Overwatch Opens Blizzard World and Adds New Cosmetics

You’ve likely been seeing all of the reveals over the past week with regards to the latest Overwatch cosmetic update, and now the time to pray to the RNG Gods is upon us. The newest patch for the online FPS brings a wealth of new looks, new sprays, and the new Blizzard World hybrid map.

overwatch cosmetic update

The new update brings on over 100 new items, including Legendary skins for heroes such as Doomfist, D.Va, Orisa, Widowmaker, and Lucio among others. There are also Epic skins for heroes like Junkrat and Reaper, along with some new emotes, new sprays, and a variety of new highlight intros.

It should be clarified that the new items are being added to the game’s existing loot box offerings and are not part of any special events, so getting these skins will be subject to the same luck – good or bad – whenever you open standard crates in-game.

As far as the actual gameplay part of Overwatch, the new Blizzard World map has also arrived with the update, full of references to Blizzard IPs past and present. The map is said to feature high ground zones and flanking routes to consider along with environmental hazards.

If your luck is anything like ours when it comes to RNG, you can take a look at several of the new cosmetics in the collected montage trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Yep, Kitty D.Va is now a thing. Naturally, we’re excited to see so many cosmetics added with this update, particularly to what many consider to be “less loved” characters on the skins front. We hope players have good luck opening those crates and craft strategies on the new map!

Source: press release

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Overwatch Blizzard World Map Gets a Release Date

You know that your online multiplayer FPS game is big when you can get away with making an official announcement about a map’s arrival date. Such is the case for Overwatch and its Blizzard World launch date announcement, which was shared to fans via the game’s official Twitter.

blizzard world launch date

If you’re a fan of the game you likely already know this, but if you haven’t been paying attention or if viral videos maybe buried it in your Twitter feed, the game made the reveal of Tuesday, January 23rd for the Blizzard World “grand opening”.

When asked whether this map’s release will affect the arrival of Overwatch’s Chinese New Year event, the devs responded by simply stating an official date for the game’s next event has not been confirmed.

In other Overwatch news, the official numbers for the Overwatch League’s first week of viewership are out and they’re much beefier than initially stated. Citing a press release from Activision, PCGamesN is reporting that concurrent viewership for the competition’s first four days hit a peak of 437,000, with a total of over 10 million viewers watching across Twitch, the MLG Network, and Chinese broadcast platforms.

The Overwatch League website further decided to share unique metrics from week one of competition, with stats of individual player performances that took place during the esports event.

Our Thoughts

Only Blizzard can get away with a map’s release as a major announcement. That said, we’re sure that lots of fans – both of Overwatch and of Blizzard’s unique collection of IPs – will find lots of in-jokes, references and other things to love while they explore Blizzard World.

Sources: Twitter, PCGamesN

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Moira and Blizzardworld Could Come to Overwatch PTR This Week

When will Moira and Blizzardworld be playable? It’s the question on many minds after Blizzcon 2017’s reveals for Overwatch. Turns out that fans won’t have to wait very long for some PTR time at least if early word holds any truth.

moira and blizzardworld

An interview with Jeff Kaplan on VentureBeat offered early word that the Blizzardworld map could arrive to Overwatch sometime this week. “The amount of love that the team poured into this — every little detail… I can’t wait for it to go up on the PTR next week,” reads the Nov. 3rd interview.

In a response to an Overwatch subreddit post referencing the interview, lead software engineer Bill Warnecke expressed his hope to also have Moira arrive to PTR this week, though he was a little less specific. “We can’t wait to get a build with Moira on to the PTR. We’ll do our best to make it happen as quickly as possible this week,” reads the response.

Our Thoughts

Obviously, there are a lot of Overwatch fans who are looking forward to trying out the new Blizzardworld map as well as to see if Moira truly is “OP AF” as Kaplan had stated in the Blizzcon opening ceremony. Should either piece of content arrive to PTR, we’ll be sure to report on it ASAP.

Source: Overwatch subreddit

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Blizzcon 2017: Overwatch Unveils a New Map and Support Hero

This year’s Overwatch Blizzcon reveals were perhaps some of the most surprising of the show as the event’s opening ceremony featured a couple of short but significant reveals: a brand new hybrid map and an all-new support hero to the roster.

overwatch blizzcon reveals

Director Jeff Kaplan first opened up the game’s presentation with a new map: Blizzardworld, a hybrid Assault/Payload map fashioned as a literal Blizzard-centric themepark with callbacks to a broad variety of the company’s games including StarCraft, The Lost Vikings, and Warcraft. The new map is playable on the Blizzcon show floor now, is due to arrive to PTR “very soon”, and is set to go live early next year.

The next reveal on the stage was an all-new Support character: Moira, a healer who apparently has a history with both Reyes’ Blackwatch group and Talon. Moira utilizes blasts that can harm foes and heal allies, a Fade ability that lets her teleport a short distance, and an Ultimate blast that heals allies or damages foes through barriers. Release information on Moira was not available during the presentation, though her reveal video has her Coming Soon™.

Finally, the presentation ended with Reinhardt’s voice actor Darin De Paul unveiling a new animated short featuring the character and his battle at Eichenwalde. You can watch that short, “Honor and Glory”, below.

Our Thoughts

We were hoping for a new hero, but we also weren’t expecting one so soon! Arguably, Overwatch is running short on the Support side of things so we’re definitely intrigued by Moira’s arrival. We’re also looking forward to checking out all of the references in the new Blizzardworld map!

Sources: Twitch, official site

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