Destiny 2 Talks Malfeasance, October Updates and Last Wish Raid

It’s a pretty loaded Bungie weekly newsletter this week for fans of Destiny 2, with a number of new details including adjustments to the Malfeasance quest in Gambit, what happens next with the Last Wish raid, and upcoming updates and events due to the MMOFPS in October. So let’s get started.

bungie weekly newsletter

Regarding Malfeasance and its quest steps during Gambit, the devs will be adjusting the spawn rate of the Ascendant Primeval Servitor, which is a required kill in order to unlock the hand cannon. During the third week of the curse cycle that affects the Dreaming City zone, the Primeval Servitor will have as frequent of a chance to spawn as any other Primeval. There will also be increased spawn rates for this mob during lesser curse weeks, but it will still be less frequent than during the curse’s apex.

In other Gambit news, tweaks are being made that will introduce quit penalties to the mode and adjust the amount of Power ammo you get from Power Ammo Crates for the Sleeper Simulant and sword Power weapons.

The newsletter also brought an update calendar for the month of October, which will see two patches to the game.

  • Update 2.0.4 (Oct. 16) will bring several new Legendary weapons, increase scout rifle damage in PvE and against mobs in Gambit, and will start off the Festival of the Lost Halloween event.
  • Update 2.0.5 (tentatively Oct. 30) will introduce slight damage increases to swords and fusion rifles in PvE, improve viability of the Malfeasance hand cannon in PvE and Gambit, and make adjustments to reduce Exotic duplicate drops. Bear in mind, however, that these updates may be delayed.

Finally, the raid team checked in with confirmation that the Last Wish raid will not be getting a harder difficulty mode:

“We focused on creating one definitive version of Last Wish with no qualifiers attached to it. We wanted to create an experience that offered the truest forms of every encounter from day one, and offered some of the most powerful rewards in the game to anyone who could succeed.”

As for what’s next for those who live to raid, a new raid lair is due to arrive this December as part of the Black Armory Annual Pass content.

Our Thoughts

An easier quest step for Malfeasance, less Exotic duplicates, PvE damage adjustments, and Halloween. Sounds like a pretty good series of updates to us!

Source: Bungie website

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Conan Exiles Shows Off New Weapon Combos and a New Map

Conan Exiles has taken a few moments to catch everyone up on its latest work. The recent Conan Exiles newsletter offers a look at some brand new off-hand weapon combos, a new-look map and a couple of events for players to take part in.

conan exiles newsletter

If you’ve been following the game on social media, you’re already pretty familiar with what the new off-hand heavy attacks look like in animated gif form. If you missed out on them or don’t follow the game on Twitter or Facebook, then you’ll want to take in the brutality yourself.

There’s also a minor but significant update to the game’s map, adding a new grid and coordinates to help players better track where they are. If you’ve been on the game’s Testlive server you’re already familiar with it, but everyone else can look forward to the map’s change in the same update that will introduce Pets.

Finally, if you’re on an official PvP server, then starting this weekend and all through the month you’ll get 4x the XP on all platforms. The XP boost will kick off this Friday at the 5am local server restart time. The idea is to help newly-arrived PvPers to get a fighting chance.

All of the details are in the link provided above. Along with, again, really nice animated gifs.

Our Thoughts

Funny how a grid changes things for a map, huh? Overall, these updates do look solid enough from a quality-of-life standpoint and we suspect there will be plenty of people pleased by these additions.

Source: official site

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Pantheon Reveals the Ranger, Rogue and Monk Classes

They might be standard fare in the world of fantasy gaming and fantasy MMOs, but that’s not stopping them from being the latest Pantheon class reveals. The latest newsletter offered some initial information about the Ranger, Monk and Rogue classes of the sandbox title.

pantheon class reveals

The newsletter offered a bit of a lore primer for each of the three classes in question and also redirected to each of the class pages to provide some more context on how they play. As one would expect, all three are DPS-focused, with both the Rogue and Ranger providing some utility, while the Monk can perform off-tank duties by utilizing healing and defensive skills.

The newsletter also goes over a few other tidbits, including a deep dive into the background of the North Tusk Orcs, a few words about the team’s experience at PAX East, and the usual community spotlight. You can get started on all of the newsletter happenings starting here.

Our Thoughts

While these three classes aren’t really reinventing the wheel, it’s also perhaps a case of not fixing what’s not broken. While it’d be nice for these archetypes to get some more unique spins, we expect they’ll fall into place neatly in the grander scheme of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s experience.

Source: official newsletter

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Bungie is Open to Changing Destiny 2 Shaders

Another week, another new Bungie newsletter. This one, however, has a rather interesting aside included with it this time around. It appears that the devs are perhaps looking to bring the Destiny 2 shader system back to the way it was in Destiny 1 – in other words, a permanent item that paints your entire outfit and not just individual pieces.

destiny 2 shader system

You’ll recall last September how players were upset about Destiny 2’s decision to make shaders a consumable and apply to one piece at a time, conflating worries that shader availability would be intentionally limited. While that hasn’t entirely been the case, players still pine for the Destiny 1 fjords when a shader would color their whole armor set.

In a segment from senior design lead Tyson Greene, it looks like that functionality is on its way back, or at least is on the table to be an option of some sort.

“We know you miss D1 Armor Shader mechanics. Looking at ways to re-integrate that capability without losing the ability to shade weapons, Ghosts, ships, Sparrows, or customize specific pieces of armor.”

The devs are also looking into ways of letting players get rid of unwanted shaders en masse instead of removing them one by one, though that fix is apparently not quite so simple. “This is challenging not simply because an arbitrary number of rewards need to be run and delivered simultaneously, but because we also have to safeguard against scenarios where this produced items that couldn’t fit in your inventory, which could be instantly lost,” explains the post.

Of course, these are simply ideas that are “on the workbench” and so there are no clear dates on whether any of these features are arriving to the game. There are more details on what else is coming to Destiny 2 in the near future, including a preview of the next update’s patch notes and a look at the upcoming Iron Banner, so be sure to give those a read if you’re interested.

Our Thoughts

Mark us down for seeing Destiny 1-style shaders make a return. While the amount of shaders in Destiny 2 aren’t quite as thin as people first worried, we’d still like to have at least the option to make a shader change from a single-item consumable to a permanent part of a color palette. Just…don’t try to lock that feature behind the in-game store, huh? You’ve already got a problem with that.

Source: Bungie website

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