PUBG Platoon LTM Cancelled Due to Technical Issues

I swear, if I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Shortly after I write about the PUBG Platoon LTM, the mode goes all pear-shaped and has to be taken offline. So, sorry, PUBG fans; this one is probably my fault somehow.

pubg platoon ltm

According to a tweet from the game’s official help account, a “critical error” has caused Platoon mode to be pulled entirely and will not come back next week as originally scheduled.

The mode will make its way back to the online shooter at some point later, but a timeline for that was not part of the original announcement.

This latest bug problem circles right back around to the game’s Fix PUBG campaign, which had offered a timeline of improvements and adjustments that would be added between August and October. In the interest of fairness, however, this LTM SNAFU likely wasn’t something considered in those plans.

Perhaps as a result of this latest problem, players can look forward to another beanie hat.

Our Thoughts

Fix PUBG, mh? Naturally, we can’t really put the devs of this game to task too hard for something that just happened to spring up out of nowhere, but at the same time we’d be remiss if we didn’t consider that this latest issue is probably not great for the game’s overall image. Especially since competition among battle royale shooters is so tight right now.

Source: Twitter

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