Blizzcon 2017: Heroes of the Storm Reveals Hanzo, Alexstrasza, and Dragons of the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm kicked off the opening ceremony announcements at this year’s Blizzcon, and while its reveals might not have the gravity of update 2.0, the Dragons of the Nexus updates for the popular MOBA certainly have lots to offer, such as two new heroes, a new event, and a host of updates due for 2018.

dragons of the nexus

The first piece of these updates are the so-called “double dragons” added to the game’s roster; Hanzo and Alexstrasza.

Alexstrasza is a Support hero with an expected combination of healing and fireball-flinging abilities, including a Heroic that sees her transform into a dragon to bombard the area. Hanzo, meanwhile, is an Assassin character with his familiar kit of abilities from Overwatch, including his Dragonstrike Heroic ability.

The titular Dragons of the Nexus event will feature login rewards for players between November 14th and December 12th to receive unique portraits, as well as a lineup of four different achievements in the Dragons of the Nexus quest.

Finally, 2018 is looking to start off strong in the Nexus with new updates to Heroes of the Storm, including an increased field of view, adjustments to make Stealthed heroes easier to spot, plans to refine the early game such as the removal of Ammunition and the addition of True Sight to Forts, and matchmaking that takes individual performance into account instead of win/loss. All of these changes are set to start arriving for an extended testing session on the PTR starting on November 20th.

You can take a look at everything in the works for Heroes of the Storm here and watch the cinematic reveal of Alexstrasza and Hanzo below.

Our Thoughts

While more roster additions are certainly interesting to be sure, we’re most curious to know how the 2018 updates will shift things for Heroes of the Storm. Are you looking forward to any of the proposed adjustments, the new heroes, or both? Give us your impressions below in the comments.

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