Overwatch’s Hanzo is Trading Scatter Arrow for a New Ability

Looks like the Japanese bow sniper is getting himself a new E ability soon. Jeff Kaplan offered fans of Overwatch a little sneak peek at a new Hanzo ability that will be taking the place of his Scatter Arrow, along with a little general word of other tweaks that are being made to the character.

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The new ability, tentatively called Rapid Shot, appears to be a sort of buff that will increase the speed of Hanzo’s shots. The above image is some concept art that is being considered to illustrate when the ability is being used, but it is stated that the effects are not finalized. What will be final, however, is how visible Rapid Shot’s trigger will be so as to alert opponents when he’s in “that mode” according to Kaplan.

In addition, the same thread offered a little bit more insight into how Sonic Arrow will work. Tentatively, the ability will soon have a “significantly faster” cooldown while the ability’s radius and duration are being reduced. “End result: you can move around it more,” writes Kaplan.

There currently is no date on when this new-look Hanzo will be available, but odds are good that there will be a PTR build sometime this month.

Our Thoughts

So instead of a wall-bouncing multi-shot, he’s getting a sort of self-buff. Intriguing indeed, and quite a bit different from what our Overwatch fan wrote about in a recent Hanzo-centric post. We’d love to know what you think of these proposed adjustments to Hanzo in the comments below.

Source: official forums

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