Life is Feudal MMO Details Farming and Agriculture

If you’re anything like me, you tend to avoid sandbox PvP activities and instead focus down on being a gatherer or crafter to fuel the war effort and make money or reputation off of it. Life is Feudal farming is definitely no different and, as explained in a new video, is the lifeblood of any good player settlement.

life is feudal farming

Agriculture in Life is Feudal MMO is vital to keeping settlements stocked with provisions, so players are going to want to be nice to their farmers unless they want to see their town shrivel up. The process of farming in Life is Feudal MMO covers a variety of activities, including standard food growing and animal husbandry.

For those who want to plant crops, you’ll need to consider the climate of the area you’re in and determine the fertility of the soil. Location will also be important, as farmland will need to be near your guild’s claim area to prevent it from being vandalized. Once you’ve selected your land, either use a shovel or plow to ready the soil, gather or purchase some seeds, and fertilize your crops.

For those seeking to raise animals, the Animal Lore skillset will be needed, found in the second tier of the Hunting skill branch. Players can start by building a small coop and work their way up to rearing other animals like rams, cows and horses, though they will need the help of a skilled mason to build them the required buildings.

All of the specifics on how to live a farming life can be seen in the video below.

Our Thoughts

It sounds like the agricultural life in Life is Feudal MMO is one that will require specified focus and determination. Which is just fine, because splitting your time between raising crops and fighting rival factions sounds like way too much work.

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