Multiplayer Stealth Deathmatch Game Murderous Pursuits Starts Open Beta

In our visit to PAX East, one of the intriguing games we ran into was Murderous Pursuits, a multiplayer online stealth-focused deathmatch game. If that idea makes you curious, then the recently confirmed upcoming Murderous Pursuits open beta should be on your calendar.

murderous pursuits open beta

Just as a recap, Murderous Pursuits has you choose from a cast of eight different Hunters aboard the HMCS Brittanic, where you’re tasked with defeating one of the other Hunters aboard without being killed yourself or being detected. Players can employ various forms of subterfuge to blend in with the AI surroundings like the use of two of five different abilities to help them kill their quarry. The player with the highest point total wins, with extra points being awarded for taking down a target discreetly or with a high-value weapon. Gameplay can either be solo or multiplayer.

The open beta runs this weekend, starting on Friday, April 20th at 7pm EDT until Sunday, April 22nd at midnight EDT. This is the only open beta that the game will be holding, as it will fully release on Thursday, April 26th. Murderous Pursuits will cost $19.99 for the standard edition or $29.99 for a deluxe edition, which includes an artbook, wallpaper, and exclusive taunts and skins.

Our Thoughts

Yes, yes, I know, it’s not a “massive” multiplayer game, but Murderous Pursuits struck as such a unique spin on multiplayer deathmatch that it got my attention almost immediately on the PAX East floor. In a multiplayer gaming world where battle royale seems to be dominating the day, it’s nice to see something sneaky, slower paced, and genuinely different. We hope that the open beta weekend ends up informative for the devs and fun for the players.

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