GOG Version of No Man’s Sky Won’t Get Multiplayer Until Later

The NEXT update of No Man’s Sky, as mentioned by us plenty of times before, is pretty honkin’ big, but one of the biggest aspects of the update is the introduction of true multiplayer. So imagine people’s reaction, then, when they learned that the No Man’s Sky GOG version isn’t getting the multiplayer features of NEXT until later.

no man's sky gog version

As a result of technical issues that appear to stem from GOG’s DRM-free business model, players of the PC version who got No Man’s Sky on the distribution platform are going to have to wait until some time later this year in order for multiplayer to come online:

“For a small, independent studio, developing the feature across multiple platforms is a hugely ambitious and technical challenge which resulted in this delayed release. Hello Games is however joining forces with GOG.COM to introduce full multiplayer via the GOG Galaxy platform.

“We appreciate your immense support and patience.”

The statement does mention that other features of the NEXT update, including all of the content and visual upgrades, will still be playable on the GOG version regardless. However, the timing of the announcement that GOG users won’t get multiplayer – putting the reveal at about midnight UK time – has upset several people.

As for the NEXT update itself, a patch that seeks to correct a number of bugs has hit the PTS-like Experimental Branch on GOG and Steam, and is reportedly making its way through certification on PS4 and Xbox One. Details on what those fixes involve can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Yikes. The fact that a delay is necessary is perfectly fine, of course, but a bit of advance warning would certainly have been nice. Perhaps the team assumed they would have whatever technical hurdles that prevented multiplayer on GOG cleared in time for NEXT’s arrival? In any case, here’s hoping “later this year” isn’t too late.

Sources: GOG forums, Steam via Twitter

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No Man’s Sky NEXT Gets its Full Release Details

At the time of this writing, my husband is right next to me playing the No Man’s Sky NEXT update while I’m at my desk watching a bit. But for now, and for people like myself who otherwise can’t be in-game, we’ve got a full-on release website loaded with details on the content update to scour.

no man's sky next

The landing page for the NEXT update is pretty much loaded with practically every detail that Update 1.5 brings to the survival sandbox’s table, with deep dives into a number of features that fans are likely already familiar with and a few bits of information that perhaps wasn’t otherwise revealed.

Among these updates are a rebalancing of every resource and substance in the game, which now take a planet’s biome, weather and stellar classification into account in terms of its location. Crafting has also seen a new layer with the addition of buildable refiners that let players refine raw materials into more valuable materials for advanced recipes.

Exploration can now involve digging up things in addition to charting the stars and planets in this update, with the Terrain Manipulator now able to be used to unearth things like buried ruins and technology modules that can be converted into base parts with a Blueprint Analyzer.

Those are just a couple of highlights from a significantly-sized list of features, so you’re welcome to look it all over right here.

Our Thoughts

Yep, that is a whole lot of new stuff to explore and find out, and even more for us to unpack as this update continues to play out. We’re looking forward to seeing how this whole new chapter of No Man’s Sky plays out. And I, personally, am going to have to ignore my husband playing the game literally three feet away from me.

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No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Gets Firm Details and a Trailer

We all have been waiting pretty patiently to learn what No Man’s Sky online multiplayer is actually going to look like, and now our patience has been rewarded. A significant update from the devs has offered deeper information about the NEXT update along with a trailer showing off multiplayer in action in the sandbox.

no man's sky online multiplayer

The most striking part of the NEXT update, of course, is the new third-person camera, letting players of the game experience life outside of their own digital skulls on-foot or in their spaceships. The new camera view is part of a visual overhaul for No Man’s Sky with improved planetary terrain generation, textures, and other graphical goodies.

Multiplayer itself appears to be a generally open affair, with the announcement heralding the ability for players to play online with friends or complete strangers. The announcement also makes note that it’s up to players to decide whether to help people stay alive or prey on others.

Base building in the game is also getting a major upgrade, letting players build significantly larger bases as well as multiple bases on multiple planets. Additional base pieces are also being added and multiplayer will let others put together entire colonies.

Finally, freighter command is also seeing an expansion, with players being granted the power to command an entire fleet of frigates. These fleets can either come along with you as you explore or be deployed to search other parts of the galaxy, and the freighter will also have access to multiplayer missions that can be taken up via the Galactic Command Station on the bridge.

Of course, reading about it is one thing, but seeing it in action – however staged it may well be – is completely another, so there’s a trailer showing off gameplay in action below.

Our Thoughts

Naturally, all of this certainly looks and sounds great, and we definitely are fans of the third-person perspective, but the most important question remains unanswered in this announcement: how will PvP flagging work, if at all? From the information granted in this presser, it would appear PvP flagging will be non-existent, which might be a significant turn off for some.

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No Man’s Sky Lists 11 Major Changes Ahead of NEXT Update

While most fans of the soon-to-be-actually-multiplayer space survival sandbox No Man’s Sky wait for the NEXT update to arrive, it’s also possible that there are some former players of the game who were perhaps jaded by the title’s underwhelming launch. To that point, a new No Man’s Sky features video has outlined 11 of the largest updates the game has gotten since then.

no man's sky features video

The video takes you through some of the most notable improvements that have come to No Man’s Sky over the course of its three major titled updates, including base building, additional missions and story beats, terraforming, and a reason for those weird portal buildings to actually exist.

New information on just what’s actually in No Man’s Sky NEXT is still pretty much non-existent, but the reveal of the video has also included word of pre-order bonuses for players who purchase the game on Xbox One, including an Artios-VI multitool, 10,000 Units of in-game currency, and a special cosmetic space suit with a remarkably silly-looking helmet as pictured below (click the image to expand):

no man's sky features video

No Man’s Sky NEXT is arriving on July 24th for NA players and July 27th for European players. The “11 Things” video is embedded below.

Our Thoughts

Seems like the folks at Hello Games have learned their lesson about showing their hand too soon. While we were hoping to report on some more substantial news about No Man’s Sky NEXT, we’re just going to have to sit and wait until they post patch notes like everyone else, it looks like.

Source: press release

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