The Ninja Sneaks to TERA Console September 18

You either love the fact that they’re dodgy and wooshy or hate the fact that they’re Elin specific, but either way the TERA Ninja class is making its way to the console version of the action MMO on September 18th, bringing all of its guile and evasiveness while also wielding an impossibly huge shuriken somehow.

tera ninja class

Using hit-and-run tactics, evasive skills and the ability to channel her Chi into fiery blasts, the Ninja relies on the ability to avoid damage and juggle targets to cleave single or multiple targets. The Ninja does wear cloth armor, though, so quick reaction and deft avoidance will be key in playing the class effectively in PvE and PvP.

The Ninja’s arrival continues to tick boxes on TERA’s console update roadmap, which will also see new guild features arriving to the console MMO this month. The announcement did not specify if the Ninja update will also carry these features as well, however.

For now, players can read up on the Ninja on TERA’s website as well as see the class in action in the video showcase below.

Our Thoughts

Let’s all try to ignore the race lock of the class for a moment and just appreciate the fact that the Ninja class definitely seems to be one of the best uses of TERA’s form of action combat. We suspect all of the combos this class can pull off will feel leagues better on a console game pad than it does on keyboard and mouse.

Source: press release

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Blade & Soul Provides a Brief Look at the Warden

The Warden’s Fury update to Blade & Soul is bringing more than a few things to the action MMO, but certainly chief among those features is the new Warden class. If you’re curious about just what this new arrival is capable of, then the devs have offered a quick primer.

warden's fury update

As you can (sort of?) see in the image above, the Warden hefts around an enormous greatsword to lay into their enemies, tanking foes purely through aggression than traditional sword-and-shield tactics. Despite their vicious appearance, the class has some defensive capabilities, namely in the form of Resilience – a regenerating shield that takes damage before the Warden’s HP does.

The Warden has a couple of Stances based on the tree one follows. Lightning Wardens build a resource known as Blood Rage that allows them to enter Frenzy Stance, where the Warden can use their own health pools to power new attacks. Frost Wardens, meanwhile, must build up to three Sunsparks to enter Sentry Stance and use various attacks while also getting heightened defense and movement speed.

Regardless of which path you take up, Wardens will also have access to a skill known as Soul Flare, which regenerates the Warden’s health, ramps up their critical damage, and unlocks skills for both the Warden and their allies.

Of course, the Warden’s Fury update is going to do more than bring someone swishing a huge sword about, with plans for further reduction of Legendary Weapon upgrade costs, cleanup of older crafting recipes, and a new instance. All of those details are found here.

Our Thoughts

It can often feel like a pretty long walk from level 1 to current content in Blade & Soul, but the Warden class sounds like it has enough interesting tools to make the journey worthwhile, particularly for those who like to tank.

Source: official site

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Reveals its Caster Classes

Some like to tank. Some like to stare mirthlessly at a DPS parser. And some like to wear swishy robes and throw spells about. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has offered its final three classes for that third type of player with a look at the Pantheon caster classes, which happen to be the final three options players will have come launch.

pantheon caster classes

As we’ve done with previous class reveals for Pantheon, we’ll go ahead and go through each one line by line:

  • The Summoner gets the ability to call forth a mana ghost known as an Arcamental and imbue it with the four classic elemental properties for utility as well as DPS.
  • Wizards look like your classic glass cannons that wield Frost, Fire or Arcane magics. Its most unique trait is that focusing on one of these three spell types offers a passive, stacking buff.
  • Finally, the Enchanter brings crowd control and utility to the caster lineup, offering damage and lockdown to foes, boons to allies, and even unique spells like one that allows you to transform into a nearby object to hide in plain sight.

These classes, along with the other six revealed previously, will all be playable starting with the MMO’s next alpha test build.

Our Thoughts

So, nothing terribly unique with the wizard class and arguably not much with the summoner, but the enchanter class could certainly be an interesting pick. It’s just a question of how well crowd control gameplay will work with the earlier referenced DPS players. Especially those who pay more attention to a parser than to what’s going on around them as they attack a locked-down target ahead of time. You know who you are.

Source: official site

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TERA Console Gets Gunners Tomorrow and Flying Llamas Now

There are two very important updates to the console editions of TERA; one coming soon and one here now. The Gunner class has locked down an arrival date of June 26th, while the addition of flying mounts to the title sees the release of the fluffy TERA llama mount for a limited time.

tera llama mount

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first: llamas. From now until Thursday, July 12th, PS4 and Xbox One players can purchase one of four puffy llama mounts that are capable of flight for no other reason than “because they believe they can”. Players can purchase their preferred llama mount or get all four in the Llama-Rama Bundle if they so choose.

As for the Gunner class, she’ll be making her explosive debut to the console version of TERA tomorrow, June 26th. Her arrival will be marked with a number of launch events that include a free character slot for everyone who logs in by July 8th; level-up reward boxes full of Gunner gear every 10 levels; and a unique title for the person on each server to reach level 65 with a Gunner first.

But back to the llamas for a second, as the mount’s arrival to the console MMO kindly reminded everyone of the astonishing machinima created by En Masse in 2016 which you can watch below.

Our Thoughts

Llamas. And Gunners. But mostly llamas.

Sources: official site 1, 2

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Druid Class Potentially Headed to Neverwinter

It seems like a fairly safe bet that the Neverwinter Druid class is heading to the MMO if the little teaser image is anything to go by. The game’s official Twitter account has released a little piece of concept art that all but spells it out for us.

neverwinter druid class

The image was accompanied by the words “What manner of creatures stalk the wilds of these cursed lands?”, which might indicate that the Druid class is going to be part of the upcoming Ravenloft module, which is just chock full of cursed lands.

Unfortunately, that’s the only information that is available as of right now, so we’ll just have to ponder what the Neverwinter Druid class will be capable of. Looking at the image a bit closer, it would seem that the class is capable of shapeshifting into some sort of tree creature, which would certainly fit with the archetypal fantasy Druid. Once there’s more information, we’ll be sure to report in.

Our Thoughts

If this is a tease, then Neverwinter isn’t terribly good at it. That said, we’re alright with not-great hints if it means we get to see a new class arrive to Neverwinter. It has been a pretty long time since the game has had a new class land so it’s more than high time to see it happen.

Source: Twitter

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Black Desert Online Awakens the Lahn and Gives Her Sword-Chucks

Why yes, hello there. I did make a reference to a spritecomic from back in the day. It’s appropriate, though, considering today’s arrival of the Black Desert Online Lahn Awakening and the weapon she now wields: a pair of curved swords attached to chains. Or, sword-chucks, yo.

Okay, they’re not actually called sword-chucks, they’re called the Crimson Glaives and they allow the Awakened Lahn to swing them in wide swaths to carve huge areas of damage or draw them to her hands to dice up a single target in typical flashy BDO style. In order for Lahn players to start their journey to swinging these new weapons about, they must be level 56.

Today’s Lahn Awakening patch also introduces a Lahn-specific leveling event from now until June 27th, where players can collect Lahn Seals for rewards, take on Lahn challenges, and claim additional goodies for getting their Lahn characters to a certain level.

The new patch has also updated the spawn table of the MMO’s world bosses and made a number of adjustments to the game’s other classes. You can scour the patch notes here and watch the Awakened Lahn in action below.

Our Thoughts

References aside, the Crimson Glaives once again demonstrate the astonishing skill of the character animators of Black Desert Online. The newly Awakened Lahn looks like a dizzying blender of steel, chain, and pretty dresses and we hope fans of the class enjoy their new toys.

Sources: press release, official site

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The Gunner Class is Headed for TERA’s Console Version

Speak softly, carry an absurdly huge piece of ballistic weaponry, and pose ridiculously. These are the tenants of the TERA Gunner, presumably, and console players of the MMO will be able to live their best anime-like blasting life with the arrival of the class to consoles.

tera gunner

The Gunner class is a powerhouse DPS that wields a titanic Arcannon and brings a number of programmable combat constructs. Her massive weapon allows her to rain hell down on enemies at range, but her ability to wear heavy armor and take on close-range threats makes the class a threat at varying ranges.

While a firm date on when the new Gunner will make her arrival to Xbox One and PS4 isn’t announced yet, the press release does urge fans to keep eyes on the official website for more information on both how the class works and a special pre-launch event. You can also take a look at our preview from 2015 to get a general idea of what the Gunner is capable of, or just watch the teaser trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Body postures notwithstanding, the Gunner class absolutely looks like a bl–woop, sorry, was just informed by my superiors that I can’t make that joke and should just wrap up this part of the news article. Well, blast.

Source: press release

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Black Desert Online’s Lahn Class Arrives May 23

It’s new class o’clock in BDO! Or, rather, it will be soon. The Black Desert Online Lahn class has been officially granted a release date for the West and that release date is Wednesday, May 23rd in a reveal full of style and a little bit of substance.

black desert online lahn class

The Lahn hails from a region in the far east, where she lost a lover to an evil scheme of some sort. In order to seek greater power to combat this evil, she has traveled to the world of Black Desert Online. The Lahn wields the Crescent Pendulum weapon – a moon-shaped blade attached to a length of cloth – in her main hand and a short sword in her off-hand. Together, the paired weapons grant her a combat style described in the announcement as speedy, agile and dance-like.

While the Lahn won’t arrive until the 23rd, players can get a jump start on the admittedly lengthy process of character creation with a pre-creation period starting on May 16th. Additionally, those who sign up to the BDO newsletter between now and May 23rd can earn themselves a seven-day Sealed Book of Combat, a seven-day Blessing of Kamasylve, and 100 gold.

In the meantime, we’ve got a little teaser trailer of the class (which is precisely like the Korean reveal last December but in English) embedded below.

Our Thoughts

Huh. Another new class. It would seem that Black Desert Online is an altoholic’s dream considering the number of classes being added to the game. We’re certainly curious to know how this new Lahn class operates in a fight so we’ll be sure to keep eyes on her.

Source: press release

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The Spellbinder Goes Live in MU Legend

For those who are ready to support their party with magic or make PvP’ers frustrated with crowd control, today’s MU Legend Spellbinder release is a good day. The latest update to the MMOARPG has brought the potent new caster to the game along with a brand new dungeon encounter and other features.

mu legend spellbinder release

MU Legend’s fifth class has abilities that dish out wide areas of CC and potent direct damage. According to Webzen Dublin’s COO Dennis Czybulka, the new class was already rocking faces during testing and development. “The Spellbinder’s strength in PvP battle and its capacity to be the linchpin of any band of heroes battling their way through PvE dungeons really stood out. The Spellbinder is truly one of a kind,” remarked Czybulka.

In addition to the new class, the new Lupa’s Ancient Archive dungeon has also gone live, along with five new difficulty levels for existing Epic dungeons. Players will also get to chase new Set and Mythic items, new achievements, and a new Faction War season.

The Spellbinder’s release also comes with a variety of special events in-game, which are all detailed on MU Legend’s website. There’s also a trailer of the Spellbinder class in action that can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Hurray for crowd control! We’re certain that the Spellbinder will be very beneficial to the party, particularly since it appears that the vast majority of her abilities cover lots of on-screen real estate if that highlight reel above is any indication.

Source: press release

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TERA’s Human Males Get Punchy in the Counterpunch Update

Balling a fist up and swinging it is a universal weapon in video gaming. Balling up said fist while wearing impressively-sized gloves, however, has been the exclusive purview of TERA’s human females and the Brawler class. In the soon-to-release Counterpunch update, however, human males will get their chance to smash faces with their own Powerfists.

counterpunch update

The Brawler class will open up to human male characters when Counterpunch releases, letting those who would rather have a male avatar experience the punch-heavy form of tanking the class provides. The update will also see the return of the Ruinous Manor dungeon in normal and hard modes, several new hairstyles, and leaderboards for the Fraywind Canyon, Corsairs’ Stronghold, and Champions’ Skyring PvP battlegrounds that will run for 28 day-long seasons.

Everything in the Counterpunch update will arrive on Tuesday, March 13th. In addition, players can look forward to several in-game events and goodies such as a free character slot for logging in between March 13th and the 20th and a free set of temporary Mechanic Weapon skins for logging in on the 13th. Players can also log in between March 17th and 18th for a free special lootbox, while all male Brawlers created and logged in between March 13th and April 10th will get a level up box full of boosts, vouchers and mounts.

A closer look at the Counterpunch update can be found on this website, while a teaser trailer for the update can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

What did that panda person ever do to you, off-screen male Brawler?! Ahem…on point; the Brawler class certainly sounds like an interesting avenue to tanking, so we’re glad to see that players who like to look at males in-game will get their chance to defend their friends through bunches of punches. …seriously, though, we hope that panda had that punch coming.

Source: press release

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