Pokemon Go Player Dies in New Mexico After Being Shot

A Pokemon Go player dies in New Mexico after witnessing a robbery and being shot as she was trying to get away. 21-year-old Cayla Campos was driving with her boyfriend near midnight near Bianchetti Park in Albuquerque just before midnight when they witnessed a robbery taking place.

As she was trying to get away the robbers shot into her car, hitting her in the back of the neck. She then crashed her car into a nearby house. None of the news reports have mentioned the status of her boyfriend who hasn’t been identified, most likely for his own safety.

Right now the people who were involved in the robbery and shooting also haven’t been identified and they are still at large.

According to the rather morbid pokemongodeathtracker.com, there have been 18 deaths attributed to playing Pokemon Go and 60 injuries since July 10, 2016 when a fan was stabbed while playing the game. Of course, it isn’t the game itself that is dangerous but playing the game can put you in dangerous situations if you aren’t considerate of your surroundings. The game mechanics also encourage you to go outside just before midnight which is most likely why Cayla and her boyfriend were out so late to witness the robbery.

Our thoughts are with Cayla’s family and her boyfriend in this terrible time.



Source: Fox News, Pokemon Go Death Tracker

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