Dauntless Reveals a New Weapon and a Damage Type System

Dauntless has five weapons: sword, axe, hammer, chain blades, and a something that nobody really knew about. Until recently, that is. The new Dauntless weapon type has been unveiled, along with plans for a new damage type system.

dauntless weapon

The new weapon is the War Pike, a spear that can be used for close-combat, precision thrusting attacks and ranged combat. Attacks with the War Pike will slowly build up a special meter that grants the Slayer enhanced attack power. That meter, however, will slowly drain if the player isn’t attacking, and will be emptied entirely if you’re hit.

The meter isn’t just a mere damage buff, however. Players can elect to burn their meter to load ammunition into the War Pike’s aether cannon, then bring the cannon to bear to unleash a devastating shot. The shot takes time to charge, but appears to unleash a healthy helping of hurt.

The War Pike is also an opportunity for the devs to introduce specific damage types to all of the weapons in Dauntless. As one would expect, the War Pike deals piercing damage that opens wounds on Behemoths other players can exploit. The hammer will deal blunt damage, letting players break bones or armor and stagger the target, while axes, swords, and chain blades will deal slashing damage to sever tails and other specific Behemoth parts.

In addition, the update will also introduce the option for players to have visible damage numbers on-screen. The game will have these numbers visible by default, but players can toggle them off if they so choose. The devs are also spending time making weapon attacks look and sound more impactful.

All of the features are due to land with the Sharpen Your Skills update, though the post did not offer a specific launch date for the new content. Until then, you can read up about the War Pike and see it in action on the Dauntless website.

Our Thoughts

The War Pike looks awesome, and the synergetic blend of damage types could mean that an element of strategy and team makeup will become more vital as players go out on Behemoth hunts. Hopefully, however, that won’t leave players who prefer one type of weapon out in the cold and waiting for too long.

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