Amazon Releases a GameOn Tournament Extension for Twitch

Watching people play games – multiplayer or otherwise – on Twitch is fun enough, but now there’s a little something from Amazon GameOn that hopes to bring viewers directly into the broadcast in a quick and easy way. The GameOn Tournament extension for Twitch lets broadcasters easily create live tournaments to bring folks into their livestreams in what could arguably be seen as a more meaningful way.

gameon tournament extension

The extension, specifically called GameOn Tournament Organizer, lets casters put together a live tournament in their chosen game with the selection of a few options and then open up said tournament to let viewers play along.

The extension currently only works on a select variety of GameOn-enabled titles, including battle royale title The Darwin Project and tactical RPG Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena among a few others. The extension should expand to other titles, with Devolver Digital’s survival MMO SCUM to next include integration of the Organizer.

The idea, according to the press release, is to drive up viewer engagement for the Twitch caster and ramp up impressions of participating games. “GameOn Tournament Organizer allows influencers and players to be more connected by actually playing the game together, which leads to more players downloading Tactical Monsters,” said Camex COO Michael Tseng. “With this extension, I will be able to keep a constant connection with my viewers,” reads FaZe Clan member Dirty’s testimonial.

Our Thoughts

The idea behind this particular extension is pretty interesting indeed, and having a way for streamers to fold their viewers into a live game definitely is a big draw. However, we would love to see this extension’s support grow to even bigger games. Ideally, work on that is being done to make that happen sooner rather than later.

Source: press release

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