World of Warcraft Novel Could Lead into Next Expansion

More and more, the signs of a new WoW expansion continue to grow. Case in point: the description of an upcoming new World of Warcraft novel, which appears to be a bridge between current events and what comes next for the MMORPG.

world of warcraft novel

The novel in question is titled Before the Storm, which takes place after the events of Shadows of Argus. According to information on Amazon, the new novel’s description reads an awful lot like a story that steers right into a new expansion.

“Taking place after the climactic events of Shadows of Argus, World of Warcraft: Before the Storm tells the story of what awaits the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance in the wake of their struggle against the demonic Burning Legion.”

Author Christie Golden has confirmed that the information on Amazon is indeed legitimate, admitting in a tweet that “the cat’s out of the bag” and inviting fans to stay tuned to the upcoming BlizzCon event for more information.

Before the Storm is set to release on Tuesday, May 15th 2018, which could put any new World of Warcraft expansion’s release for sometime perhaps in the Summer or Autumn months. Of course, that’s purely wild and baseless speculation.

Our Thoughts

Sometimes wild and baseless speculation is fun, though! In all honesty, the lead-up to Warcraft’s BlizzCon appearance continues to gain momentum. Now we’re going to sit and ponder if perhaps the novel’s title holds any sort of clues about what this next expansion might be about.

Sources: Amazon, Twitter via BlizzardWatch

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