SMGs in Fortnite Get Nerfed Following Player Complaints

It was dark time in Fortnite. A time where meeting someone with an SMG spelled certain doom and the only way to win was fielding the weapon type. But now, a new dawn has risen and cast out the shadows across the battlefield as Fortnite SMGs have been nerfed in response to player feedback.

fortnite smgs

In response to apparent furor over the weapon type and its domination of battle royale, Epic posted a series of adjustments to SMGs that were hotfixed into the shooter.

In synopsis, literally everything that an SMG does has seen a reduction, including damage, rate of fire, damage falloff and accuracy bonuses. Even the drop rates of Rare SMGs and Compact SMGs have taken a hit.

Another point made by one of the devs in the announcement thread mentions that the damage falloff will also apply to damage against structures as well, meaning SMGs are now also much less capable of chewing through barricades players fabricate in a fight, particularly at ranges where rifles should be more effective.

“Again, we’ll be keeping a close eye on SMG performance to make sure they hit the goal of being a good option for close-quarters combat without over-performing in other areas,” reads the post.

Our Thoughts

There’s nothing quite as satisfying in a shooter video game like unloading a full salvo from a high-powered SMG, but we definitely agree with a lot of the changes made to this weapon type, especially as they relate to long range damage. Here’s hoping the Fortnite team has found that sweet spot.

Source: Fortnite subreddit

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Overwatch PTR Buffs Ana and Nerfs Mercy (Again)

We’ve got another new Overwatch PTR build to pore over, and if you’re a Mercy main, you’re probably bracing for impact at that headline. Yes, we’re afraid to say that Mercy is seeing another turning of the dials. But hey, Ana’s seeing a little buff, so that’s cool for War Mom fans, right?

overwatch ptr build

We’ll rip the bandage off first: Mercy’s Resurrect ability is the subject of the latest adjustment. The ability now has a cast time of 1.75 seconds, slows Mercy’s speed down by 75% while being used, and can be interrupted by a knockback, stun, or hack from Sombra. On the plus side, when Mercy is using her Valkyrie ult, the cast time is removed.

“We feel that Mercy’s recent rework has been successful, but her Resurrect ability still feels too strong and frustrating to play against,” reads the developer’s notes. “Now that it has a cast time, there is more room for enemies to counter the ability.”

As for Ana, she’s seeing a very meager but likely impactful tweak that raises the damage of her Biotic Rifle from 60 to 70. The adjustment is meant to bring her more on par with other Support heroes and make her more of a threat to enemy teams according to the devs.

Our Thoughts

As ever, we turn to you, the Overwatch player, for your impressions. Do you think that Mercy is still too powerful, or are you fed up with Blizzard fussing with the character? Or do these changes make no difference to you one way or the other? Be sure to let us know.

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Overwatch Nerfs Mercy and Tweaks Genji on PTR

It’s been, what, a week or two since we’ve had some potential drama sauce on the Overwatch PTR? The reprieve looks to be over as new Overwatch character adjustments – specifically to Mercy and Genji – are headed for the shooter’s PTR.

overwatch character adjustments

First, and potentially biggest, is a change to Mercy’s new Valkyrie Ultimate. Now, when Mercy engages her Valkyrie skill, her Resurrect ability will no longer be reset or have a lower cooldown. In trade, the ability can be used at double the range.

One of the devs has also detailed a minor tweak to Genji as part of a consistency pass on several character Ults. Now when Genji is in the process of drawing his sword, he can no longer be interrupted by a stun, bringing it in line with other “transformation” Ults like Winston’s Rampage or Baston’s Tank form. It was also confirmed that Genji being able to swing his sword while his Ult skill animated is a bug.

There are currently no PTR patch notes as of this writing, but those are expected to be posted shortly.

Our Thoughts

So, Overwatch fans, where do you stand on these adjustments? Do you think Mercy’s Resurrect needed to be nerfed down while she was in Valkyrie form? Are there other tweaks to Mercy, Genji, or other characters you’re looking for? Give us your thoughts below.

Sources: official forums 1, 2

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