The Devs of Guns of Icarus are Making a Hamster Karate Brawler

We’re not often in the business of reporting on single-player games, but considering the devs behind the game I’m writing about are also behind the co-op Guns of Icarus, I figure it’s worth at least a mention. Also, it looks freaking adorable. Introducing Hamsterdam, a “hamster-fu” action beat-em-up by Muse Games that’s looking to get crowdfunded.


In Hamsterdam, you play the part of Pimm, a hamster who is looking to take down the crime syndicate of Marlo the chinchilla and rescue his grandfather from captivity. The game will feature combat in the form of what it calls a combination of tap and swipe rhythmic precision and old-fashioned button mashing. Play unfolds in several stages across three maps along with unique boss battles and scooter-riding sections.

The game is seeking a total of $8,000 on Kickstarter for additional art and music costs, but is also hoping to build a pool of testers for the game. “We always aim to push the boundaries and create new experiences for players with different genres, art styles, and mechanics,” reads the page. “We still need help tuning pacing, progression, and making sure all the combat and onboarding elements are easy to understand and play.”

Backers can receive a number of unique benefits depending on their tier as per usual, but a unique reward for Guns of Icarus players is on offer for those who back at tier 4 or a la carte: a character skin that dresses your Guns of Icarus avatar up like Pimm the hamster.

Hamsterdam is due to arrive to the Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, PC/Mac and PS Vita. More details are on the Kickstarter page and a video of the game in action is below.

Our Thoughts

Nothing says “diverse portfolio” quite like moving from a steampunk airship co-op title to a cartoony hamster-fu brawler. And while we probably won’t report on this game too often on this site specifically, we have to admit that this game looks adorable as heck. Our best wishes to the folks at Muse Games during their crowdfunding efforts!

Source: Kickstarter via VG247

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