PUBG Brings Custom Matches to Public Test Server

Have it your way. Whether in online gaming or in burgers, it’s good to have options. Now everyone in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will get to craft their best battle royale burger with new PUBG custom match features arriving in an open beta to the game’s test server.

pubg custom match

Custom matches in PUBG are extremely customizable, letting players manage numerous aspects of their battleground experience from circle behavior, to item/vehicle spawn rates, to loadouts among other options. There are even customization options for War Mode and Zombie Mode games, or an Esports Mode that sets the game to official 2018 PUBG Global Invitational settings.

With all of this said, the full feature will have to be limited in some way as a result of the resources required to make these games available for all players. Once the feature goes live, the devs are considering having some form of paywall in the interest of making sure “everything runs smoothly and the system remains sustainable long-term.” During the open beta, players won’t have to pay anything, but there will be a hard cap of 10,000 concurrent custom games.

The length of testing isn’t elaborated upon, as the devs will bring custom matches to live once things are stable.

Our Thoughts

On the one hand, awesome to see custom matches. On the other hand, it is rather curious that the servers are in such a shaky state that putting a hard cap on custom matches and stuffing them behind a possible paywall is an option. Perhaps the team should focus on making sure the game servers are the most stable they can be first before bringing a feature online that could potentially throw a wrench in the works?

Source: Steam

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