towards October begins as the Battlefield V closed alpha test is now underway. The multiplayer-focused invite-only test brings the first of several planned test phases to help make Battlefield V’s online matches as rewarding and stable as possible according to the devs.

battlefield v closed alpha

According to the devs, testing is broken up into two categories: technical and gameplay, both of which should be pretty self-explanatory. For this round of alpha, Battlefield V will be opening up its most basic soldier progression system, party features like squad matchmaking and party and lobby creation, and the first pass of missions and reinforcement features.

Gameplay-wise, players will be either in 64-player Conquest mode or days 1 and 2 of the Fall of Norway Grand Operation. These two “days” will let players of that mode play through the Airborne phase, which sees the attacking team trying to take out the defending team’s artillery cannons; and the Breakthrough phase, which sees the attackers try to control sectors of the map held by the defense.

The Battlefield V alpha is English language only, PC only, and limited to certain countries in Europe and North America. The alpha will run from now, June 28th for a limited time, closing at a date that is yet to be announced at the time of this writing. All of the details are found here.

Our Thoughts

We want to wish those who were invited to this round of alpha the best of luck and hope that Battlefield V lives up to its likely lofty expectations. We’re looking forward to seeing how this multiplayer FPS progresses!

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