Nepal Bans PUBG on Mental Health Grounds

Nepal bans PUB after the government says that the game is having a negative impact on the mental health of youth. Nepal has put the ban in place after citing the often used belief that video games are addictive and cause aggression in teens. This, despite repeated research being done that proves this isn’t the case at all.
The ban was pushed through the courts in a single day. Nepal’s Metropolitan Crime Division reportedly consulted psychiatrists who believe video games cause aggression and also pointed out that other countries have banned the game as well. This isn’t entirely true, however. China hasn’t outright banned the game, they simply haven’t approved it yet and there are several PUBG Mobile games for China. There were bans in several cities in India, but at least one of them has already lifted that ban and the ban wasn’t countrywide.
However, police in India have arrested college students for playing PUBG in cities where the game is banned, and we could see that happen in Nepal too.

Talking to the Kathmandu Post Dhiraj Pratap Singh, the chief of the Metropolitan Crime Division said, “We have decided to ban the game before anything unfortunate occurs in Nepal.” So far there has been no statement from PUBG Corp on the ban.
It should also be noted that Nepal banned porn in October in an effort to curb sexual violence. This was also a move that was considered ridiculous and ineffective. It looks like Nepal is using the same misguided logic to go after games, though why they’re specifically targeting PUBG we may never know.
So, if you have any trips to Nepal planned it might be a good idea to remove PUBG from your phone before you get there. It looks like they’re going to take this ban pretty seriously.


Source: Kathmandu Times via The Verge

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