Master X Master Releases Titus and Natium Defense Line

Master X Master is getting a brand new playable hero and a brand new PvE challenge. Today marks the release of the character Titus and the Natium Defense Line launch in the latest Master X Master update.

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Titus, the third new Master to arrive to the game’s roster since launch, is described as a pure support character with myriad abilities to help others stay in the fight. His standard attack can be charged to create a healing field for allies, while his Ultimate will heal players for 50-70% of their health if it drops to zero. Titus also comes with abilities to provide extra healing or movement speed buffs.

The deep support tricks in Titus’ arsenal will likely come in handy in the new Natium Defense Line, an end game PvE challenge that sees five players protecting a Natium Defense Core from 30 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Surviving the onslaught will not be enough, as coordination will come into play; particularly since certain foes will require a specific damage type to be taken down.

The new update also brings a wealth of changes to the Overheat mechanic for most Masters, adjustments to the unlock conditions of Masters, an additional Master added to the weekly free rotation, a reduction to X-Coin rewards, and a price hike in SOL costs. In a post by producer Jason “Juji” Lieberman, the economy changes were necessary to keep the game afloat.

“The decision [to adjust costs] was not a decision we took lightly. We understand that these changes will have a considerable impact on our players, and I want to highly stress that we are 100% committed to the player-base we have and plan to run the following events for the next few weeks to help adjust to these changes.”

Patch notes for the update can be found here, and a video detailing Titus and his abilities is available for viewing below.

Our Thoughts

Bit of good, bit of bad with this update. On the one hand, we’re definitely eager for more Natium Defense Line and Titus after our hands-on at PAX West. On the other hand, we’re sure that the X-Coin and SOL adjustments will sour the palates of many.

Regardless of where you stand on the update, be sure to check out our giveaway for the master Yuri.

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