Final Fantasy XV’s Online Multiplayer Mode Gets a Release Date

If you’re hungry to roam the world of Eos, then you’ve got a date with destiny. Or at least several miniquests. Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, the online multiplayer mode of the single-player RPG, has confirmed its release date.

final fantasy xv: comrades

Comrades will let players become a surviving member of the Kingsglaive, granting them the ability to equip royal sigils that provide special powers from the Lucian royal bloodline. Players can then form up with three other players to take on a variety of quests and battles in the world. Players can also take up single-player quests in order to power up their custom avatars.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is due to go live on Tuesday, October 31st for Xbox One and PS4. The new content is available to those who either purchase the content expansion itself or the game’s Season Pass DLC bundle. Additionally, players will need to be either an Xbox Live Gold member or a PSN Plus member. More information can be read on the website.

Our Thoughts

This is easily one of the more unique DLC updates to Final Fantasy XV…or any Final Fantasy game in general. We’re certainly looking forward to reaction to this new mode as well as perhaps trying our hand at this new content ourselves!

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