Snoop Dogg Has a Mural with Star Trek Online Artwork on It

We know now thanks to a new Netflix show that Snoop Dogg has a mural with Star Trek Online artwork on it hanging at his BLE Compound in Los Angeles. The mural was spotted by Twiiter user @justinhall who tweeted a picture from the show saying “Uh can anyone why it is that @SnoopDogg has a giant mural of Federation starships in his house? Folks I am absolutely stunned.”

The picture is from Episode 1 of the new Netflix series Rhythm + Flow which has been out since October 9th. The mural is actually a massive custom wall graphic that was created by Gamut Media called Star Wars vs Star Trek. Snoop has never been shy about his love for Star Trek, he has previously released music through Star Trak Entertainment and he was an executive producer on Unbelievable!!!!! A parody that had more than 40 former Star Trek actors in it.

Star Trek Online saw the tweet and asked Snoop if he plays STO and has invited him to appear on their Stream. Fans meanwhile have started calling for Captain Snoop to be added to the game, voiced by the man himself of course. So far there has been no reply from him but we’re going to be keeping our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed!

So there we have it, Snoop Dogg is officially a nerd and he’s got the massive mural to prove it. There have also been rumors going around for years that he plays Star Trek Online or at least did at one point in time but we can’t confirm them. What we do know is that his custom mural has Star Trek Online concept art on it and the whole thing looks totally badass.


Source: Twitter, Gamut Media

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E3 2019: Ubisoft Press Conference

The E3 2019 Ubisoft Press Conference is now done with and…well, we hope you like Tom Clancy. Several new Tom Clancy games were announced along with updates for The Division 2 and much more. We’ve picked out just the multiplayer games to focus on. You’ll find all of them plus trailers below.


Mythic Quest Raven’s Banquet

Actor Rob McElhenney took to the stage to announce Mythic Quest, a new sitcom about a game studio making the most popular MMORPG in the world, Mythic Quest. McElhenney plays the creative director of the game with a massive ego. Mythic Quest will be on Apple TV Plus and is expected to debut in the Fall.


Adventure Time Coming to Brawlhalla

You can now find Adventure Time characters Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum in Brawlhalla, the free to play platform fighter game with more than 25 million players. To celebrate this momentous occasion a limited time event will also be running until June 25th. Wondering what the characters will be like? Here you go.

Finn – the young human kid, this Epic Crossover mirrors the powers and abilities of the Brawlhalla Legend Jhala, but with six signature attacks and two Adventure Time themed weapons skins for axe and sword.

Jake – the magic companion, with six signature attacks and two Adventure Time themed weapons hammer and gauntlets. Jake mirrors the Legend Kor. Let’s kick their digital bootays!

Princess Bubblegum – Ruler of the Candy Kingdom, with six signature attacks and two Adventure Time themed weapons for blasters and rocket lance. Bubblegum mirrors Lord Vraxx. We’ve got science!

There’s also a new Adventure Time themed game mode called Buddy Mode. In Buddy Mode, you are your own team as you control two legends simultaneously. It’s 2v2 but with 1v1 number of players. There’s also an Adventure Time themed map called The Treehouse Stage. Finally, the crossover wouldn’t be complete without some themed KO effects.


Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

It would seem that Tom Clancy games are joining the ranks of those like Heroes of the Storm and Master X Master, games that take a few iconic characters from a particular catalog and stick them all in one place. In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad you control an elite squad of legendary characters from past Tom Clancy games in real time shooting battles. The part that is of most interest to us, of course, is the PvP aspect, an Arena where squads can compete. The game also has a campaign mode with a unique Tom Clancy storyline. Elite Squad will be available on mobile and if you pre-register you’ll unlock an exclusive character, Colonel Cole D. Walker from Ghost Recon Breakpoint. No word yet on when this game will be launching.


The Division 2

There was a lot of information given during the press conference for The Division 2 and its first year of post-launch content, so if you’re a fan grab a drink and get comfortable.

The first year of content will include three free episodes with story-driven missions, new areas, and much more.

Episode 1 D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is all about exploring the outskirts of DC, who would have guessed with a name like that?. Head into the woodlands of Washington DC. (admittedly this California girl had no idea there were any.) You’ll also get to explore the 11 biomes of the Washington National Zoo. Episode 1 also includes Expeditions which players will have to participate in every week to progress through the different wings of Trinity College. Episode 1 is expected to launch in July.

Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle …you’ll never guess where it takes place….The Pentagon! Agents will have to defend the Pentagon from the Black Tusks while in the main missions trying to solve the ongoing outbreak crisis. Episode 2 will introduce the game’s second 8-player raid. Episode 2 is expected to launch sometime in the Fall.

Episode 3 Coney Island: Homecoming leads players to Coney Island where players will face an old familiar nemesis while facing the biggest threat of them all. Episode 3 is expected to launch in early 2020.

If you haven’t had the chance to play The Division 2 and you have a PC or a console you can play the game for free this weekend.

The Division 2 will also be on Stadia as a part of Uplay+.

Finally, it was announced that there is going to be a movie on Netflix about The Division. Sadly those are all the details we have about that right now.

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Pokemon Go creator Niantic and Netflix unveil Ingress Anime, Available Now Worldwide

Niantic is best known these days as the creators of Pokemon Go and the upcoming Harry Potter Wizards Unite, but before Pokemon Go there was Ingress. Now, thanks to Netflix an Ingress Anime is available around the world. Ingress: The Animation follows Makoto and Sarah, two people who have been impacted by Exotic Matter (XM) that is leaking into the world through Portals. These Portals are real-world landmarks scattered across the globe which can be controlled and defended from two opposing factions that have risen from these events. This is what Ingress Prime, the massively successful mobile augmented reality game is all about.

If you happen to be in Japan Ingress: The Animation has already aired on television. It started last October and ran until the end of December. Thankfully, those of us watching it in the rest of the world won’t have to watch it one week at a time like Japan did. The entire series has been made available on Netflix.

Ingress: The Animation was developed in a collaboration between Fuji TV and Craftar Studios. It is being licensed by Netflix for global release starting today. An interesting tidbit we learn from the trailer is that Ingress Prime has been downloaded 25 million times on iOS and Android. Check out the trailer below for Ingress: The Animation.


We’re incredibly excited to start watching Ingress: The Animation. Keep an eye out for our review of the anime in the coming days. Animes are no strangers to MMOs, in fact, we’ve got a list of the 6 best MMO anime series. Also, check out our list of 5 movies we think would make amazing MMOs.


Source: Press Release

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RUMOR: Netflix Developing a Diablo TV Series

Perhaps this is what the devs meant when they said the forges are burning hot? An admittedly nebulous rumor of a Diablo TV series being developed by Netflix has crossed my notice, so allow me to report in with what is currently known.

diablo tv series

All that we’ve got is the word of an editor-in-chief of the source website, but the anonymous scuttlebutt is that Netflix is interested in making Diablo a series for its platform and has tapped writer Andrew Cosby to develop it.

If the name Andrew Cosby is unfamiliar to you, then allow us to elaborate. Cosby is one of the current writers of the upcoming Hellboy film reboot, as well as a co-founder of comics publisher Boom! Studios. Cosby also has some TV writing credits to his name, writing for the Syfy original series Eureka and the short-lived UPN series Haunted.

Netflix is clearly very eager to continue cranking out its own originals and has seen some success adapting video game properties to television, most notably the animated series Castlevania, which has confirmed a second season. Bearing that in mind, a Diablo series doesn’t seem beyond the pale. Of course, if firmer details arise we’ll be sure to share them.

Our Thoughts

There’s most definitely a lot of story to be had in the Diablo universe that would make for some compelling television. Just as long as the writing team that Cosby puts together doesn’t take the source material too terribly seriously. After all, a lot of the Diablo charm is that it’s the more cheese-flavored form of grimdark fantasy.

Source: Revenge of the Fans

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