ESA Supports the Net Neutrality Fight, Joins In

Right now we’re seeing many of the big companies online fighting for net neutrality. Names like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are leading the charge. It seems that the ESA supports the net neutrality fight as well. They’ve joined the battle and are going to participate in a lawsuit against the FCC.

In a court filing the ESA accuse the FCC of allowing ISPs to “take actions that could jeopardize the fast, reliable, and low latency connections that are critical to the video game industry.” Also saying, “Absent these protections, ESA and its member companies will have no effective legal recourse against broadband provider conduct that impairs consumers’ online video game experiences.”

These are the fears consumers and several studios have been expressing ever since the issue of net neutrality reared its head again. Since net neutrality was struck down in December 2017 the entire gaming industry has been holding their breath for the day it is actually put to practice. At which point it would be unclear what would happen to the industry. Would larger companies like Blizzard be left working out deals with ISPs just to keep players able to play their games? What would happen to the indie industry which has seen a massive boom in recent years? Also, what would happen to foreign games that maybe don’t have any representation in the United States at all but would still be impacted?

The ESA has done some things through the years that aren’t very consumer friendly and they aren’t the most popular organization amongst gamers. But this time around they’re fighting the good fight and working towards something that will benefit all of us.

For now we will continue to watch the net neutrality saga carry on and hope it all ends in the best way possible.


Source: The Hill

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